Notes From The Editor – Where Are We Going?

Notes From The Editor – Where Are We Going?

So while the water crisis is an absolute certainty now, the load-shedding is back and is set to ramp up to Level 6 before we know it. The fuel price has risen incredibly, with many bigger vehicles costing about R2k to fill a tank. Additionally, our local airlines are being put to sleep, prices are again up, and availability is down.

So what’s good out there? What can we celebrate?

Well, we have passed the longest night and the shortest day of the year, and now every day will move into daylight a few seconds earlier than the day before.

Also, with these rising fuel and food prices, we have seen fewer people around than the recent norms. This is both a blessing and a curse. Local restaurants and hospitality industries desperately need customers. Still, many residents like to keep quiet about our little piece of paradise.

The accelerated growth in and around the village has been impressive. All builds seem to be on a slightly faster trajectory than the Sand River Bridge project (remember that?). However, there is still lots of development to come.

Will there be enough water and electricity to support these developments? Again, the answer is yes, with the new projects all boasting borehole water projects and rain catchment Jojo tank systems, and solar energy systems to support the estates. So these developments should be fine.

However, currently, not everyone has the ways and means to catch water or store electricity.
Many people who have retired to our village live in thatch houses with no way of catching run-off and no access to boreholes. Others cannot afford the outlay of solar panels and batteries. These people, and others less fortunate, are going to need help.

There will be much intervention from a government level, and water will be bussed in (and out) of areas in Kouga soon, depending on availability.

Just please make sure about the people who live in your bubble. or who you are close to. If you can share any water with those in need, please do. If you can help people who will be in darkness during load-shedding somehow, they will be most appreciative.

We’ll have to weather the long, dark winter of the soul, but we’re in this together.


Property News You Can Use presented by Harcourts

Property News You Can Use presented by Harcourts

New Rental and Property Rules

The draft Rental Housing Regulations proposed changes for owners and tenant’s properties in South Africa, covering a wide range of issues, including lease agreements, deposits, rent increases and damages to property. The regulations also outline the rights and obligations of tenants and lessors, with a complete mediation and tribunal process outlined should a disagreement arise between the two parties.


– Landlord may not require payment of a rental deposit greater than two months’ rent, in addition to a reasonable deposit for utilities, keys, remote controls and the like

– If the deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent, the landlord may require the existing deposit to be “topped up.” This will be by an amount equal to the amount by which the rent payable has been increased, i.e. one month.

Rent increases 

– The landlord may increase the rent payable in respect of any tenancy. This is provided all of the following are complied with:

*The landlord shall give the tenant notice in writing of the increase;

*The day upon which the increased rent shall become payable shall be not less than two calendar months after the date on which that notice is given;

*That notice shall specify the amount of the increased rent, and the rent shall not be increased within 12 months, and after that, on an annual basis, after the date of the commencement of the tenancy;

*Where the Tribunal has made an order which is still in force, the rent shall not be increased to an amount above the amount specified in the order

Rights and obligations of Tenant

The tenant has the following rights and obligations, subject to the lease agreement:

– Pay the rent as and when it is due and payable under the lease agreement;

– Ensure that the premises are occupied principally for residential purposes;

– Keep the premises reasonably clean and reasonably tidy;

– Notify the landlord, as soon as possible after discovery, of any damage to the premises or the need for any repairs.

On the termination of the tenancy, the tenant should:

– Vacate the premises;

– Remove all their goods from the premises;

– Leave the premises in a reasonably clean and reasonably tidy condition, and remove or arrange for the removal from the premises of all rubbish, failing which the deposit will be utilised for the cleaning and removal of rubbish. This includes the outside area and garden.

– Return to the landowner all keys and security or pass cards. This includes any such devices provided by the landowner for the use of the tenant;

– Leave in or at the premises all other items provided by the landowner for the tenant’s use.

– ensure that usage and other accounts are paid in full

– Repair items which are broken or damaged, failing which the deposit will be utilised for repairs and replacement.

— Marsha

Plakkie Classic Junior Surf Competition A Great Success in Victoria Bay.

Plakkie Classic Junior Surf Competition A Great Success in Victoria Bay.

News Release

21 June 2022

Plakkie Classic Junior Surf Competition A Great Success in Victoria Bay.

Matt Canning © @gumbootism

Vic Bay – the inaugural Plakkie Classic Jnr surf tournament was a fantastic four-day event. The contest and contestants enjoyed good weather and great waves in Victoria Bay. Plakkie came to the party by delivering some serious prize money to the event, the largest prize pool for a junior event this year.

Plakkie’s first venture into competition surfing was exceptionally well received, and the best junior surfers in the country were all in attendance for the event. Victoria Bay is a popular venue amongst the surfers with a fairly easy wave zone, and high-performance waves running down the point. For this event the waves were on fire for the entire four days, resulting in some incredible surfing from all divisions.

The lineup © @gumbootism

The swell stuck around for the entire four days, and despite some pretty chilly mornings, there were generally excellent waves for the competitors for the duration of the event. 

There were some fresh new faces and some wily competitors in the event, and every heat seemed to have a standout.  

Kai Stubbs © @gumbootism

There is always plenty of attention on the U12 divisions. These divisions are the future of the sport in our country. Jasmine Venter was impressive in the U12 Girls division and Joel Gernetsky in the U12 Boys.

In the U14 Boys division, St Francis surfer Rory Dace dominated, beating Cooper Smith into 2nd, with Matt Canning and Kieran Murphy 3rd and 4th.

“I’m so stoked to be back at Vic and to take the win, said Dace on his victory. “I feel super comfortable at that wave since my local is a point break! Thanks to my sponsors, Vissla, Pyzel and all the others, and my parents! Thanks to Plakkies and Surfing South Africa for putting on an insane comp. I enjoyed surfing the final with some of my best mates. It’s always fun when we push each other to the limits.”

Rory Dace © @gumbootism

dace’s performance was smooth and powerful, and he made it two in a row after taking out the inaugural Rip Curl GromSearch u14 victory earlier this year. His strong forehand performance perfectly suits the waves of Victoria bay well and he took full advantage of the good waves to cement his victory and dominance in this division.

U16 Girls Winner Gemma Hanafey © @gumbootism

The U16 Girls division was a closely-fought battle between East London’s Gemma Hannafey and Sarah Scott from Cape Town. With very little between them, Hannafey emerged victorious, winning by a narrow margin of 0.6 points. Zia Hendricks and Anastasia Venter placed 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Hanafey was fresh from El Salvador where she competed in the ISA World Juniors and showed her competition savvy and steely nerves in the final to take the win over Scott. Her powerful forehand performance was just what the judges were looking for, and the Rip Curl athlete was a popular winner.

Surprise Maphumulo © @gumbootism

Everyone was surfing exceptionally well in the highly contestable conditions. Other surfers who had flashes of brilliance over the weekend were Ben Esterhuyse, Surprise Maphumulo, Zia Hendricks and Anastasia Venter. Surprise was looking exceptionally flash, especially after taking the win in the inaugural Plakkie Air Show at the beginning of the event waiting period. His surfing at the point was fast and powerful, and his backhand hooks were throwing spray into the sky. Always polite and humble, Surprise is a grat ambassador for the sport and has a great future ahead of him.

Full results below 

U12 Girls

Jasmine Venter

Leah Lepront

Camilla Heuer

Jordan Van Eek

U12 Boys

Joel Gernetsky

Carl Wiersma

Ben Esterhuyse

Callum Loftus

U14 Girls

Louise Lepront

Emily Jenkinson

Taylor Emslie

Nina Bone

U14 Boys

Rory Dace

Cooper Smith

Matt Canning

Kieran Murphy

U16 Girls

Gemma Hanafey

Sarah Scott

Zia Hendricks

Anastasia Venter

U16 Boys

Blake Crankshaw

Nate Colby

Surprise Maphumulo

Luc Lepront

U18 Girls

Sarah Scott

Louise Lepront

Zia Hendricks

Anastasia Venter

U18 Boys

Luke Thompson

Luke van Wyk

Connor Slijpen

Nate Colby

Connor Slijpen © @gumbootism


Surfing South Africa is the National Governing body for the sport in South Africa. In addition, SSA is a member of the South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA). 


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