The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

I recently decided to do a little project called Sober November to get ready for the fast-approaching silly season. A recent injury had seen my fitness levels drop to a pretty abysmal rate, and it was time to get back into some resemblance of fitness. A nice ETOH detox looked like an excellent start.

Except I missed 1 November and decided to call it a 29-day detox.

Reunion Time

Then, on the 2 November, my good friend Launchie arrived from Durban and popped in for a surprise visit with his wife. We were so stoked to see each other that we would be neglectful if we didn’t have a few beers together and reminisce about the good times.

Out of the blue, my mom-in-law invited the family for dinner as she had something to celebrate. We headed out as a family for dinner at Twenty-Two Eatery and Wine Bar, which you can read all about here, and it was a wonderful evening.
It was a Friday evening, and the vibe was fantastic, and a carafe of red wine just appeared on the table, and it would have been remiss of me not to have a little glass with my dinner, in the Italian way.

Saturday Night

So, that put me down to 28 days of detox. “It’s still good and still doable’, I thought, except for Saturday night.

I needed to go and get some vittles from the village, and while out, I realised that I needed some petrol. So, my departure from the town and the temptations were delayed. While waiting for the fuel to pour, I received a little instructive WhatsApp message that there was a need for some white wine in the house.

The Road To Hell

To cut a long story short, Sober November will not happen, but the moral of the story is that life happens. We need to enjoy ourselves. Summer is here, and the days are longer, and we can’t beat ourselves up over perceived weaknesses. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

So it’s cheers to summer!

The editor.

Twenty-Two Eatery and Wine Bar (mini) Review

Twenty-Two Eatery and Wine Bar (mini) Review

My mom-in-law invited the family for dinner on Friday night, a blessing for tired parents who had worked one helluva week. We all decided on the always-fun Two Eatery and Wine Bar.

It was an early start as we had the kids with us, and we arrived at 22 Eatery when the sun was still fairly high in the sky.
It was full.

Every seat was taken.

The disappointment on the kid’s faces was unmistakable. ‘We want pizza,” they seemed to be shouting at us under their quiet frowns.

Then the magic happened.

A couple occupying quite a large table kindly agreed to be reseated in a slightly more intimate seating arrangement, and we had our family table.

Four pizzas were ordered – made up from the menu options with extra toppings, and I went for the pork belly. There were just a few portions left of the delicacy, and I managed to grab one of the last ones.

Twenty-Two Eatery Review

The pizzas looked delicious, and everyone started smashing pizza slices into their faces, a good enough sign of deliciousness. The pork belly was insane. Tender and delicious with fresh vegetables and an exquisite gravy. There was a mild case of food envy going around, but being the gracious person that I am (some might not agree), I offered samples of the pork to whoever was interested in return for a slice of pizza.

Our service was excellent, with our waiter being helpful and attentive and arriving immediately when we ordered fresh drinks. The ambience was awesome, with a friendly hubbub of happy customers chatting and eating and drinking. Other patrons who arrived at a now super-busy restaurant were asked to wait, but their waits were quick as some people were finishing up, and they were also soon seated, all under the calm supervision of Debbie.

The owner, Nicholas, made the time to come up and chat about our meal and life in the village in general, despite the business of the establishment and his staff reaching out to him with a couple of questions. He coolly handled it all and continued the chat until the restaurant’s needs were too pressing.

It was an excellent evening. I have no idea how much it cost because the mom-in-law took care of the bill, but when it arrived, it seemed all in order, and she paid happily.

It is hard to single out any restaurant in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis because they are all so wonderful, but well done to Nicholas and his staff for a wonderful meal where everyone was made to feel special, particularly the kids.

Your Financial Balance Sheet vs Your Emotional Balance Sheet.

Your Financial Balance Sheet vs Your Emotional Balance Sheet.

We spend most of our lives building our financial balance sheet, but what about our emotional one? This may sound odd, but as we get older, we all know that having unlimited wealth is not a guarantee of living a happy life. It is easy to fall into the trap of ending up with a strong financial balance sheet while being close to bankrupt on our emotional one.

Your Emotional Balance Sheet.                                  

As a Lifestyle Financial planner, I have encountered this situation in many of our clients’ lives. It is then that helping the person or family find a healthy balance and keeping that balance becomes the main focus of our work with those clients.

 Embarking on this journey may sound scary, but in actual fact, it’s not. All it takes is reconnecting with one’s true values and then ensuring that how we live our lives reflects them.


We can all recognise a healthy financial balance sheet, but what does the emotional one look like? To us, a healthy emotional balance sheet often includes things such as:

  • Family.
  • Staying home with the kids.
  • Great relationships with friends.
  • Happy memories & experiences.
  • Time outside in nature.
  • Having quiet time to reflect.
  • Knowing when we have enough.

Unfortunately, the financial services industry’s primary focus is someone’s money and not their person, so this important aspect is often overlooked. It is often also how society perceives someone as being successful or not. 

Your Emotional Balance Sheet.                               

A healthy financial balance sheet can certainly assist one in feeding the emotional one. Still, standing on its own, it serves little purpose. Getting and keeping the balance right between the two takes effort and means understanding certain trade-offs that must be made throughout life. We can’t have everything. However, once we have the balance, we feel we have everything we want.

Some of us are fortunate, in that we understand how to get and keep this balance early in life. However, it is easy to slip into imbalance, and in most cases, it is an unintended consequence of financial success.


It’s never too late to rebalance the two, and recognising that we may have an imbalance is the first and most important step. Then, take steps to make some changes and ask for help if you are unsure how to move forward.

Even Tiger Woods had a coach.


Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7 In The Pipeline

Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7 In The Pipeline

Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7

St Francis Today is proud to announce that our print magazine, Wildside TIMES, is currently being out together for an early December distribution. 

The magazine is for locals and visitors alike, and it comes with a fully interactive online magazine that enjoyed 6,000 unique readers alone last issue.

Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7 is a full-colour glossy magazine that covers the St Francis Bay area, as well as Cape St Francis, Humansdorp and some of JBay.



Editorial Content

Some of the content for this issue includes retrospectives of the local events, such as the Adventure Racing World Champs, the Links PGA, the Rip Curl GromSearch and the Seal Point Pro surf events, as well as the JBay Open, The Calamari Classic and more.

We will also publish a look back on the first year of the St Francis Bay Key College, as well as dive into a few new businesses and ventures that have yet to have any coverage.

We will also be publishing a report of the storm damage and the results thereof, as well as the Kouga Municipality’s turnaround work on that damage. 

Looking Ahead.

We will also publish a What’s On list of local happenings and events, parties and bashes in and around St Francis Bay. It’s time for Billy’s Beach, and they have sneaked in that they will be featuring Catz ‘N Dogz, the award-winning Polish duo and ‘tech-house grove-doctors’ (I stole that phrase from an interview here). Also appearing at Billy’s this beach is the world-famous Dino Lenny. If you would like anything listed, hit us up at

Advertising in Wildside TIMES

Print media is costly, and there is no way around it, but we try to keep the ad prices down for Wildside TIMES. Our rates have stayed the same for the last two years despite the constant increase in printing prices. We offer discounts and various added-value items, such as free cross-marketing across St Francis Today, Wildside Screens and our numerous and busy social media hubs.

Ad Rates

Double Page Spread (DPS) – R7k

Outside Back Cover (OBC) – R5k

Full Page (FP) – R4k

Half Page – R2k

Quarter Page – R1k

1/8th Page – R500

All our previous issues can be found online here

Also: Wildside TIMES Free For Your Website