Sporting Codes Get Set For The Kouga Mayor’s Cup

Sporting Codes Get Set For The Kouga Mayor’s Cup

KOUGA Municipality is set to start June on a sporting high, with more than ten disciplines set to participate in the annual Mayor’s Cup tournament – returning after two years due to COVID-19.

The tournament will take place over two months, from June to July 2022, under the theme “Shaping the Future”.

“The tournament would once again see the region’s top soccer, rugby, netball, golf, cricket players competing for top honours,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“Seven new sports have been added to the mix – bowling, chess, touch rugby, athletics, tennis, skateboard, and gymnastics.”

“We are very excited that we have been able to include more sporting codes in the Mayor’s Cup this year.”

And it is hoped to add even more.

Hendricks said the aim of the tournament was not only to facilitate and promote sport development as a whole, but also the development and growth of each and every sportsperson – whether a professional or a beginner.

not only promoting sport development as a whole, but also the development and growth of each and every sportsperson.

“It is about showing communities the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle,” he said.

“Not only is playing sport fun, but it is also a great way of achieving social cohesion and building community spirit – especially after COVID-19 has put a stop to sporting events since March 2020.”

The municipality is currently finalising the dates with the respective sporting codes, with the final event and prize-giving set to take place at Mentors Country Estate in Jeffreys Bay.

“The matches will be hosted at different venues across Kouga to allow as many communities as possible the opportunity to participate and support the programme,” said Hendricks.

“I would like to thank all the sports associations and clubs for joining with the municipality to present the Kouga Mayor’s Cup – and helping to grow the tournament.”

For more information or to be part of the tournament, contact Kouga Special Programmes Coordinator, Elvina Felix, at

Day Zero Less Than Two Weeks Away

Day Zero Less Than Two Weeks Away

KOUGA has less than two weeks of water left before the taps run dry – with Day Zero predicted for May 31.

“Residents of Kouga are currently using 18Ml of water per day, of which 12Ml will be lost at the end of the month when the dams run dry,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“Thus, leaving us with only 6Ml of water per day from our own resources.

“It is therefore important that all residents reduce their water usage to a maximum of 25l per person per day with immediate effect in a bid to push back Day Zero.”


According to Hendricks, this, however, does not mean that there will be water in the taps. Residents will either have to buy water or rely on water tap-off points.

“The municipality is in the process to install sixty 5 000l water tanks across the region that will serve as water tap-off points when Day Zero becomes a reality,” he said.

“Only a limited amount of water will be allowed per resident.

The different locations of the drop-off points will be communicated to residents over the course of the next week.

Hendricks said the municipality is, furthermore, looking at alternative measures to purify water of boreholes that will provide an extra 6.8Ml of water per day. However, the quality of the water is poor.

Mitigation Measures

“Kouga Municipality has invested more than R200 million in various water projects to reduce water demand and to minimise water losses, as well as to make available additional boreholes – this for the last three years alone,” said Hendricks.

“Some 38 viable boreholes have been connected, while more boreholes will be connected in Humansdorp, Hankey and St Francis Bay.”

He added that six water points were erected in Hankey and two in St Francis Bay, while six rainwater harvesting tanks were installed at the municipal buildings across the region.

Water-flow restrictors were, furthermore, installed at the homes of 200 high-water users and water pressure in households across the region was reduced.

According to Hendricks, the municipality has also embarked on an active Save Water Awareness Campaign since 2017, which was intensified in April 2021.

“Be smart about how you use your high-water usage household appliances,” he said. “Toilet flushing is by far the largest single use of water in a home – use greywater for your toilet. Furthermore, only run your washing machine or dishwasher if you have a full load.

“I urge all residents to reduce their water usage with immediate effect in a bid to push back Day Zero. Every one of us has a role to play in preventing Kouga’s taps from running dry. We must do all we can to save water.”

Residents can report water leaks to Kouga Municipality’s Call Centre at 042 200 200 (option 5) during office hours, or at 042 291 0250 after hours. Alternatively send a WhatsApp to 081 729 4275.

Whats On At The SUPERSPAR – Celebrate World Whisky Day With Us

Whats On At The SUPERSPAR – Celebrate World Whisky Day With Us

Tomorrow, Saturday 21 May, is World Whisky Day, and we’re celebrating at TOPS with some amazing specials.

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But first, what is World Whisky Day?


Our Specials at TOPS to celebrate World Whisky Day

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Finally, just to ease us into the World Whisky Day weekend, we think we might have found the funniest whisky advert ever. Caution, this advert contains bleeped out foul language that is quite easy to understand.

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