Surfing Today, with Rip Curl  – GromSearch Approaching

Surfing Today, with Rip Curl  – GromSearch Approaching

The surf season is still in full swing, and many professionals are in South Africa. The Ballito Pro is on, the Corona Open JBay is coming soon, and the heat is on.

Down in Cape Town, the best event to come to Muizenberg in many a year/decade took place over the weekend. The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational was a full-on surf festival with a logging event as its anchor. It was a fantastic event; South African logger Steve Sawyer placed third in the final. 

Final Results Duct Tape Invitational Muizenberg Cape Town


1. Ambre Victorie

2. Honolulu Blomfield

3. Kellis Kaleopa’a

4. Sierra Lerback 


 1. Kevin Skvarna

 2. Justin Quintal

 3. Stevie Sawyer

 4. Johnny ‘The Ripper’ van Hohenstein

Duct Tape International © Grant Scholts

Rip Curl GromSearch #2 – Seal Point, Cape St Francis

Let’s not forget about the groms. The second event in the Gromsearch series occurs at Seal Point on 23/24 July, the weekend after the Corona Open JBay. 

It’s a perfect venue for the groms (U12- U18 Boys and Girls), and the froth is real for the groms. They will be so pumped after seeing their heroes surfing JBay that there will be unprecedented performances and loads of excitement amongst the best junior surfers in the country.

Entries are open here – and the GromSearch events are usually fully subscribed. Therefore, to ensure you get a chance to compete in this event, best to enter as soon as possible.

The Rip Curl GromSearch Seal Point is supported by the Cape St Francis Resort. They are offering discounted prices on their accommodation to all competitors and families. For more details, contact Anita at the Cape St Francis Resort 


t. 082 494 3755

The Rip Curl GromSearch Series are all Surfing South Africa Premier SAST events, with 1,000 points going to the winners and prizemoney per premier event.

Contestants must register as members of Surfing South Africa to compete in this Premier SAST Event. Click Here to register as an SSA member.


Property News You Can Use presented by Harcourts

Property News You Can Use presented by Harcourts

Holiday Rentals This Summer

The holiday rental market, especially along the coast, is expected to have a great summer again. However, most bookings often are during the last three months of the year, with many holidaymakers not getting what they want but having to take what is available.

Locals and Internationals

Although holidaymakers tend to leave bookings a bit late, there is no shortage of eagerness to get away for a holiday. Many also book anyway, wanting to get out of the house and to a lovely coastal holiday house. With international travel open to all, we expect both International and South Africans to flock to holiday destinations this summer. We expect the Western Cape, Garden Route and Eastern Cape to be the regular hot spots. The attraction is endless, and there is no doubt that those who can travel will head to our coastlines and find good value too. The beaches, lifestyle and tourist attractions remain a crucial differentiator for our coastal areas.

Longer Holidays

We have noted that more and more weekend visitors in and around our village as people look to escape the cities and enjoy the ‘open gates’ after all the restrictions. What is very positive to note is the number of holiday bookings already for December ’22 and January ‘23. A new trend seems to be that our guests have more downtime with extended school holidays and are eager for mini breakaways. 90% of bookings are local South Africans, with only about 10% international, mainly from Europe.

Not Enough Stock

Our biggest frustration is loads of enquiries, but booking confirmations are slow. We expect it will pick up drastically closer to December as people will want to get away, but it seems to take a lot longer to decide and pay the deposits in the winter hibernation months. Also, many Landlords are unsure whether they will rent their home this summer or use it themselves. Many tenants are waiting to book places, but we do not have the confirmed stock. The Canals remain our primary choice destination, second to Cape St Francis and achieve the highest daily rates by a significant margin.

Permanent and Month-To-Month Rentals

The holiday daily rental rates have remained relatively flat with a slight decrease in some rates. The rate for an average three-bedroomed home is around R5000/night, and for a luxury 6-8 bedroomed villa, starting at around R12 500/night up to R25,000 per/night. Permanent and month-to-month rentals are also booming in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis. Available permanent rental homes are in very short stock, and we place tenants generally within 24 hours after a property has become available.

If you have either a holiday home or permanent home available to let, please do not hesitate to contact either Yolande Stanton on 082 556 5101 or Les Peens on 066 228 1182

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Join your Ward’s Whats app group

Join your Ward’s Whats app group

Kouga Residents can now join their respective ward’s whatsapp group to stay informed, as well as to report water leaks in their ward.

This is part of the DA led Kouga Municipality’s drive to bring government to the people and to keep residents updated on Municipal affairs.