Photo Of The Day – Biggest Wave Ever Ridden, Ever…

Photo Of The Day – Biggest Wave Ever Ridden, Ever…

Sebastian Steudtner (GER) has set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest wave surfed (unlimited) – male. As part of the Red Bull Big Wave Awards, the World Surf League (WSL) has officially analyzed, measured, and verified Sebastian Steudtner’s 2021 Big Wave Award-winning ride at 86 feet, to take the new standing for the unlimited category for the men’s largest wave surfed.



Corona Open JBay – Looking Back At Jordy Smith’s 20 point heat

Corona Open JBay – Looking Back At Jordy Smith’s 20 point heat

Perfect Scores At JBay

We all know that Jordy Smith is capable of some incredible surfing. The Durban-born Capetonian won two Corona JBay Open events in 2010 and 2011. He has also been world title runner up twice, in 2010 and 2016. 

Yet, in 2017, he surfed a 20-point heat at JBay. Poor Italian surfer Leo Fioravanti had no chance. 

If ever there is an opportunity to score perfect 10-point-rides, Supertubes in JBay is the place. It might not be a perfect 10 point tube ride like Pipeline or Teahupo’o, but it allows for high-performance 10-point rides. 

Ten-point rides are rare, and twenty points are rarer. 

We spoke to Jordy in 2017.

Your first ten was incredible, but that second ten. Did you feel like you did everything possible on that wave?

That last floater was a big section and a big move. I already had done so much on the wave. That wave had me a bit stumped. I don’t know what else I could have done on that wave. When I made the floater, I thought it might be another 10.

Some people say that J-Bay is a complicated wave, that it’s a great wave to surf, but a complex wave to surf well. 

Well, the thing is that when you get a good one and you surf it well, it’s magnified, you know? So when you do a big carve or a power turn or get a good barrel, it looks so good at Supers. The problem is that it works both ways. If you do a poor favour, it also gets magnified. So if you bog a rail or something on a perfect wave at Supers, it looks terrible.

Full interview here:

Incredible 20-point video here:


Kouga Business Forum Launch

Kouga Business Forum Launch

Last week Thursday saw a well-attended Kouga Business Forum launch at The Links. With the rain starting to come down, there was an air of optimism at The Links. This, combined with several very positive speeches and some delicious snacks from the Links kitchen, made for a beautiful evening full of information, ideas and inspiration.

The Kouga Business Forum (KBF) is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Kouga region. It has organised itself into 10 industries: Tourism, Agriculture, Ocean and Water, Green and Alternative Energy, Real Estate and Development, Manufacturing and Construction, Transport and Automotive, Trade (Wholesale and Retail) and Finance, Emerging and SMME’s, Health and Education.

Other industries could be included later, but these are the industries that were listed as part of the launch.

Kouga Business Forum Chairperson Dries Du Preez introduced the KBF to the audience. Dries outlined some ideas and thoughts about the way forward with the KBF.

Wayne Furphy spoke after Dries, and he outlined some upcoming key events and opportunities for local businesses. St Francis Bay has several very exciting events this year. However, they all could do with the collaboration of local enterprises to possibly improve these events and increase their value to organisers, contestants, and the local community.

He was followed by several speakers, including Jeff Clause from The Links, who spoke about the PGA tournament held at The Links. He was followed by Kimon Augoustatos, the organiser behind Concours sur Mesure, Craig Northwood from the Wine On Water Festival, and Nevil Hulett.

The speeches and talks were followed by some drinks and snacks and some serious networking, with business owners and event organisers getting to know each other and opening to synergistic ideas and collaborations for the upcoming events season.

The KBF aims to strengthen our local business community and improve our communication, coordination and sharing of the benefits of business opportunities.

St Francis KBF has developed a plan around our events that will be an enriching experience for visitors to the area and benefit the local businesses with various opportunities.

The KBF is on a membership drive and would like to invite individuals or business owners to join. For individuals or businesses with 5 or fewer employees, it is R630/annum. For those businesses with 6 and more employees, it costs R1260/annum.

For any enquiries or for membership, please contact Leilani Coetzee at 084 681 3702 or at