Entries are open for the St Francis Summer Sport Series 2023

Entries are open for the St Francis Summer Sport Series 2023

Summer Sport Series 2023

St Francis Bay and surrounding areas will once again be a hive of activity when the 17th annual St Francis Summer Sport Series 2023 kicks off on 18 December. A total of 9 events will take place until the 30th of December, consisting of running, cycling, swimming and some paddling.

Seal Point Estate Coastal Trail Run

The series will kick off with the Seal Point Estate Coastal Trail Run between Cape St Francis and Oyster Bay on the 18th of December. The 21km distance is open to walkers as well, provided they reach the cut off at Thysbaai before 10h30. The finish is at the Oyster Bay Beach Lodge. No dogs are allowed and participants must provide their own transport, and entries are limited to 100.

CSF Resort Road Run

The CSF Resort Road Run is second up on Tuesday the 19th, with a 5km and 10km distance on offer. As this route goes through the St Francis Field, once again no dogs are allowed, but walkers are welcome.

The River Club’s Swim/Run Duathlon

On Wednesday the 20th of December action moves to the St Francis canals, but the venue is this year at The Cove. The River Club’s Swim/Run Duathlon consists of two distances, a 500m swim and 4km run, or 1km swim and 6km run. Participation can be as individuals or in teams.

Village Square MTB & Trail Run Duathlon

Another Duathlon is set for Thursday 21 December, when the Village Square MTB & Trail Run Duathlon this year will start and finish at the Dune Ridge Country House. Two distances can be chosen, 5km run and 15km cycle, or 10km run and 30km cycle, once again available to teams as well.

TCS Sand River Trail Run

The popular TCS Sand River Trail Run will see runners and walkers enjoy the dunes of the Sand River, and running through water pools can be expected. Distances to choose from is 5km (no dunefield), 14km and 21km. Due to the sensitivity of the area and wildlife present, no dogs are allowed.

Blue Abyss Canal Swim

On the 27th of December the Blue Abyss Canal Swim will see swimmers competing in 500m, 1km, 2km and 3km, and with the start and finish at The Cove, no loops are required, as all the distances will have one out and back route.

Just Properties Living Open Water Swim

On the 28th, with the next 4 days as reserve days, the Just Properties Living Open Water Swim will start at 16h00 from Port St Francis, and finish at the Granny’s Pool. Each swimmer should have an accompanying paddler, and the 2,3 distance is only available in the Open category.

Pam Golding Properties Quadrathlon

One the 29th the popular Pam Golding Properties Quadrathlon will boast with a new discipline, as the road cycle has been dropped for a much safer 1km SUP or any kind of body board. The event will start with the 500m swim, followed by a 1km SUP, a 5km road run and finally the 3km paddle. The event starts and finishes at The Cove.
A series entry is available at R600 for 9 events, giving you a saving as well as a chance to win a spot on either the Baviaans Cycle Tour or Baviaans Camino. One lucky male and one lucky female will win this prize.
Entry fee for individual events are R130 for adults and u/18’s and R100 for u/14’s. Online entries are open via www.stfrancissport.co.za on EntryNinja.

Top 3 Contenders

Top 3 contenders in each age category will receive a medal. Race numbers can be collected one hour before the race from the registration table and race briefing is 15 minutes before the start. NO NUMBER, NO PARTICIPATION
The full programme is available on www.stfrancissport.co.za, or whatsapp Esti Stewart on 073 825 0835.
St Francis Sport wants to thank Port St Francis, the St Francis Riparian Committee, St Francis Links, Mostertshoek, St Francis Field, Rebels Rus, Thula Moya, and Eskom for the use of their land, as well as Custom Construction, The River Club, Pam Golding Properties, Blue Abyss Breath, Seal Point Estates, Village Square Superspar, TCS, Just Property Lifestyle and the Cape St Francis Resort for sponsoring events.

St Francis Sport Summer Series 2023 Programme

Seal Point Estates Trail Run & Walk (limited entries, no dogs allowed)
Date: Monday 18 December 2023
Time: 08h00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distance: 21km
Venue: Sunset Rock Car Park, Cape St Francis, finish Oyster Bay Beach Lodge.
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
Age category: Open Only
CSF Resort Road Run & Walk
Date: Tuesday, 19 December 2023
Time: 08:00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distances: 5km or 10km
Venue: Cape St Francis Resort, Da Gama Road, Cape St Francis
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
The River Club Swim & Run Duathlon
Date: Wednesday 20 December 2023
Time: 08:00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distances: 500m swim & 5km run or 1km swim and 8km run – teams or individuals
Venue: The Cove, Shore Road, St Francis Bay
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
Village Square Superspar Trail Run & MTB Duathlon
Date: Thursday 21 December 2023
Time: 08:00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distances: 5km run & 15km MTB or 10km run & 30km MTB – teams or individuals
Venue: Dune Ridge Country House Entrance, Tarragona Ave, St Francis Bay
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
TCS Trail Run (walkers welcome in short distances, no dogs)
Friday 22 December 2023
Time: 08:00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distance: 5km, 14km, 20km
Venue: Dune Ridge Country House Entrance, Tarragona Ave, St Francis Bay
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
Blue Abyss Breathe Canal Swim
Date: Wednesday 27 December 2023
Time: 08:00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distances: bank2bank (under 10’s), 500m, 1km, 2km, 3km (Open only)
Venue: The Cove, Shore Road, St Francis Bay
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
Just Property Lifestyle Open Water Swim
Date: Thursday 28 December 2023 (Reserve days 29, 30, 31 December)
Time: 16:00 (race briefing 15h30)
Distance: 2,3km Start at Port St Francis, finish at Granny’s Pool, St Francis Bay
Venue: Port St Francis, Triton Ave (start), Granny’s Pool, Harbour Road (finish), St Francis
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
Age category: Open only
Pam Golding Properties Quadrathlon
Date: Friday 29 December 2023
Time: 08:00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distances: 500m swim, 1km SUP/Malibu/Paddle/Surf Board, 5km run, 3km paddle – teams or individuals
Venue: The Cove, Shore Road, St Francis Bay
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
Custom Construction MTB/E-Bike Challenge
Date: Saturday 30 December 2023
Time: 08:00 (race briefing 07h45)
Distance: 15km or 30km
Venue: Dune Ridge Country House Entrance, Tarragona Ave, St Francis Bay.
Contact: Esti Stewart 073 825 0835
Entry fee: R130 Open & U/18, R100 U/14. Series entry fee: R600 pp
Online entries on www.stfrancissport.co.za
Navigating the Rising Costs of Medical Aid and Healthcare

Navigating the Rising Costs of Medical Aid and Healthcare

In recent months, we’ve been fielding numerous inquiries about medical aid and healthcare. The escalating contributions to medical aid and healthcare plans over the past few years have begun to strain monthly budgets for many, with seemingly diminishing coverage. For a family of four, a well-known medical aid plan can range from R8,000 to R33,000 per month, depending on the chosen option.

Medical Aid and Healthcare

This significant financial commitment poses challenges, particularly for retirees and young families. Reflecting on my three decades in the financial services industry, I recall when traditional medical aid covered almost everything. Nowadays, a clear division exists between the insured portion, primarily for hospitalization, and the savings portion, covering day-to-day doctor visits and medication.

As private hospitals and specialists raise their rates annually, it’s not uncommon to find oneself paying out-of-pocket even after routine procedures. I recently encountered this firsthand when a family member underwent a hernia operation. Despite obtaining pre-authorization, they were shocked to discover an additional bill of over R10,000 from the surgeon, well beyond what their medical aid covered.

                              Medical Aid and Healthcare

In some instances, the specialists’ offices may fail to communicate that they charge over three times the rate covered by the medical aid. While the ethical implications are debatable, such scenarios occur frequently.

The bottom line remains that medical aid is a necessity, given the unreliability of state-provided healthcare. Here are some considerations if you’re contemplating your options:

1. Gap Cover: 

Ensure you have gap cover, opting for a comprehensive plan rather than the cheapest. Gap cover can address in-hospital expenses not covered by your medical aid, offering significant value for a relatively low cost.

                  Medical Aid and Healthcare        

2. Self-Insure: 

Consider moving to a lower plan option on your medical aid and redirect the savings toward a “medical fund.” We recently assisted a family of four in making this transition, saving them R18,000 per month. In three years, they anticipate having around R500,000 in this fund to cover out-of-hospital expenses, supported by a healthy balance in their medical aid savings account and gap cover.

                          Medical Aid and Healthcare      

3. Plan Ahead: 

Conduct thorough research before undergoing any medical procedure. Understand what will and won’t be covered and proactively negotiate with specialists regarding their charges or payment terms.

                  Medical Aid and Healthcare                  

4. Explore Other Options: 

Investigate alternative medical aid providers and their offerings. Some plans cater to lower-income earners with reduced contributions; certain providers even offer affordable student options.

                          Medical Aid and Healthcare       

When strategizing with our clients, we assume medical inflation to be 5% higher than normal inflation. Have you incorporated this into your planning? If not, particularly if you’re nearing retirement, addressing this aspect is crucial, as it can significantly impact your retirement plan.

Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Planner.

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Grand Opening Of River Club St Francis Bay

Grand Opening Of River Club St Francis Bay

It was an awesome evening for the Grand Opening Of River Club St Francis, the ground-breaking facility in the area.

After a blustery afternoon’s southwesterly buffeted across the St Francis Bay zone, on cue the wind started to die down for the grand opening of River Club St Francis Bay. This new-look venue – described thus on social media – ‘River Club is your all-in-one destination for recreation, relaxation and adventure’ – has been much anticipated and opened to incredible support from locals and visitors alike.


There are 3 x SKYPADEL World Championship courts as well as the River Club pro shop to cater to all your Padel accessories needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the sport of Padel  – Right Here.


There is an 8 lane, 25 metre waterpolo friendly pool as well, which will undoubtedly be popular amongst the young set and those training for team sports and team events.

Bok Bar

Many of you might already be familiar with the Bok Bar as it hosted a good few evenings during the Rugby World Cup to great support from the community and looks to be one of those popular sports bars that will always have great support. There is a bar, restaurant, convenience store and off sales, so the facility offers everything that we need right now.

The River Club is also perfect striking distance for all the epic surf in our area, being Supers Bruces and Seal Point, as well as quick access to the Golf Courses and a number of other sporting activities on the river, on the nearby trails and more.


What Else You Can Look Forward To

Off their website


Outdoor Sports

Embrace the great outdoors with a variety of off site activities like golf, hiking, kayaking, and surf ski. The stunning natural surroundings of St. Francis Bay provide the ideal backdrop for these outdoor adventures.

Kite Boarding and Surf Skiing

Explore the thrill of kite surfing with convenient shuttles to Kromme Mouth, Seal Point, and Sardinia Bay. For surf ski enthusiasts, we offer shuttles to Oyster Bay and Walskipper, ensuring you make the most of the area’s waterways.


Whether you’re into deep-sea, estuary or rock and surf fishing, River Club has you covered with guided fishing experiences. Plus, if you prefer a more intimate fishing experience, try kayaking on the Kromme for a unique angling adventure.


Discover world-famous surfing spots like J-Bay, Bruce’s, and Seal Point, all within easy reach of River Club. Catch the perfect wave and ride it to your heart’s content.

Mountain Biking

Take to the trails and explore the scenic beauty of St. Francis Bay on a mountain bike. The diverse terrain offers challenges for riders of all levels.

Team Building and Corporate Get-aways

River Club provides the ideal setting for team-building activities and corporate events. Strengthen bonds, foster teamwork, and achieve your professional goals amidst our beautiful natural surroundings.


Bookings and General Equiries:
+27 (0)87 138 2327

Claudia Harcus: 
+27 (0)82 091 5008

Russell Sadler:
+27 (0)82 927 9130

Find The River Club on Facebook


Kouga Municipality’s Successful SRA Appeal

Kouga Municipality’s Successful SRA Appeal

Kouga – The Supreme Court of Appeal on 13 November 2023, heard the Appeal Application in the matter between Kouga Local Municipality and St Francis Bay (Ward 12) Concerned Residents’ Association & Others.

Kouga Municipality’s Successful SRA Appeal

On 1 December 2023 the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the Appeal. It further ordered that the order of the court a quo (High Court of South Africa – Eastern Cape Division, Gqeberha) is set aside and substituted with the following. ‘The application is dismissed with no order as to costs.
In 2018 Kouga Municipality, in terms of Section 22 of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act No.6 of 2004, as amended (Rates Act), established a Special Ratings Area (SRA). To accommodate the establishment of an SRA the municipality amended its rates by-Law in line with the corresponding provisions of the Local Government. Municipal Systems Act No.32 of 2000 (as amended) and its Rates Policy.

Legal Validity Under Attack

The legal validity of the Rates By-law and Policy came under attack on the grounds of alleged inconsistency with the said section 22 of the Rates Act.
“This judgement came as a great relief to the municipality. The approved Kouga Rates By-law and Rates Policy prevailed against the strenuous judicial test and the ambiguity of the High Court Judgement was addressed adequately,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman. “The municipality is elated about this outcome. We believe that the five-judge panel applied their minds to the facts, arguments and applicable legislation placed before them and came to a fair and just conclusion.”

Saving our main beach in St Francis

“It is further wonderful that the allegations around the abrogation of delegations could be rebutted successfully. We now look forward to the successful further implementation of the Special Ratings Area in St Francis Bay. More specifically the implementation of the approved projects under the SRA business plan. Saving our main beach in St Francis, the Spit and improving security are amongst the biggest priorities that will be focused on.”