FOSTER Update – Cape St Francis/Foster Fun Run/Walk on Tuesday 28th December.

FOSTER Update – Cape St Francis/Foster Fun Run/Walk on Tuesday 28th December.

Over 100 runners turned up on a perfect day to enter the Cape St Francis/Foster Fun Run/Walk on Tuesday 28th December. Dane and his team from the resort had gotten up early to mark out both the 5 and 10 km routes which were in effect a trail run starting at the resort and then down to the beach through the Seal Point Reserve to the lighthouse and then through Cape St Francis whilst traversing the Irma Booysen, Seal Bay and Cape St Francis Reserves. Meanwhile, FOSTER was on hand to man the water point and help with the registration.

Runners and walkers were treated to some of the best our reserves have to offer and whilst the beach sections were tough going due to the high tide, participants commented about the beauty of the reserves and how well-maintained the trails were. For many especially, visitors it was the first time that they had been in one of the FOSTER reserves and promised to be back with friends and family.

All the walks and trail details can be found on the entrance signs to the reserves or by visiting the website at Thanks to all the participants who helped contribute to the reserves’ maintenance through their entrance fee, residents and visitors are also encouraged to become members of FOSTER for n annual subscription of R300 per family or R200 for individual membership. FOSTER are also most grateful for any donations, which all help preserve the reserves and make this the special place it is.

Gerrie was the first under-12 boy in who was followed promptly by Lizzi-Marie, whilst Jethro and Andrew won the 5 and 10 km men’s races respectively. The first woman back at the resort after the 5 Km race was Janet and Melissa won the 10 km race.

FOSTER would like to thank Anita, Dane and all the Cape St Francis Resort Staff for their ongoing willing support of FOSTER, it is much appreciated.

Client Care’s 2023 Market Predictions!

Client Care’s 2023 Market Predictions!

It is customary in the financial services industry for companies to publish their predictions on what they think the markets will do over the next 12 months. So naturally, at Client Care, we would love to sound as smart as these “experts”; however, conscience prevents us from joining the circus, even after hours of staring into our crystal ball (yes, we have one).

Client Care’s 2023 Market Predictions

This practice of forecasting the markets over the short term continues mainly for the following 2 reasons:

  • clients want comfort and certainty, albeit false and baseless
  • advisers/brokers think that this is how they add value to their clients and what is expected of them

The irony is that most people know that investing is a long-term game of temporary lows and permanent highs, but still, they want short-term certainty. This is an emotive issue. A good lifestyle financial planner will have educated their clients that these lows will happen from time to time and then help them through these trying times.

The graph below shows a client’s monies which have been invested in very basic inflation-targeting funds for the last 20 years through many market crashes, which very few saw coming. The outcome shows that simply focusing on the long term has reaped fantastic results.

Client Care’s 2023 Market Predictions

Start the new year by ensuring that you have a long-term lifestyle financial plan that is entirely personal for you and your family. A plan that reflects all your wants, needs and desires that make you unique. This should be the first thing you have in order before considering your investment strategy, which should ensure the outcomes that will make you live your best life.

Beware the “experts” who claim to know what will happen in the markets; their focus is your money, not you. While your money is very important, no one controls the market.

It’s never too late to start planning, and as we know, failing to plan is planning to fail. So give us a shout. We can help.

Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Planner

t. 083 261 9287


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