FOSTER Update by Matt Gennrich

FOSTER Update by Matt Gennrich

The Foster Reserve Management team has been very busy over the past few weeks with finalising the fire breaks in the Cape St Francis Nature Reserve and with general maintenance, in addition to the ongoing alien vegetation removal programme.

The team also removed a huge clump of Brachylaena discolor, or often referred to as coastal oak, at the entrance to the Irma Booysen Nature reserve as you enter Cape St Francis. This plant is a fire hazard and invasive to our area. The species occurs naturally on coastal dunes east of the Sundays River and whilst tempting to plant as they grow quickly as hedges, they are difficult to maintain as they grow very quickly and remain an invasive plant here so should not be planted

Together with the Kouga Municipality and Working on Fire, FOSTER has now completed the upgrade of firefighting routes in the Cape St Francis Nature Reserve. Our reserve manager will now inform the authorities in the municipality about access, location of turning circles, traffic direction, and other matters of key importance for firefighting.

Our next project is path re-routing around the lighthouse parking area, which will clearly demarcate the access routes to the walking trail whilst limiting interaction between pedestrians and cyclists. Partial funding for this has been provided by the Rotary club of St Francis Bay, who continue to support so many worthwhile causes in our area. Please allow Dave and the team to proceed with this work unhindered.

New informative signage for all the reserves has been produced and we are waiting for the structures to be completed and we will then start erecting these at all the key entrances to the reserves.

Property News You Can Use – Presented by Harcourts

Property News You Can Use – Presented by Harcourts

What do estate agents do besides advertise property for sale and take prospective buyers to view them? 

  • Agents are not merely salespeople, as most imagine. The lengthy, complex transaction process requires much more skill and knowledge than just possessing a good sales patter. 
  • The internet completely revolutionised how we shop for everything, from clothes to houses. Consequently, these days, estate agents seldom play a vital role in the location of our dream homes. Most buyers start their property search online – but that was never their core function. 
  • Many people equate the role of an estate agent with that of a travel agent. Still, in reality, they are very different as estate agents are not sales agents but rather facilitators of the complex sale transaction. 
  • The sale and purchase of property is not the simple transaction one might imagine. The actual exchange of money and goods only happens at the end of a lengthy process. This comprises multiple steps which require more than a nodding acquaintance with diverse fields, including marketing, legal operations and finance. 
  • The first and most essential step is an accurate property evaluation, which determines the final sale price achieved and the length of time a home spends on the market. This is especially important if the seller is buying another home subject to selling his current property. 

Duty of a professional estate agent: 

  • 1. Share important information about the area 
    • A good agent will have information about local council rates, crime statistics, schools, recreational facilities, resident demographics, recent property sales and factors like public transport. 
    • They can then provide you with all the facts, figures and data you need to assist in setting a realistic sale price. 
    • An experienced agent has the expertise and in-depth knowledge to ascribe the property’s most accurate and market-related value. This will enable sellers to determine a reasonable selling price and the limit to which they can negotiate. 
  • Once this critical step is complete, an agent’s leg work begins. 

2. Skilled marketers 

    • To sell a home for the highest price in the shortest time requires a skilled marketing strategy utilising the correct online and print media, a strong client and industry network and extensive databases. 

3. Able to stage a home 

Agents will also offer advice about how to stage your home to its best advantage before conducting viewings with the least possible disruption to the seller’s daily lives. 

4. Legal knowledge for both parties 

  • Very importantly, a skilled real estate agent will have the experience and legal knowledge needed to negotiate a deal that benefits both parties. 
  • Buyers often don’t realise that although agents may act on the seller’s behalf, they inevitably provide value to the buyer. They act as a link to ultimately negotiate an agreement that best suit the needs of both parties involved. 
  • The difference between a good and weak agent is most evident – good agents negotiate calmly and rationally, preserving a pleasant atmosphere at all times and relying on hard facts to back up all their statements and arguments. 
  • Agents are also strictly bound to a code of conduct. This protects both parties against one-sided contracts and costly delays that could quickly occur if an uninformed seller has overlooked a critical transaction component. 
  • Like any legal transaction, buying or selling property involves reams of paperwork peppered with legalese and financial jargon. This is where estate agents are well worth their weight in gold. 

5. Administrative management 

• Real estate agents manage the administrative aspects throughout the process. Their thorough knowledge of the relevant legislation that regulates property transactions and all documentation and certification required to meet all regulatory requirements will ensure a seamless conclusion of the sale. 

6. General guidance and advice 

  • Real estate agents also offer guidance and advice and iron out any glitches that occur along the way. It is not uncommon for issues to crop up, and they ensure you, the client, receive the highest level of customer care. 
  • The best results are achieved by appointing an experienced agent with accredited knowledge about the entire process. They also need to be up to date with all the current laws. 
  • There’s the old adage that you get what you pay for. This holds true in real estate. Delivering a hands-on, bespoke service to clients in what is often the most significant transaction of their lives takes time, hard work and dedication. 

— Marsha



The Harcourts Oyster Team Celebrate Their Recent Market Share GainsLife’s good on the canals.



Surfing Today with Rip Curl – All Eyes On El Salvador

Surfing Today with Rip Curl – All Eyes On El Salvador

The waiting period for the Surf City El Salvador Pro has begun, and there is some decent swell on the way. The only surprises so far have been the withdrawal of Kelly Slater and Tyler Wright. Slater cites some niggly injury, while Wright has ‘complications’ from her recent COVID case while in the jungles of Java. 

Post Mid-Year Cut

It is the second event after the mid-year cut, and things are looking decidedly different on tour. There are fewer athletes and less time is needed to run an event to completion.

So what is the wave like in El Salvador? Well, it’s a perfect right-hand point-break for starters. Our two South African surfers, Matt McGillivray and Jordy Smith, are both natural footers. Therefore they will love that it is a right-hander. That being after the recent G-Land Pro, a challenging left-hand reef break off the Plungkung Nature Reserve in Java.

McGillivray The Champion Underdog

McGillivray has been the champion underdog of the 2022 Championship Tour season. He has been fighting the good fight to requalify for the tour. So, he sneaked onto the first half of the season through an injury wildcard. Then, a valiant effort in the Margaret River Pro saw him make the cut for the second half of the year.

All Eyes On El Salvador

Matthew McGillivray at the Margaret River Pro – Photo by Matt Dunbar/World Surf League

Moreover, his recent effort at the Quiksilver Pro G-Land also needs to be mentioned. Growing up in Jeffreys Bay, McGillivray spent his youth surfing the perfect rights of Supertubes. Yet, in fast and tricky reef waves at G-Land, he continued to show brilliance. Again, he advanced to the quarter-finals. This further solidified his presence on tour. 

The waves in El Salvador will suit McGillivray’s surfing. Furthermore, he knows his way around a point-break. He, therefore, has a good chance of doing well. Forehand gouges and barrels are his specialities. In addition, should the waves get big, he comes into his own. The surfing should start soon. To watch it live –


McGillivray Our Local Hero –

Matt the Giant Killer –

JBay local Qualifies – 

JBay Surfer Matt McGillivray Qualifies For Championship Tour After Mid-year Cut