St Francis Property Owners Association 2021/2022 Annual Memberships

St Francis Property Owners Association memberships are due for renewal from 1st October 2021. If you haven’t done so yet, please consider supporting us by becoming a member or renewing your membership.

The annual subscription for a property owner/resident is R500, or R330 for a pensioner.

The SFPO membership runs concurrently with its financial year – from 1st October to 30th September annually.

Payment Options

Visit the website and submit your payment online – Association Membership – St Francis Bay Property Owners (

Or make an EFT payment direct to the bank account :

Francis Bay Residents Association
Standard Bank, Humansdorp
Code: 050015
Account No: 082499276

Please use your Erf number and surname as reference. If you wish to make a more significant donation to the fund, please do so, it will be very well received.

St Francis Bay Representing at the 24th Sea Harvest SA Junior Surfing Champs.

JBay: The country’s most prestigious annual surfing event for competitors aged 18 and under, the 2021 Sea Harvest SA Junior Surfing Championships presented by SMTH Shapes, gets underway today in the famous high-performance waves of the Lower Point in Jeffreys Bay this Friday, October 1st and runs until Tuesday, October 5th.

The 24th edition of the South African Junior Championships will showcase the top young surfers from every corner of the coastline.

At stake are individual national titles for Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 boys and girls, along with the coveted Freedom Cup. This trophy was introduced in 2003 and is awarded to the District whose team members accumulate the highest points tally across all age divisions.

Representing from St Francis Bay is Franki Dace, Chloe Atkinson, Rory and Joel Dace, Rylan Jarvis, Jack Erlank and Makai Kabot. 

Rory Dace

Rylan Jarvis © Gumby









In addition to the Freedom Cup and individual titles, there are several specialty awards up for grabs. These include the Loud and Proud Team Spirit award, awarded to the team with the most spirit at the event. A male and female Surfer of the Contest will also be announced at the Award Ceremony on Tuesday, October 5th.

A spokesperson for Surfing South Africa said, “The Sea Harvest Junior Championships is the most significant annual surfing tournament for South Africa’s Under 18, Under 16, Under 14 and Under 12 surfers. Surfing South Africa is stoked that it is taking place at Lower Point in J-Bay for the seventh year and is especially proud to be partnering with Sea Harvest.  

In addition, we are stoked to welcome SMTH Shapes as the presenting sponsor for the event. Furthermore, we are delighted that legendary surfboard shaper Graham Smith and his son, WSL CT surfer Jordy, have linked their brand to this important event. 

We are also grateful for the support received from the Kouga Municipality and the Department of Sport Arts and Culture”.

Liveheats will provide up to the second heat scores to all mobile devices as they are determined by the judges every day of the event. To access this information, go to either and click on the Liveheats box or go directly to Heat results are updated on this platform as they are completed.





BACKBOARD . . . rip current . . . swim . . . first aid . . . paddle . . . buoy and warning flags – all in day’s work, no matter the weather.

Some 22 dedicated and hard-working young residents from Kouga between the ages of 16 and 30 have received their prestigious Lifeguard Award certificate from Lifesaving SA, a globally recognised qualification, on Wednesday, September 22.

Apart from cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and water rescue skills, they have been trained in anatomy and physiology, as well as site specific emergency care and the general duties and scanning skills of a lifeguard.

Two more lifeguards received their Lifeguard Qualifying Award certificate on the day, enabling them to perform similar duties, except for water rescue skills.

The training was conducted free of charge by Kouga Municipality’s senior lifeguards and swimming instructors.

To date, the municipality trained over 40 qualified lifeguards.

“The initiative was launched to increase the pool of locally-bred lifeguards and to create seasonal employment opportunities for the youth,” said Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor, Daniel Benson.

“We would like to have lifeguards whose skills and discipline are known locally and who are within easy reach.”

He said one of the requirements to earn the certificate is a 200m run, followed by a 400m swim and another 200m run in under 10 minutes.


Local lifeguards Angelo Faulkner (second from left) and Nomfanelo Mbhele (second from right) receive their certificates from (from left) Zweli Mafutha (Kouga Senior Lifeguard), Hennie van Rooyen (Kouga Divisional Commander Fire Prevention, Safety and Training), Daniel Benson (Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor), Dewald Barnard (Kouga Chief Fire Officer), and Paul Makupula (Kouga Senior Lifeguard).


St Francis Runners Fun Run 2021

St Francis Runners Fun Run 2021

The St Francis Runners hold a half marathon every year. Called the Nautical Half, it was postponed again this year. COVID regulations don’t allow for setting up water stations and other procedures essential for running a half-marathon.

Instead, the club held a Fun Run on Sunday 26 September, from The Quays to the Seal Point Lighthouse and back, along a beautiful route consisting of road, beach, nature reserve and gravel. 

It was a glorious day, and there was a good turn-out for the fun run. Some took it quite seriously, while others were most definitely there for the ‘fun’ part of the Fun Run. They were chatting along the way, walking and running, and generally taking it easy. 

A full marathon is 42 km (42,195 to be exact) with a great backstory.

The origin of the Marathon.

In the year 490 B.C., Miltiade, a Greek general from Athens, inflicted a solid defeat on the Persians in the plains of Marathon, a tiny village in the northwest of Athens. To convey the news of the victory, a Greek soldier, Phidippides, ran at pace from the battlefield to Athens. After delivering the news, he collapsed and died. It is assumed that the distance old Phiddy ran was about 42 km because that is the distance between Marathon and Athens. Why it was declared to be precisely 42,195km is anyone’s guess because no one will ever know the exact route that Phiddy took.

So a half-marathon is therefore rounded off to 21,1 km. 

It really was a lovely day for a stroll. While some were going for their personal best times (PB’s), some were just trying to finish, and others were doing a relay of 5km each. It all culminated in a few quiet drinks at The Quays afterwards. Drinking beer in the morning is absolutely socially accepted the world over if you’ve just finished a marathon or half-marathon.

Photos by Clive Wright.


Notes From The New Editor

Notes From The New Editor

Notes From The New Editor

They call these things ‘soft launches’. Colin Watt has worked very hard at building the St Francis Today machine over the last few years. However, it has several nuances and idiosyncrasies that I still need to learn before we’re ready to go full tilt. 

And I say ‘we’, because Colin is still here, patiently teaching me the ropes and showing me his tricks and tips.

Colin, by the way, will still have an involvement with St Francis Today going forward. Whether he is writing a local story, helping with an advert design or just advising along the way, he is still here.

Thank goodness, as he has left some huge shoes to fill, and I think some gentle steering from his side will definitely help me get the hang of St Francis Today.

So as we slowly ease ourselves into St Francis Today 2.0, there might be a few bumps and glitches along the way, but they won’t be there for long, and things will soon be smooth sailing again.

There is so much going on in St Francis Bay at the moment. New business ventures are opening up all the time, and there are still so many more people moving here. With this comes a loss of how the old village used to operate, with its quiet pace and lack of people and traffic. However, it also introduces excellent new services and retail experiences and wonderful restaurants and more.

Our sports clubs are thriving, and there is always so much to do. St Francis. Our aim at St Francis Today is to place more local content into the mix, and we will be covering as much as we can with regards to local events and happenings, as well as covering local residents doing great things out there in the world.

St Francis Bay has a genuine air of positivity about it at the moment. We are on the brink of great things that are about to happen to our village and surrounding areas, and there is a strong sense of community.

As community members, we should all try and be a part of the solutions needed in our village, and contribute nothing but positivity to the mix. 

Craig Jarvis


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