Notes From The Editor – Happenings, Functions and Events in St Francis Bay

Notes From The Editor – Happenings, Functions and Events in St Francis Bay

Tonight, Thursday 19 May

… the Kouga Business Forum invites business owners and operators in the St Francis area to attend the launch of the KBF in St Francis. The KBF wants to present the benefits of being a member of the organization. 

When: Tonight, Thursday 19 May 2022, at 18:30.

Venue: St Francis Links

RSVP: Leilani 084 681 3702

Tomorrow night 

… Theron & Canfield return to the St Francis Brewery with ‘you want to be there’, an evening of songs by Leonard Cohen. The show has been selling out across the country. It promises tears, cheers, and multiple encores. As one fan said, “Even if you aren’t a Leonard Cohen fan, you will be after seeing this show.” 

Friday 20/5 

Cost R120

End of the month

… The FOSTER Jol

Potjiekos & Live Bands – celebrating our green spaces

Live Bands:

West Wind

School of Rock

Lions Gate


Three different Potjies to choose from

Kids under 12: Burgers & Chips

Cash Bar

Event T-shirts are available. T-shirt selection will be visible after you have selected your tickets. 

Tickets are available here –


SFPO Association Membership Drive

The Francis Property Owners Association memberships were due for renewal from 1st October 2021. If you haven’t done so yet, please consider supporting us by becoming a member or renewing your membership.

The annual subscription for a property owner/resident is R500, or R330 for a pensioner.

The SFPO membership runs concurrently with its financial year – from 1st October to 30th September annually.

Payment Options

Visit the website and submit your payment online – Association Membership – St Francis Bay Property Owners (

Or make an EFT payment direct to the bank account :

Francis Bay Residents Association
Standard Bank, Humansdorp
Code: 050015
Account No: 082499276

Please use your Erf number and surname as a reference. If you wish to make a more significant donation to the fund, please do so, it will be very well received.

Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Aesthetic Attraction To Transform Your Simple Home

As the famous quote by Andre Rieu identifies, “coming home is one of the most beautiful things”. The aesthetic, or external beauty, if you will, of a home is often what makes you fall in love with it. How the opposite colour wall brightens up a once dull room or a fresh coat of paint with beautiful complimenting curtains brings a regal look to a simple structure.

This has been synonymous with the luxury real estate market for decades. So naturally, the importance of who the interior designer or architect is has always been a deciding factor for prospective buyers. However, what’s interesting to see, and this we speculate has a lot to do with social media trends, is that many homeowners are taking ownership of their own style. 

The DIY lifestyle has become a viral sensation, with many people doing extraordinary things with a limited budget.

Social Media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest have become playgrounds for DIY homeowners taking simple and minimalistic properties and turning them into paradise. It is incredible what thrifting through a second-hand store or shopping online for used furniture can do to take your home to the next level.

It’s no wonder the hashtags #style, #home and #handmade or all in the Top 100 of the most used hashtags globally. Especially in recent times, with so many people working from home due to COVID, our homes have taken on a whole new dynamic.

The added benefit of recycling and re-using once forgotten items to bring new life to your home makes it more exciting. However, this trend has knock-on effects on how people identify value in their own homes and the perceived value of a property they are interested in buying. We have often said it. Giving your home a facelift and regularly maintaining its structure; therefore, improving its appeal does wonder when that home hits the market. 

Prospective buyers and investors want to see a home’s potential, and that perceived value translates into demand.

At Harcourts, property is our passion and exploring these modern trends and being a part of your new home project makes us jump out of bed every morning.

— Marsha


Surfing Today with Rip Curl – A Brief History Of Grajagan

Surfing Today with Rip Curl – A Brief History Of Grajagan

Squinting out of the tiny window of a small charter plane, Bob Laverty and Bill Boyum, two American surfers and friends, saw an endless left peeling down the corner of the Plunkung nature reserve in Java. Literally, on the edge of the jungle, the left disappeared from view as the plane banked toward Kuta. That vision was enough to make them determined to go back and find the endless left and all the potential it might hold.  

After gearing up in Bali, they headed out for the west Javanese coast on motorbikes, with surfboards and provisions to keep them going. They were fixated on finding the wave and witnessing if it was a rideable wave or just a tumultuous wave smashing down on dry coral, as so many waves in Indonesia often turn out to be. It was 1972, and Indonesian travel was a mission back then. 

They eventually arrived at the Javanese fishing village called Grajagan. They caught the ferry with their boards and water and rice. They slowly made their way to the shoreline of the Plengkung National Forest

they searched for days, according to legend, before finding it. They surfed it for three days from six to eight-foot when they discovered it. Then, when they were utterly exhausted, and their water had run out, they made the slow trek back to the Bukit peninsula, filled with a lifetime of secrets. 

Bill died in Bali in a freak surf accident, and it was a few years later, that his brother, Mike, decided to follow in his footsteps. So when Mike saw G-land, he immediately set about getting permission to start a surf camp in the jungle, which was the start of surf camps everywhere. 

For the nervous surfer in all of us, Java is situated in a tectonic subduction zone. This can result in earthquakes. For example, in 1994, a tidal wave hit the G-Land surf camp and flattened it. Richie Lovett and Richard Marsh were two pro surfers who were swept hundreds of meters into the jungle and survived. 

The WSL is not scared, however. They have been there before. They (the ASP) held the Quiksilver G-Land Pro three times, from 1995 to 1997. Then it was cancelled after the Indonesian violence and rioting of 1998. Finally, after the 2002 Bali bombings, it was officially off the radar. Until now, that is. 

The Quiksilver Pro G-Land /Roxy Pro G-Land will take place from May 28 to June 6. It will be a condensed version of a standard CT event as there are so many fewer surfers on tour after the mid-year cut. Rip Curl surfer Matt McGillivray from JBay is in the event, along with the perennial Jordy Smith. 


More on the event HERE