What’s On At The SUPERSPAR – Weekend Price Cuts, Water Advice

What’s On At The SUPERSPAR – Weekend Price Cuts, Water Advice

Day Zero

While it might be raining in the Kouga region right now, many of us have already started experiencing the effects of Day Zero with limited water and with very little pressure in our taps. We at the SPAR would like to remind everyone how to use their allowance of 50 litres per day as best they can. Also, please remember to report all leaks. Contact details on the poster are below. The next two weeks will be absolutely critical, so let’s all try our best to stave off the dreaded DZ.


SPAR Petals R6 Pad initiative

We would also like to remind our customers about our SPAR Petals R6 Pad initiative. The funds from this initiative are being donated to various schools and charities for the upliftment of women and girls in our communities.
The SPAR Petals #PledgeAPack campaign 2022 runs from 21 June – 31 July 2022.


Price Cuts

We have some amazing Price Cuts, lasting until 3 July, so check out the prices below and go in and grab what you need from the offers. There are discounts on various items including toilet paper, white sugar and a whole selection of meats and chicken from some of SA’s finest farms. There is rump steak, rump medallions as well as ostrich fillet on special. Good for a weekend braai.

Home Cooking Specials.

The specials don’t end with the price cuts, as we have several other price cuts and specials at the moment. Our Home Sweet Home Cooking specials include chicken cuts sirloin and pork shank.