Notes From The Editor

Well, that makes it a week and a bit of St Francis Today 2.0 and so far it seemed to be going swimmingly. Until Wednesday morning, that is. I woke up to get going with the daily updates, only to be well and truly locked out of the site. This was followed by a few urgent and somewhat terse Whatsapps to Colin at 5 am, and luckily he is also a morning person and was already up.

The site was down, on the first day I was prepped to do the newsletter run by myself. Some incompatibilities between my Macbook (Apple For Life!) and Colin’s sulking Pleistocene-Age laptop, combined with two load-shedding periods in one day, and we had a website that didn’t want to be woken up, and couldn’t care less about our deadlines. After some brief exasperation, it was decided to leave the newsletter for the day, and Colin was going to try and open up the website.

It took a few hours, and we were up again, but the moment had gone, and we stuck to our guns. So this is yesterday’s newsletter, with today’s news. Hope everyone is well, and thanks for those emails of concern.

As mentioned before, Colin isn’t going anywhere, thank goodness, and he will be in the mix for a long time to come, like when I accidentally forget to save a page, or when the website doesn’t want to talk to my Macbook like yesterday. These things happen, and Colin has a sharp eye for the details.

Looking forward, we have Movember, and this year it is being run by Rotary in our town. We have the new-look FOSTER website, and we have a new pub and a new restaurant opening in the village soon. More about that later. We also have our Grade 12 Learners going into their final examinations at various schools across the country. Good luck all, you’re on the home stretch of your school career, and Billy’s Beach is just around the corner.

We also had Dirk Ellis and Clint Hempel finishing the Fish River Canoe Marathon this past Saturday, having swum the last few kilometres from Cradock Weir, where they finally broke their canoe in half!

Dirk and Clint and their broken canoe.

Phil Smith won the singles (although it is mainly a doubles race), and Pete King completed yet another successful race, this time in a K3. Well done legends!

Thanks for the support thus far. It has been great. Feel free to hit us up with ideas, pitches, photo entries for the new Photo Of The Day column, and even just to say hello and tell us what’s really going on.




Photo Of The Day Wednesday 13 October

Cape St Francis resident Robin Moulang caught this unusual image of a seagull looking down on him in the water. “I was trying to get a perspective of what it’s like being something in the water that a bird is hunting while it flies above,” said Robin. His camera was half underwater and half above, explaining the different focus points. See more of his work on Instagram on

Photo Of The Day will be a regular post going forward, and if anyone wants to send in their images for possibly getting published in St Francis Today, please send them to