Cape Town Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley Releases His Surf Movie ‘Over The Edge.’

Cape Town Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley Releases His Surf Movie ‘Over The Edge.’

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Tuesday 19 October 2021


Cape Town Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley Releases His Surf Movie ‘Over The Edge.’




Kommetjie, Cape Town – Matt Bromley, a globally respected and revered big wave surfer, has released his surf movie Over The Edge. The film, a 54-minute documentary, tells the tale of just how Bromley became one of the best and most passionate big wave surfers in the world. Over the Edge follows Matt’s two-year journey expanding the boundaries of his mental and physical ability through his surfing. 

Bromley has been chasing big waves for many years, jumping between Hawaii, California, Indonesia, South Africa, and Ireland. All to find the biggest waves he can find and push himself over the edge to catch and ride these behemoths. 

Much of the movie focuses on Jaws, the big wave spot on Maui in Hawaii. “Jaws is the pinnacle of big wave surfing, and it has also been the pinnacle of my big wave career,” said Monster Energy rider Bromley. “It also includes the session I had at maxing Nias.” Bromley was surfing Sorake Beach on Nias Island in Indonesia when some of the biggest waves ever seen there exploded over the famous horseshoe-shaped reef.


Matt Bromley, Jaws/Pe’ahi, Maui, Hawaii.   © Framegrab.


The movie covers the drama of travelling through a COVID-ravaged world, and Bromley’s wife having a baby, all while he was in pursuit of that one bomb wave at Jaws.

The unassuming Bromley is quick to point out that he is not simply some surfer filled with bravado but an analytical thinker. Bromley is someone who plans his big wave sessions carefully, including complex physical training as part of his planning. 

“The more physically prepared you are, the more confident you are,” says Matt. He laughs at the cliché of big wave surfers being reckless cowboys. Instead, he adopts a highly analytical approach to chasing big waves, both in and out of the water.


Over The Edge Trailer

“When I see a swell building on the charts, I try to break down and analyse every single element of the swell. Are the waves going to be increasing or decreasing on the day? What are the dangers at the spot I’ve got my sights on? What are my lineups going to be? Is my equipment ready? I try to visualise the exact conditions that there are likely to be on the day and prepare accordingly.”

Eliminating as many variables as possible allows you to take control of the situation, says Matt. Or, at least, as much control as you can have in amongst 50-foot seas.

The movie is available here –

Matt Bromley, Sorake Beach © Ted Grambeau

Notes From The Editor

Notes From The Editor

Notes From The Editor

20 October 2021

The point of my Notes From The Editor column is to simply remind everyone of good things happening in our area. Reading all the negative stuff is not hard to do, but we need to remind ourselves that there is also much positive stuff. 

Style Eyes

As our village grows, so the need for certain services increases as well. Having said that, a new optometrist is setting up in the village. Her name is Margaretha De Bruin, her practice is Blink Optometrists Inc – – and their new premises will be where the St Francis Post Office used to be. So if your eyes are tired, or if you need your eyes checked, new reading glasses or some funky new shades, Blink will be opening on 1 December. 

St Francis College

After those long and bleak months of hard lockdown and Zoom teaching, St Francis College has bounced back, and the word is that many of the younger classes are now full, and some of the grades have a waiting list. Many younger families moving to the area and looking for local education has seen the College grow rapidly. All looks set for a bumper 2022. It has been a hard slog at the school for a while now – I have two kids there – but acting headmaster Barry Phillips has held the line, and now the school will reap the rewards. Well done to Barry and the board. Your hard work is noted and appreciated. 

Summer Vibes

After a bit of a sluggish start, holiday rentals have just gone mad, and there is now a drought of rental stock. It seems everyone is coming to St Francis this year, and not everyone has a place to stay. So there will be a deluge of people. This is excellent news for local businesses, as it has been challenging for many. Hats off to those businesses that have gone the distance and stayed afloat, and good luck to all new ventures as it seems there could be some boom times ahead, and everyone loves a bit of boom time.