St Francis Invitational hosted by US Kids Golf A Massive Success

St Francis Invitational hosted by US Kids Golf A Massive Success

Dear parents and families,

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their schedules to participate in this tournament. The tournament was a big success, and I would like to thank everybody that took part in it. We genuinely hope that the following tournaments will be much bigger so that we can give junior golf a chance that it deserves.

First and foremost, I would like to thank every single parent, supporting parent, guardian, grandparent, uncle, aunt, brother and sister. All took time out of busy schedules to be at this tournament and support, regardless of the event size. We truly appreciate everything that you do for the young golfers of tomorrow.

I would like to thank St. Francis Links, Jeff Clause and your fantastic team for assisting with the course setup and all the other events that took hours of planning. Thank you to all the staff that helped, the greenkeeping staff, the halfway house staff, the cleaners and everybody else. Your facility is truly world-class, and it’s an honour to be a part of it.

The biggest thank you to Mr Gerald Walter for your belief in US Kids Golf and everything we are trying to accomplish with junior golf in this beautiful country. Thank you for your financial support and for assisting with this tournament. Your assistance has gone a long way, and the results will show very soon. My commitment to you is to keep doing my best to grow Junior Golf in the Eastern Cape and the rest of South Africa.
Here are the results of the tournament:

A major congratulation goes to Shaun Viljoen of St. Francis Links with a total of 1-over par for the tournament (75 and 70). Shaun started playing golf at the age of 9. Now at the age of 12, he is in contention at all the top national events in South Africa and is definitely one to watch in the coming years. He is a local favourite at The Links as it is his home course, and is also the current par-3 course record holder. Keep up the excellent work, Shaun. It’s a pleasure to watch you develop into a fine young golfer.

Shaun Viljoen and Nicholas Geerts

Other congratulations go to Jaryd Froy in second position, Thomas Comyn on winning the boys 6, Vezo Ncobo for winning the boys 7&8, Micah Van Eyssen for coming second in his category to Jaryd Froy in boys 9-11, Chad Stanton in second position to Shaun Viljoen in Boys 12-14, Jonathan Ackerman for winning boys 15-18, Nina Lourens for winning girls 9-10, Amy Stanton on winning girls 11-13 and Isabella Obray for winning the girls 15-18 category. The best-improved score goes to Valentino Daniels, with 20 shots better on day 2. We will be sending out personal invites to 4 international events in the following week to some of the winners!

Please keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the new local tours and our next promotional tournament, which will be held at Katberg in the next couple of months.

Well done to everybody. See you all next year!

Nicholas Geerts


US Kids Golf South Africa

A Closer Look At The Top 5 DIY Home Tools – presented by BUCO

A Closer Look At The Top 5 DIY Home Tools – presented by BUCO

Nothing saves money and brings instant personal character to your home quicker than a stylish craft or décor project, and it’s no secret that the best way to save tons on your monthly budget is to do as much DIY around the house as you can.  To help you get those DIY jobs done quickly and efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of essential DIY tools for home décor projects. There are our Top 5 DIY Home Tools.

What tools should you have at home?

Sometimes the challenge of a project is lessened by as much as 80% by simply using the correct equipment and good quality tools. That’s why we’re going to show you how to assemble a toolbox worthy of a professional DIY enthusiast!


1) Hammer

Top 5 DIY Home Tools

The basic claw hammer is the most well-used tool in any toolbox. It’s best to avoid wooden handles and opt for a metal or fibreglass hammer instead. If you’re going to break through concrete, stone or tile, it is advisable to invest in a rubber mallet and chisel as well. 


2) Screwdriver

The most basic addition to your toolbox will be one standard size Phillips head screwdriver and one Flathead screwdriver. Build onto this by adding smaller sizes and, if you’re going to be creating furniture for larger construction projects, one larger set. If you don’t use your screwdrivers, often there are also many interchangeable sets that carry a lot of different sized heads that all fit onto a single handle. If you tend to work in tight spaces where keeping a screw’s head steady isn’t always possible by hand, consider opting for magnetic tipped screwdrivers.


3) Pliers

Top 5 DIY Home Tools

A good set of pliers can be the most indispensable part of any toolbox. It is often better to opt for better quality tools and invest in single items instead. That way, you can focus your budget on spending only on top-notch tools that will last longer. That said, a lot of quality plier sets are available. Whether it’s needlenose pliers to get wiring and fine grip work done, or wire-cutting pliers, or locking pliers for gripping onto rusted nails or screws, a quality rubber grip and tough steel jaws are essential.


4) Wrenches

There are several different types of wrenches, and each serves a distinctly unique purpose. It’s a good idea to start with an adjustable wrench and an Allen key wrench. But you could also get an open-end wrench, combination wrench or socket wrench.


5) Measuring tape

A good quality measuring tape with a rust resistant coating, manual lock mechanism and easy retract action is a must for any DIYer.


This toolbox serves as the starting point for anyone who needs all the most essential go-to tools on-hand. Just starting out with DIY or craft? Then this is the toolbox you need!

Let’s build together, with the right tools.

Buco St Francis Bay

Fish Eagle Park, Tarragona Avenue, St Francis Bay

Humansdorp Eastern Cape.  Tel:  042 294 0088

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