Park Off Music Festival Coming To JBay

Park Off Music Festival Coming To JBay


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29 June 2022

Park Off Music Festival Coming To JBay


Supertubes Park, Da Gama Road, JBay – This year will see the welcome return of the best surfers in the world to JBay for the Corona Open JBay. The waiting period for the surf event is 12-21 July 2022.

This year, the Park Off Music Festival will take place from 12 – 17 July. There will be six nights of music, and it will take place in a fully tented area of the Supertubes Park, so it’s on come rain or shine. 

Top artists include Sean Koch, Timo ODV, Matthew Mole and more. In addition, local surfer and musician Stevie Sawyer will be jamming on the first night, 12 June, along with Sean Koch and Tidal Waves. 


Stevie Sawyer © Kody McGregor


Other bands include Abby Nurock, Yndian Mynah, GoodLuck, Will Linley and Year of Dogs.

The Park Off Music Festival is the official music festival of the Corona Open JBay. 


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Surfing Today with Rip Curl – Sammy Pupo Scores Best Result In Rio

Surfing Today with Rip Curl – Sammy Pupo Scores Best Result In Rio

Saquarema Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Carissa Moore (HAW) and Filipe Toledo (BRA) won the Oi Rio Pro Presented by Corona, Stop No. 8 on the World Surf League 2022 Championship Tour. The competition finished spectacularly in front of a massive crowd at Praia de Itaúna in Saquarema, Brazil. Five-time WSL Champion Moore defeated Johanne Defay (FRA) in the Finals. At the same time, Toledo took out rookie and Rip Curl athlete Samuel Pupo (BRA) to earn his third-straight event win in Saquarema. This is his fourth overall win at the Oi Rio Pro. 

Samuel Pupo makes first Final of his career on the Championship Tour against Toledo

Toledo is now referred to as the “King of Saquarema” after winning his third-consecutive event in Saquarema and four total victories at the Oi Rio Pro. After two throwaway scores, Toledo boosted the biggest backside air rotation of the event for a perfect 10-point ride. Toledo also caught one of the longest barrels of the event and added a quick air reverse on the closeout section for an 8.67. Toledo was unstoppable in the Finals, and his torrid pace resulted in an 18.67 total, the highest of the event.

Samuel Pupo made it to the first Final of his career on the Championship Tour against Toledo. The young high-flyer had spectacular performances throughout the Oi Rio Pro as a rookie. He took down big names such as Caio Ibelli (BRA), Mateus Herdy (BRA), and Italo Ferreira (BRA) on his way to the Finals. 

“Filipe started with a 10 on a wave that I could have blocked because I had priority. So he went left, and I ended up going to the right,” said Pupo. “Afterwards, it was difficult to recover because the sea calmed down and not many waves came through, so it seemed that everything was going in his favour. But I’m really happy I made the Final. For sure, this is the best day of my life, but the year is not over, and I already really want to compete again. I can’t wait to go to J-Bay and do my best there,” completed Pupo.

Spectators during the Final at the Oi Rio Pro. Photo by Thiago Diz/World Surf League

Toledo and Moore Also Win Inaugural Mano Ziul Award

In one of the most emotional moments of the Oi Rio Pro, the inaugural Mano Ziul Award was presented to honour a visionary and pioneer in the sport of surfing. The recently deceased Mano Ziul provided the first webcasts for contests, bringing the most remote locations into the audience’s living room. In addition, his creation of the scoring system has been a fundamental part of competitive surfing since it was created. To honour his memory, the Mano Ziul Award was given to the men’s and women’s athletes with the highest heat total of the event at the Oi Rio Pro. 

Mano Ziul’s family, represented by his wife Sandra and his children Luiza and Ziul (Ziulzinho) Andueza presented the trophies to Carissa Moore for her 15.43 total and Filipe Toledo, who earned an 18.67 total, both in the Finals.

“I want to dedicate this victory to Mano Ziul, who is watching us all right now. This win should be celebrated by all of us for everything he has done for the sport of surfing,” declared Toledo at the award ceremony.

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Property News You Can Use presented by Harcourts.

Property News You Can Use presented by Harcourts.

Buying A House Can Be A Costly Journey Without An Experienced Guide 

The guide comes in the form of a professional and experienced estate agent.

But how do you know you’re getting an experienced “guide” and not being led astray? 

The answer is simple: a Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC).

Why do estate agents need a Fidelity Fund Certificate?

– A FFC is a certificate issued by the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA). It proves that an estate agent is adequately registered and trained with their regulatory board and whose conduct will adhere to the PPRA’s standards.

– The Estate Agency Affairs Act (112 of 1976) states that all estate agents must be registered with the PPRA and possess a valid FFC to operate as an agent. 

– The Property Practitioners Act (22 of 2019) replaced the Estate Agency Affairs Act on 1 February 2022 and contains the exact requirements for obtaining FFCs. 

– An FFC needs to be renewed annually, and no agent may trade with an expired certificate FFC.

What happens if an estate agent does not have an FFC?

– According to the Act, it is illegal for an agent to operate without a valid FFC. An agent may also not claim a commission for services rendered when their FFC had expired. 

– In most cases, this is a clear-cut scenario — if an agent does not have an FFC, they may not operate and may not claim a commission.

What if it is not the estate agent’s fault that their registration is not up to date?

– As with any registration process, there may be delays in processing applications and renewals. However, an estate agent may operate legally and claim their commission if they can prove that they submitted their application or renewal documents on time.

However, when an estate agent relies on their principal to complete the necessary application or renewal process, and the principal fails to complete the registration, the onus remains that of the agent to follow up. In short, the agent may not collect any commission for services rendered until they obtain their FFC or the necessary proof that the application or renewal is in process.

Must the estate agent’s FFC be verified before services are rendered?

– It is advisable for all Sellers to verify an agent’s FFC or obtain a copy beforehand. However, many agents continue operating as usual without a valid certificate. 

-The conveyancing agent (a.k.a. transfer attorney), responsible for paying the estate agent’s commission, is bound by law to obtain proof of the agent’s FFC before paying the commission. 

– If any party to the sale becomes aware that the agent does not possess a valid FFC during the property transfer, the conveyancer is bound by law to refuse the agent their commission.

What recourse do estate agents have when they lose out on their commission?

– In a case where an estate agent loses out on their commission because of a lack of a valid FFC, where the fault is not their own, the agent will have the right to take the case to court. However, they will not claim against the purchaser or conveyancer but rather against their principal/agency or possibly even the PPRA itself, whichever caused the delay in FFC issuing or renewal.

– The use of Fidelity Fund Certificates and agents’ obligation to be registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board are steps that ensure a safer business environment for property practitioners, purchasers, and sellers. However, when events such as this occur, it puts the estate agent in an uncomfortable position. They will have to fight for their ability to go on operating within their field.

— Marsha

Local Man Dies In Plett Shark Attack

Local Man Dies In Plett Shark Attack

Plettenberg Bay beaches have been temporarily closed after a man was recovered from the surf following a shark attack on Tuesday afternoon.

National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) spokesperson Craig Lambinon said the body had been recovered at Sanctuary Beach, on the Robberg 5 side of the coastline.

He said the NSRI rescue crews and rescue craft had been activated at about 2.10pm after an  eyewitness report of the shark attack.

“On arrival on the scene, the body of an adult male, believed to be a local man, was located and recovered from the water,” he said.

“[He was put] onto an NSRI rescue craft and the body was brought to the NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue station.”

He said an NSRI doctor, Western Cape government health EMS and police had also responded.

“Sadly the injuries sustained were fatal and the man was declared deceased by the doctor.

“[The] family of the deceased man are in the care of police and counsellors and condolences are conveyed to the family of the deceased man,” he said.

Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie said the Bitou municipality had closed beaches in Plettenberg Bay and was appealing to bathers, paddlers, sailors and boaters in the Plettenberg Bay area and along the Southern Cape coast to exercise caution.