Property News You Can Use – Presented By Harcourts

Property News You Can Use – Presented By Harcourts

What’s in store for 2022

  • With the first quarter of 2022 behind us, we look back with a smile. The year started with a ‘bang’, and the property industry prospered. Sales were at an all-time high, and the sheer positive energy and interest in the market were just incredible to experience.
  • The market has undoubtedly quietened down. Contributing factors can be recent increases in the interest rates, and stock levels are at an all-time low. 
  • We can expect an increase in demand for smaller properties, specifically in gated estates or sectional titles, due to the tightening of the belt when it comes to household savings. 
  • While certain areas – mainly in large urban centres like Cape Town and Johannesburg – have done well during the past year, the overall consensus is that property price growth has gradually slowed down over the past seven months. This slowing is undoubtedly a result of the lagging impact of a weakening in economic development and possibly the effect of the interest rate hiking cycle.
  • Regardless of what the economy is doing, people still need a place to live so that demand will continue, mainly below the R3 million price range.
  • The higher end of the market is definitely struggling everywhere.

Property hot spots around the country

  • Due mainly to the increased security offered in gated estates and sectional title developments, these properties are increasingly in demand – from the lowest price bracket to high-end estates. The most attractive selling points are the easy secured living, whether families or single, and the benefits of overall maintenance of properties. 
  • The Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (STSMA) and Community Services Ombuds Service Act (CSOSA) drive much-needed reform in terms of the financial and physical management of sectional title schemes, making these properties even more attractive.

Further Interest Rate Hikes?

  • South Africa is undoubtedly in a difficult position in terms of our economy. Much needs to be changed for the economy to strengthen. 
  • The Rand remains volatile, Eskom with continued load shedding, our political instability and continued corruption, the recent floods and disasters all add to our economy that is under so much pressure. Taking all of this into account, the one certainty we have is to expect further interest rate increases for the remainder of 2022. 

Property Advice for the remainder of the year

  • Buyers: Our recommendation to buyers is to do your homework – know the area you’re looking at and the range of property prices and get mortgage pre-approval. 
  • Always work with reputable, qualified estate agents who can demonstrate their area knowledge and give expert advice and assistance.
  • If possible, Sellers pay off your home loan or at least pay more money into it every month as a buffer against future rate increases, interest rate hikes, and any unforeseen circumstances.
  • 2022, much like 2021, will have its ups and downs, but everyone needs a place to live, so the property market will continue to be active.
  • It’s up to sellers and buyers to do their homework, get advice from property experts and make the most intelligent choices.

Trends likely to continue

  • With economic conditions projected to remain challenging for the foreseeable future, it is the view that these trends are likely to continue. 
  • This is a challenge and an opportunity for the property industry. South Africans have historically been attracted to the idea of large properties. 
  • For the Developer/s, it certainly is time to focus on building smaller, lower-priced properties with the ‘lack of size’ to compensate for convenience, location, or innovative design. This may prove a rewarding avenue for industry players to pursue.

By Marsha


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Easy peasy

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Pantry staples 

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  • A sprinkle of salt *optional 
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Easy peasy

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