Kromme Enviro-Trust St Francis and the Strandloper Project

Kromme Enviro-Trust St Francis and the Strandloper Project

An evening with the expedition team of the Strandloper Project was a great success at Bruces Cafe on Monday 31st Oct. The turnout was quite extraordinary and clearly, there was a great deal of interest by many members of the community in what the project is all about and the work of the expedition team themselves. Refreshments and a wonderful spread was provided by Nikki and Ernest which also received many positive comments.

The presentations by Mark Dixon, a marine biologist amongst many other things and Chris Leggatt, an environmental campaigner and photographer highlighted many issues during the evening, including the effects of ‘ghost fishing’, where discarded tackle snagged on rocks for example, still impacts on sea life resulting ultimately, in death from fishing line to hooks. The project to date has identified 11 ‘species’ of fish that have been killed in this manner and extended research in this field will continue to be done on ghost fishing caused by recreational fishing tackle.

The team gather a great deal of data from their findings on the expedition which can then be found on the website under expedition reports. Many fields of expertise are utilised during the expedition, including the geological layout of the coastline verse food availability verse bird population and the overall distribution of animal and bird life.
On this 2022 expedition, they are covering in the region of 250kms and once completed, they would have covered over the 4 years, a total distance of about 855kms of the coastline. Naturally, they are not able to gather all the rubbish found, otherwise they will not achieve the objectives of what they had set out, but daily they are filling 5l water bottles with sinkers and bottle tops which can be viewed in the photos.
The collecting and removing of discarded rubbish and fishing tackle sits with those responsible for causing it and also with us, as members of the community and of course, the relevant municipality, who should provide the support and backing in keeping our coastline and waters clean and safe for sea life.
The Strandloper Project has an awesome website which covers many aspects of what the project is all about. Highly educational and impactive in what the expeditions and findings have highlighted, it is well worth a visit in order to understand more about the problems that exist and how we can promote the importance of trying to reduce the unnecessary destruction of our coastline and the sea life within it.
The project and expeditions rely solely on donations, so if you are a strong advocate of of this project and everything related to preserving the coastline and sea life, then please click on the relevant link, ‘DONATE’ on the website and lets help this to continue to be a successful and ongoing piece of work.

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Wildside TIMES local print magazine Issue #5 Is Coming

Wildside TIMES local print magazine Issue #5 Is Coming

Wildside TIMES Issue 5

We are preparing for Wildside TIMES issue 5, which promises to be an absolute bumper magazine. We have some new advertisers and a few faithfuls in this magazine, which will be available during the first week of December.

The magazine is free, it always will be free and can be found at SPAR and several other retail outlets across the village, into Humansdorp and even in JBay. 

If you are keen on advertising over the festive season, this magazine will get a good reach as we become inundated with visitors. Mail us at, and we can give you the rates and the other options. Unfortunately, there are very few spots left, even with the expanded magazine, so best to jump on it now.

We believe that everything in life, especially life Post-Covid, is totally negotiable, so feel free to come to us with any ideas, plans, thoughts, and dreams. Just not too much information until we get to know you a bit better.

The magazine will also have a digital version. You can see the various past issues here –

If you wish to advertise in the digital magazine only, there are different rates and options for this. The rates are affordable, and the online magazines we have published in the past get excellent traffic and readership. So reach out to us for digital-only advertising rates. There are no limits to the number of pages you can buy in the digital version.

 We have restaurant reviews, interviews, product reviews and information about where the best jols will be this summer. Hence you want to get involved or, like me, get the information so as to know where to avoid the jols. No one will judge you.