Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Paint like a Pro: Some tips

Prepare your substrate properly. We can’t stress the importance of this step enough. Cracks, peeling or flaking areas must be sanded, scraped or smoothed prior to applying

new primer and paint. Otherwise, the thicker, heavier new coat will end up pulling the old paint off the wall and you’ll have wasted the money you spent on your new paint as well as your time.

Protect surfaces. Time spent covering furniture, cornices, door handles or other areas you don’t want to be painted is time well spent. Plastic sheets, drop cloths and plastic packets are your friends. Remember to remove light switch covers, as well.

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Be mindful of the climate. Humidity is no one’s friend, especially when painting. If you live in a province like Durban, you’ll need to be extra mindful of when you get started. Of course, you don’t always have a choice. If you need to paint during a humid period, be sure to take it slow. Make use of slow-drying paint so that you can correct any errors before your next coat. Just make sure you don’t lay down too many coats or the finished surface will look sloppy.

Buy quality tools. High-quality utensils make all the difference. If you’re buying high-quality paint, don’t cut costs with your brushes and rollers, lest you end up using more paint than you need by re-applying. Good painter’s tape is another essential you can’t forget!

Analyse your surface and know how much paint you’ll need to coat your roller with. Heavily textured walls like concrete will require more paint on your roller, while smoother walls with little texture will end up appearing as though you’ve created a texture you don’t want if you use too much. A clean and smooth surface will benefit from a paint-primer product, but a separate primer and paint are always the best bet. Use bonding primers for surfaces like glass or previously high-gloss areas.

Work your way down. Apply paint from the ceiling downward. You can always tell a surface is painted by an amateur by the drip marks, splatters and inconsistent strokes. Paint over your mistakes as you work your way down. Leave an area alone once it’s started to dry, otherwise, you’ll end up with unsightly marks and colour streaks.

– Marsha

Local Pam Golding Office Sets A R10,000 Paddle Challenge

Local Pam Golding Office Sets A R10,000 Paddle Challenge

Richard Arderne congratulating Hank on 19 July 2018, after he set the new and still current world record.

© Sandy Coffey


The local Pam Golding office has decided that the first paddler who breaks Hank McGregor’s amazing record of 39min 00secs will win a bottle of Pam Golding red wine … and R10,000.

The St Francis Paddling Club members were blown away that evening when their long-standing record was shattered by nearly 2.5min! Not only the singles record, but he also bettered the doubles record! It was dark, he was on his own on a unfamiliar and winding course, but paddled at over 15km/h for 10km! It was a perfect evening, but the tide was only halfway in, so all the more remarkable.

But now that Jasper Mocke is almost local (living in JBay),  it might be time to break the 39min barrier! (he paddled a 19min 35sec 5km a few days ago!)

R10,000 is definitely not sufficient reward for the training required to paddle at that superhuman speed for 10km, so the Pam Golding office is hoping other sponsors will add to this amount.

Obviously there are strings attached! We would like the winner to pass on some of their magic to us by giving the paddling club a talk one evening after our Wednesday time trial and also give our academy paddlers some tips.

Top paddlers motivate us to keep fit .. they are role models and deserve recognition.

It is hoped that one of our club members will take the prize, with former world champ Jasper Mocke being the most likely but maybe Phil Smith or Riccardo Talevi

But the challenge is open to any paddler (without an engine!)

Tool Time with Buildit St Francis – Painting Hacks To Save You Money

Tool Time with Buildit St Francis – Painting Hacks To Save You Money


Painting hacks that will save you money

Before you paint a wall, it is essential to prep the surface. This could save you an extra coat or two of paint and ensure your paint job lasts longer because your paint won’t peel or lift.

Previously painted walls: Sand down any bumps and clean with sugar soap. Sponge the sugar soap off the wall with water and leave to dry.

Newly plastered walls: must be thoroughly clean and in sound condition before painting. Ensure the plaster is dry before you start painting and sand any imperfections. For Concrete/cement plaster/Asbestos/Fibre Cement/Rhinolite-plastered walls, apply one coat of Build It Water-based Plaster Primer followed by the desired topcoat. The plaster primer is crucial as it helps seal the plaster and is alkaline resistant, which will help your paint stick to the wall and not peel off. Wait for the plaster primer to dry before you apply your topcoat.

Choose the right paint for the job.

Paint sheen refers to how shiny or matt paint looks when dry. There are five basic sheens:

Matt paint, also known as flat, is the standard for most walls as it has a velvety texture and the least amount of sheen. This hides imperfections well, and the painted surface creates very little glare. However, walls with this finish can be challenging to wash.

Eggshell paint has a moderate amount of sheen, hiding imperfections and producing relatively little glare. This durable paint is also washable and is the best choice for walls in high-trafficked areas such as your living room or bathroom.

Satin paint is slightly glossier than eggshell. Some manufacturers offer satin in place of eggshell, while others offer both.

Semi-gloss paint is used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and similar areas that need the excellent washability and the moisture-resistance of glossier paint.

Gloss paint is traditionally used on trim, doors, and cabinets because of its durability and easy-to-wash surface. Its high-gloss finish also reflects a lot of light, making small but detailed elements pop with colour.

Some parts of your home are subject to more wear and tear than others. Areas like kitchens and bathrooms need more hard-wearing paint. Remember that glossier (shiny) paints are more hard-wearing and easier to clean. While matt paints are better at hiding imperfections, they are not as easy to clean or as hard-wearing.

Make your paint go further: 

Dip the brush into the paint halfway up the bristles. Gently tap excess paint into the tin instead of wiping it on the side of the paint tin. That way, you waste less paint.

Build it stocks a wide range of competitively priced quality paints. We can also mix the colour of your choice.