What’s On At The SUPERSPAR – World Gin Day!

What’s On At The SUPERSPAR – World Gin Day!

World Gin Day 2022

Saturday 11th June 2022 – A Global Ginny Celebration

World Gin Day is a global celebration of all things gin,

Held on the second Saturday in June!

The idea is simple: get people together all around the world and raise a glass to the brilliant spirit that is gin!

Whether it’s in a cocktail, a G&T or neat as part of a tasting, let’s celebrate this wonderful juniper-laced spirit in all of its glory!

Created for the love of gin back in 2009, let’s make 2022 the biggest year yet!

What is World Gin Day?

Simple, it’s a day for everyone and anyone (over the legal drinking age, of course) to celebrate and enjoy gin! So whether you’re already a fan of the juniper spirit or looking for an intro, World Gin Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved.

The aim of World Gin Day

The day is for everyone, is for the love of the category and ultimately aims to give a platform for bars and brands to engage with the gin-loving public!

When is World Gin Day?

World Gin Day is always the second Saturday in June. Of course, the date moves around a little year on year, but to make the most of the day, we like to give you the Sunday to recover.

Who is behind World Gin Day?

Neil Houston founded World Gin Day in 2009, a very bright idea to bring his friends together to drink gin in Birmingham! Since then, the day has grown, reaching an even bigger audience.

In 2013 Emma Stokes formally took charge of the day due to Neil’s work commitments. The day has since evolved into a truly global celebration, with events running in over 30 countries worldwide, reaching over 200 million people on social channels. 

How can I find out what’s on in my area? 

Search for the #WorldGinDay hashtag across social media.

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