Monster Energy to begin their next chapter in Formula One from 2024

Monster Energy to begin their next chapter in Formula One from 2024

After 14 consecutive seasons of racing and partnership with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, during which time we have experienced the full range of highs and lows of motorsport, Monster Energy will begin a new chapter in the sport from the start of the 2024 season. 

Monster Energy x McLaren Racing



Rodney Sacks, Chairman and Co-CEO of Monster Energy Company, said: “We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, and Toto Wolf in particular, for a partnership that has spanned well over a decade and seen us celebrate some wonderful success together. We wish the team well for their upcoming championship campaigns.”

Monster will begin a journey racing with a motor racing icon, McLaren, from the start of 2024, which will see us partnering in F1 and proudly and prominently featured on both drivers’ helmets and suits.

Lando and Oscar

Rodney Sacks added: “Monster Energy is proud to start this new chapter in its F1 journey with McLaren Racing. Monster is focused on enhancing fan experiences and partnering with a world-class team and its elite drivers to share our passion with F1’s global audience. We are planning some really exciting programs with Lando and Oscar and are excited to go racing together from 2024.” 

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Coca-Maak Skoon to ‘sweep’ Kouga’s streets – again

Coca-Maak Skoon to ‘sweep’ Kouga’s streets – again

 KOUGA – In a vibrant display of community spirit and environmental stewardship, Kouga Municipality is gearing up for its annual clean-up campaign for the fourth consecutive year. Thus fostering a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment.

Residents of Kouga are once again invited to declutter their homes by disposing of unwanted items that cannot be accommodated in standard refuse collections.

Coca-Maak Skoon

Known as ‘Coca-Maak Skoon’, incorporating the isiXhosa and Afrikaans words for cleaning up, this project is an integral part of the ongoing Keep Kouga Clean campaign. Furthermore, it is set to commence on 4 December 2023 and is scheduled to conclude on 8 December 2023.

This year, a notable change will take place as the project is set to run simultaneously across all towns in the region.

Building on the success of previous initiatives since 2020, residents are encouraged to part with items ranging from electronic waste to old furniture. Yet, exclusions are limited to food items, to deter scavengers, as well as garden refuse and builders’ rubble.

So food items should be disposed of in wheelie bins on regular refuse collection days. Further, garden refuse and builders’ rubble must be taken to designated landfill sites.

Fourth Consecutive Year

“We are thrilled to launch the Coca-Maak Skoon campaign for the fourth consecutive year, a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of Kouga residents,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman, said. “This year’s simultaneous clean-up across all towns amplifies our collective impact, demonstrating the unity of our community in maintaining a clean and thriving environment.

Bornman emphasises the importance of adhering to the advertised collection days in each area. Further, he advises against placing items on the pavement once the collection truck has moved on from a specific location.

“The collective effort of Kouga residents is crucial in ensuring the success of this endeavour to maintain a clean and thriving community,” he said. “So let us work together to create a cleaner, healthier Kouga for all.”

The programme is as follows:

Gamtoos Valley

  • Monday, 4 December – Patensie
  • Tuesday, 5 December – Hankey
  • Wednesday, 6 December – Weston
  • Thursday, 7 December – Loerie
  • Friday, 8 December – Thornhill


Greater St Francis Area

  • Monday, 4 December – Santareme
  • Tuesday, 5 December – St Francis Bay
  • Wednesday, 6 December – Cape St Francis and Sea Vista
  • Thursday, 7 December – Oyster Bay



  • Monday, 4 December – Kruisfontein and Donkerhoek
  • Tuesday, 5 December – Maak `n Las, Gill Marcus, Vaaldam, Mooi Uitsig, and Johnson’s Ridge
  • Wednesday, 6 December – Arcadia, Graslaagte, Matt Melville and Moerasrivier
  • Thursday, 7 December – KwaNomzamo, Vergenoeg Golf Course, Shukushukuma and Polar Park
  • Friday, 8 December – Humansdorp Town, Boskloof and Panorama


Jeffreys Bay

  • Monday, 4 December – Paradise Beach and Aston Bay
  • Tuesday, 5 December – Pellsrus, Ocean View, Madiba Bay and Tokyo Sexwale
  • Wednesday, 6 December – C-Place, The Sands, Jeffreys Bay Central
  • Thursday, 7 December – Upper Wavecrest
  • Friday, 8 December – Lower Wavecrest and Kabeljauws

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Municipality to conduct free roadworthy tests in December

Municipality to conduct free roadworthy tests in December

KOUGA – The Traffic Department at Kouga Municipality is once again offering motorists free roadworthy tests in December. This in preparation for the upcoming holidays.
“Statistics show that unroadworthy vehicles are often to blame for accidents,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman. “The initiative aims to prevent such incidents and ensure the safe arrival of everyone at their holiday destinations.”
The roadworthy tests In December will be conducted at the Humansdorp Vehicle Testing Station. So, this will take place during office hours from 04 December 2023 to 14 December 2023.
“Motorists will not be prosecuted if any defects are found. Thus they will simply receive a list of any possible defects. These can be sorted out before they embark on their journey,” Bornman said.
He reminded vehicle owners that the free roadworthy test is not applicable to vehicles needing roadworthy tests for registration and licensing purposes.
The Humansdorp Vehicle Testing Station is situated at the municipality’s Fire Department. It is along the access road to the town from the N2.
It is open from 07:30 to 16:15, Monday to Thursday, and from 07:30 to 15:00 on Fridays.
Notes From The Editor – The Winds Of Change

Notes From The Editor – The Winds Of Change

The other day, I drove around the village and looked at the ongoing development. It is quite startling when you slow down, soak it in and notice the winds of change.

The reason behind development, generally, is that needs have been recognised in that area. There is a need for more accommodation, retail outlets, safe and gated communities, and bigger premises for booming businesses.

A lot is going on, and it will only gather momentum.

Talking to friends, of whom I have younger and older friends and acquaintances, there is a mix of distrust, acceptance and ambivalence. Our history will show that this serene little neck of the woods has been quiet and undeveloped for a very long time, and now that so many people have semigrated, the floodgates are wide open. There is now rapid development in many areas that were earmarked for development years ago and have only recently come to the fore.

Local schools are being developed, as well as lifestyle communities, which is a term that describes ballie communities—with development thus catering for our kids and looking after our elderly.

Is It A Village, is It A Town?

When it comes to the sizes of communities, the classification according to size goes from hamlet (smallest) to village to town to city. After doing some complex research (asking Google in very different ways), I came up with this answer.

“A village and a town differ primarily in size, population, and infrastructure. A village is typically a small community, often characterised by a close-knit population engaged in agriculture or traditional crafts. It generally needs more advanced amenities and services, relying on nearby towns or cities for essential facilities.

In contrast, a town is larger and more developed, featuring a more diverse economy, infrastructure, and services such as schools, hospitals, and markets.

Regional Ecosystems

Towns tend to be more organised and may have local government structures. While villages and towns play vital roles in regional ecosystems, towns are generally more urbanised and offer residents a wider range of opportunities and resources.”

When researching population numbers, I stumbled upon the magical number of 7,500 somewhere in my homework. Greater than 7,500, we are a town; less than 7,500, we are a village. That sounds a lot, though, and what happens if a coastal village has a ten-fold increase in population during the holidays? Does anyone know?

The Winds Of Change

Anyway, with the first lifestyle village taking shape, the two retail outlets at the petrol station rising fast with a third also on the go, and the Homestead Views development growing in leaps and bounds daily, we now live in a humming and popular area. The industrial area is booming, and so much more is about to happen there. Cape St Francis has more than one development in the wings. There is a lot more coming. In 2024, we will regularly get stuck behind brick trucks.

The winds of change are going to blow like crazy.