South Africans Eliminated at Boost Mobile Gold Coast Pro pres. By Rip Curl

South Africans Eliminated at Boost Mobile Gold Coast Pro pres. By Rip Curl

Matthew McGillivray (ZAF) on Day 3 of the Boost Mobile Gold Coast Pro Challenger Series event. Credit:© WSL / Shield 

COOLANGATTA, QLD / Australia (Monday, May 9, 2022) – The Boost Mobile Gold Coast Pro presented by Rip Curl, stop one of the 2022 World Surf League Challenger Series (CS), has seen a wet and drizzly day with more epic waves. Snapper Rocks has continued to deliver yet again with waves in the three-to-four foot range running down the point for surfers in the the Men’s Round of 48 and women’s Round of 32.

This event sees hungry newcomers battle with veteran Championship Tour competitors and the stakes are incredibly high for those who are trying to qualify for the 2023 world tour. For South Africa’s Matthew McGillivray who already qualified after his impressive run at the Margaret River Pro, a second-round loss is just another heat surfed and more experience gained. However, for South Africa’s other CS competitors, losing that first heat is an expensive lesson.

Joshe Faulkner (ZAF) lost agonisingly close by 0.01 points in his heat against McGillivray, Mihimana Braye (PYF) and Eduardo Motta (BRA), but the tall and flexible surfer from Jeffreys Bay certainly grabbed everyone’s attention with his confident and radical approach at Snapper Rocks.

Fellow South Africans Eli Beukes, Shane Sykes, Slade Prestwich, Max Elkington and Adin Masencamp were all eliminated in the Round of 96.

In the women’s competition, Zoe Steyn, Sarah Scott and Natasha van Greunen all lost their first round heats, while Sarah Baum (ZAF) advanced to the next round. Unfortunately, Baum was eliminated in the Round of 32 by an in form Gabriela Bryan (HAW) and Kirra Pinkerton (USA).

Big Names Come to Play at Snapper Rocks 

Jadson Andre (BRA), Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS), Nikki Van Dijk (AUS), Isabella Nichols (AUS), Conor O’Leary (AUS), Jackson Baker (AUS) and Julian Wilson (AUS) were some of the more established names that saw success on Day 3 at Snapper all finding their way into the next Round of competition.

For some, this success is all about building confidence ahead of the rest of the CT season whilst for others, it’s a fantastic opportunity to grab an early result on the Challenger Series while they look to reinstate themselves at the elite level.

Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Property News You Can Use, presented by Harcourts

Will Returning To The Office Influence City Living Demand?

Many companies adopt a hybrid model for staff coming into the office and working from home. So whether you’re working from home every other day, back at the office full time or choosing your own schedule, there is no doubt a glimmer of normality glistens on the horizon

We’ve seen a significant trend during these past two years to escape the rat race and settle in smaller, less demanding towns. It fits the COVID scenario with almost everyone being forced to work remotely, and it undeniably impacted certain regions.

Most thought the work from home approach might last longer, but we see many in the private sector expecting their staff back at the office. This has prompted many to wonder about the impact it would have on real estate.
There are two main elements to this that we should consider.

• The first one is many families who made the change and relocated to small towns on the coast or platteland made so with the understanding that the opportunity to work remotely will remain beyond the pandemic. Arrangements have been made, and companies are more open to the idea that productivity is sustained. Therefore, we do not see a significant sell-off in these regions again. In fact, we think they might just be able to continue with their growth trends, mainly because our new normal might look a little different.

• Secondly, suburban areas surrounding the major metros and apartments in the CBD regions did experience fluctuations in recent times. However, primarily because of rising fuel costs and consumers being under pressure, we must remember that being closer to business districts, schools and hospitals remain a priority. And as explained earlier, with companies pushing for staff to return to the office, demand in these regions will continue to rise. As a result, it will return to levels close to those before COVID.

In the last few years, it has been difficult to narrow down on trends and predict patterns, and that is still the case. As a result, even though we seem to be moving in the right direction, some market areas remain unpredictable. As they always say, it is within these spaces where the opportunity lies.

— Marsha




Quick reacting to the Rotary Internal’s appeal for assistance with their Aid for Ukraine fund, our Interact Club got behind the cause with an ice cream sale at the school. Then, challenging St Francis Rotarians to match the funds they raised.

We happily honoured the challenge and paid over R2400.00, which the Interact Club will pay to Unicef for Children of Ukraine.
The following week, Woodridge Life Sciences teacher and Interact mentor Elsa Ross arranged a Colour Run for CANSA at the school. With the assistance of the Interact Club, members raised an excellent R17 000.00 for CANSA.
Congratulations on an outstanding effort, team!

ST FRANCIS BAY JKA  KARATE                           

ST FRANCIS BAY JKA  KARATE                           

left to right. Lollie Hlela, Joggie Mentz, Greg Renault.


Local Karate Update

At the 2022 Eastern Cape Province JKA Championships held in Port Elizabeth on Saturday, 12h March, students from St Francis Bay JKA Karate performed exceptionally well. They all won or placed in the top three in their respective sections. For many of the students, this was their first Championship. All the hard training paid off, as seen from the superb achievements. As a result, the students received their Eastern Cape Province JKA colours. As a result, they were selected to represent the Eastern Cape Province JKA team to compete in the National Championships in Johannesburg in May this year.

Students: left to right. Chen Wang, Yu Wang, Isabeau Wood, Sean Watson, Davidko Siemens


The SFB JKA KARATE DOJO under Sensei Phil is small in size and numbers, but once again through dedication and determination has produced excellent results.

The detailed results are as follows:

Joggie Mentz (Black Belt)                  1st Elite Mens Veterans KUMITE

Greg Renault (Brown Belt)                 3rd Elite Mens Veteran KUMITE

                                                           3rd Elite Mens Veteran KATA

Sabelo Nkomo (Blue Belt)                   1st Young Adult Male KATA

                                                            1st Young Adult Male KUMITE

Lollie Hlela (Blue Belt)                         2nd Youth Novice Male KATA

                                                            2nd Young Novice Male KUMITE

Yu Wang (Purple Belt)                        2nd Junior Boys KATA

                                                            2nd Junior Boys KUMITE

Sean Watson (Blue Belt)                    2nd Junior Novice Boys KATA

                                                            2nd Junior Novice Boys KUMITE

Davidko Siemens (Yellow Belt)           1st Junior Novice Boys KATA

                                                            2nd Junior Novice Boys KUMITE

Isabeau Wood (Yellow Belt)              1st Junior Novice Girls KATA

                                                            1st Junior Novice Girls KUMITE

For information on Karate training contact Sensei Phil (6th Dan) 082 448 3898, or