The Rotary Club of St Francis is growing!

The Rotary Club of St Francis is growing!

The Rotary Club of St Francis is growing! Five new members were welcomed into the fold by St Francis Rotarians at our meeting at St Francis Links on 14th June. Inducting the new members, President – Elect Brian Codling noted this was quite a landmark for our Club. This is the most new members inducted at one time by the Club. (pictured left to right – Rtns Mike Rishworth, Wikus and Lesley de Jager, Moya Truter and Jef Forrer with Brian Codling). A big welcome to all.

At the same occasion President Brian also welcomed long standing Rotarian Peter Long to the fold. Peter, who now lives permanently on the Kromme, has transferred his membership from the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay.

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The Human Side Of Money presented  by Client Care

The Human Side Of Money presented by Client Care

Why Risk Profiling Is Not The Answer To Successful Investing

We are again in a Bear market (returns down over 20%). Stock markets worldwide have plummeted, and the doomsayers are everywhere. It’s a tough time for investors. Many are indecisive on what they should do, especially if they do not understand their investing approach.

Lifestyle Financial Planning differs from traditional financial advice and investing in many ways, one of which is how “risk” is interpreted and viewed.

The Problems With The Traditional Approach

In the traditional approach, your adviser will ask you to answer questions. These are about how you feel about financial loss or ask you to complete a risk analysis questionnaire. They might also classify you according to your age. Either way, you will have a high, medium or low-risk profile. Of course, one’s past experiences (emotion) would play a role in this.

The problem with this approach is that how you feel on a particular day determines the asset allocation to which your money will be exposed. For example, a high-risk profile would lead to an investment strategy with high equity (shares) exposure. In contrast, a low-risk profile would mean less equity and more cash, property, and bonds. This asset allocation would determine the long-term return on your funds. This results in how much you will have at a certain point. If, for example, the reason for saving was retirement, then your lifestyle at that point would be determined by this approach to investing.

Understanding Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle Financial Planning takes a different approach to this traditional method by first looking at your lifestyle. This means understanding the current cost of how you live. This is derived from monthly and annual expenses to future goals and dreams that you want for yourself and your family. These all get costed. They are then compared to your existing and future savings to determine the return you need to achieve what you want.
Once we understand the return needed on your funds over time, we can match the asset allocation that will deliver this result. This asset allocation will attract a level of volatility which we can illustrate to you. Should you not be comfortable with it, we will help you understand the trade-offs that you need to consider for your plan to work.

The LFP approach looks at what you actually need and what is possible. This is in contrast to just categorising you according to your age or how you feel on a certain day. In addition, proper financial education on your long-term investment strategy can help you control and understand your emotions. This helps when we go through challenging market conditions as we are now.

Plakkie Classic Scores Excellent Surf For Inaugural Competition In Victoria Bay

Plakkie Classic Scores Excellent Surf For Inaugural Competition In Victoria Bay

Plakkie Classic Scores Waves

Plakkie Classic Scores Waves For Inaugural Competition In Victoria Bay 

George – the pristine right-hand Garden Route point break of Victoria Bay has delivered excellent surf conditions for the opening days of the Plakkie Classic Junior surf event. 



What Event?

The Plakkie Classic JNR is a brand-new junior event on the contest calendar. The crew at Plakkie have decided to get involved in surfing at a junior level. They have also shown interest in and commitment to the sport. 

Plakkie Classic Scores Excellent Surf

Where is it all happening?

Victoria Bay is the pristine right-hand point-break in the heart of the Garden Route.

Plakkies Classic Scores Surf


When is it happening?

The contest kicked off on 16 June (Youth Day) with an Air Show, and the main event started on 17 June. 

Plakkie Classic Scores Excellent Surf

Who is there?

All the top junior surfers in the country are competing in the event. Plakkie is a newcomer to surfing but has started with a very healthy R50 000 total prize money. This is a record pot for any local junior surf event, so no one could afford to miss it. The four-day Surfing South Africa sanctioned contest includes divisions for U12 to U18 for Boys and Girls.


Plakkie Classic Scores Excellent Surf

Plakkie Classic Scores Waves

On warm-up day, the event kicked off with an Air Show for boys and girls. Surprise Maphumulo and Anastasia Venter won these two Air Shows, respectively.

Day One of the main event was a full day of excellent surf, with top early-round performances throughout the day. Everyone was surfing on top form and trying to impress the judges. There was some very exciting high-performance surfing on the excellent waves.


Plakkie Classic Scores Excellent Surf


Anastasia Venter and Zia Hendricks scored the highest points in the U18 girls. At the same time, Cooper Smith was the highest points scorer in the U14 Boys Round 1. 

Plakkie Classic Scores Excellent Surf

Day Two was another full day of excellent surfing, with many top surfers going all-out on the quick right-handers. Camilla Heuer was the top scorer in the Girls U12 division, and Connor Slijpen amassed an incredible 17.83 points in his U18 Quarterfinal. The contest will wrap up today, Sunday 19 June.

All the results can be found at liveheats

Surfing South Africa is the National Governing body for the sport in South Africa. In addition, SSA is a member of the South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA). 


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