New Business: St Francis Window Cleaners

New Business: St Francis Window Cleaners

St Francis Window Cleaners.

If anyone needs their windows cleaned and doesn’t want to waste water, there is a new option in town. St Francis Window Cleaners, comprising the husband and wife team of Ant and Kim are offering a fast and efficient window cleaning service for both residential and commercial properties.

They’re quick and efficient and they come with their own water tanks. “Our water is pumped from our borehole through a reverse osmosis system, and then pumped into our tank on the trailer, said Ant when I asked him about his water. They’re also very quick and efficient, with very little water used or wasted. “The windows are also cleaned with telescopic water-fed poles, and this keeps the use of ladders to a minimum.”

The cost of a house is obviously dependent on the size of the property and the number of windows, but from all accounts, St Francis Window Cleaners seem very reasonable.

St Francis Window Cleaners.



JBay Surfer Matt McGillivray Prepares for Outerknown Tahiti Pro, Last Stop Before WSL Rip Curl Finals

JBay Surfer Matt McGillivray Prepares for Outerknown Tahiti Pro, Last Stop Before WSL Rip Curl Finals

Surfing Today with Rip Curl South Africa

TEAHUPO’O, Tahiti, French Polynesia – The world’s best surfers are preparing for the penultimate event on the 2022 World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT), the Outerknown Tahiti Pro, at the infamous reef break, Teahupo’o. Fittingly known in the surfing world as “The End of the Road,” Teahupo’o will decide the Final 5 men and Final 5 women who will clinch a spot in the Rip Curl WSL Finals and compete for the undisputed World Titles at Lower Trestles. The Outerknown Tahiti Pro holds a competition window from August 11 through 21, 2022. The WSL Tours and Competition team will select the best days out of this window to run the competition. 

Teahupo’o is one of the most extreme waves on Tour. With massive barrels, heavy drops, and shallow reef, it’s a test of commitment, bravery, and barrel-riding skill for even the most elite surfers in the world. Given a good forecast, there is a massive opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring tubes of Teahupo’o. The Outerknown Tahiti Pro will also give us a window into what surfing in the next Olympics could look like. Teahupo’o is set to be the stage in 2024. 

Women’s CT Returns to Tahiti for First Time in 13 Years

The Outerknown Tahiti Pro will finally see the highly anticipated return of the women’s CT to Teahupo’o. This is the first time in nearly 20 years, making it a defining moment for surfing. The women were initially slated to return in 2021. Then the event had to be cancelled due to the global pandemic. As this year’s final stop, Tahiti completes the first fully combined CT season for men’s and women’s in the sport’s history. The new fully integrated CT format showcases women at events such as Pipeline and Teahupo’o. This furthers the WSL’s commitment to equality and builds on the organization’s announcement in 2019 to institute equal prize money across all owned and operated events. 

Line up at Teahupo’o, Tahiti (Photo by Matt Dunbar; /WSL);


Outerknown Tahiti Pro To Decide WSL Final 5 

With everything on the line before the Rip Curl WSL Finals, the risk and reward have never been higher. So far, two men, Filipe Toledo (BRA) and Jack Robinson (AUS), and two women, Carissa Moore (HAW) and Johanne Defay (FRA) have already clinched their spots in the WSL Final 5. The remaining spots sit within close reach of many competitors.  

Jordy Smith at Teahupo’o in Tahiti, French Polynesia. (Photo by Matt Dunbar/WSL via Getty Images)

On the women’s side, everyone still has a chance of making the WSL Final 5 except for Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) and Caroline Marks (USA). Marks fell in the rankings after withdrawing from four of this season’s CT events due to medical reasons. Tatiana Weston-Webb (BRA), Stephanie Gilmore(AUS), and Brisa Hennessy (CRI) currently sit within the WSL Final 5. Still, seasoned vets Lakey Peterson (USA), and Tyler Wright (AUS), could easily take their places.

Everyone below Jordy Smith (RSA), currently ranked No. 13, is out of contention on the men’s side. Coming from his win at the Corona Open J-Bay Pro, Ethan Ewing hopes to hold third place in the WSL Final 5. Italo Ferreira (BRA), and Griffin Colapinto (USA), currently hold spots four and five, respectively. They will have to fend off Kanoa Igarashi (JPN), Callum Robson (AUS), and John John Florence (HAW). They are close on their heels and hungry for a chance to compete for the World Title. 


Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Work From Home: Care For Yourself

We all thought that work-from-home would be a temporary set-up, but for now, it seems it is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. To keep your sanity, you are strongly advised to create a suitable work environment. You must also set aside time to prioritise your well-being in your new work environment.

The new trend we have seen in the market with buyers since the pandemic is the demand for a dedicated study area or room. This new requirement has become a sought-after feature in a home. Investing some money into creating a more permanent study space could add immense value to your property. It could also provide mental benefits. To achieve this, homeowners could consider a garage conversion, an extension or addition to the home, or possibly installing a low-cost container room as an outdoor garden office.

For those who cannot afford to undertake a costly renovation, think of creating a unique workplace for yourself.

1) Have a dedicated workspace with a desk and comfortable chair. While working from home provides the ability to stay in bed or slouch on the sofa while

replying to emails, your neck and back will not thank you for this later. If you do not have a separate room for an office, you can create a dedicated workspace. For example, it could be in the kitchen or dining room, where you can set yourself up for a comfortable workday.

Check that you are not sitting too low or too high for your desk – the rule of thumb is that your elbows should be bent to 90 degrees. If your chair isn’t adjustable, sit on a

pillow or place your laptop on a few books to ensure you are not hunched over all day.

2) Get up, show up as if a typical work environment

While working from home, it is just too easy to fall out of bed, open the laptop and start typing away, forgetting about the hours that pass you. Before you realise it, it can be lunchtime, and you are still slopping around in your pyjamas and slippers. Keep a work routine, get up, shower, dress and be ready for your work day. Do not neglect personal hygiene for the sake of comfort.

3) Have a timer, be disciplined and take breaks.

Coffee, lunch and other breaks around the office or the little chit-chats are far more important than you might have realised. For those without distractions at home, sitting at your desk all day and getting absorbed in a task can be easy. But it is essential to get up every hour or so and move, whether that means getting up to fetch a drink from the kitchen or simply using the toilet. Remember that several short breaks throughout the day will be more beneficial than prolonged but less frequent breaks.

continues below…


4) Create separation where possible. Work your regular office hours. It is just too easy to work late into the evening without even noticing. To avoid work spilling over into your home life and vice versa, try to

create some form of division between the work and living spaces within the home. Set up a workspace where you can close a door facing away from distractions (like the TV). When the workday is done, shut down and pack away the laptop, turn off all email notifications to your mobile device, and pack away all traces of the workday.

While many aspects of life are slowly returning to pre-pandemic routines, specific changes are seemingly here to stay. The work-from-home trend is one of them. Working from home can be great, but if you work remotely, invest in the space. Ensure they are comfortable in their home-office environment to avoid putting their overall well-being at risk.

5) Exercise, see the sun and smell the fresh air

Part of your discipline should be to make a concerted effort to leave the house at least once daily. Put on your takkies and go for a walk. The exercise and fresh air will keep the brain active and lungs clean.

≈ ≈


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What’s On At The SUPERSPAR? International Beer Day Today.

What’s On At The SUPERSPAR? International Beer Day Today.

International Beer Day Today, 5 August

Yep, today is International Beer Day, a global celebration of beer taking place in pubs, breweries, and backyards all over the world. It’s a day for beer lovers everywhere to raise a toast to our brewers and bartenders and rejoice in the greatness of beer! That it falls on a Friday is not a coincidence. It used to be on a specific date in August every year. Still, quite a few massive International Beer Days fell on a Monday, and it was changed to the first Friday of August every year. 

The Purpose

The purpose of International Beer Day is threefold. Well, there is another world of reasons, but these are three primary reasons for having such a fantastic day.

  • To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer. We all know how good it tastes, but on IBD, we reiterate it, repeat it, and remind each other about how delicious beer is. 
  • To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer. They’re generally a pretty hardy bunch. Hardy, but skilled. There are teams of beer soldiers toiling in the salt mines to bring you the best beer available today, and we want to celebrate these brave people.  
  • To bring the world together by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures on this memorable day. It might sound like another reason for a holiday, but it’s not. It is about bringing everyone together, and this is only a good thing in South Africa. 

At TOPS, we’re celebrating along with everyone else, and we have a few fun giveaways and some cool prizes. All Internation Beer Day giveaways will take place on our social media platforms. So find our Facebook Page, track down our Insta handle, discover us on Twitter and keep looking via the hashtag #TOPSbeerday. The giveaway prizes are cooler boxes, Springbok rugby jerseys and free Heineken beer for a year, which is not bad, not bad at all. 

Beer Trivia: Lager vs ale, what’s the difference? 


Price Cuts

We also have some significant price cuts this weekend, so make sure you’re registered as a SPAR Rewards customer to reap the full benefits of these price cuts. We have price cuts on cornflakes, vanilla custard, margarine and Vienna sausages, among many more. These price cuts are valid for the entire weekend.