Building-plan amnesty extended to December

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KOUGA homeowners have been granted a further six months to apply for amnesty from fines and penalties payable for incomplete or incorrect building plans.

The extension was approved by the Kouga Council at a virtual meeting on Friday, May 28 after taking into consideration the effect the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown had on the submission of plans and other operations.

Kouga Planning and Development Portfolio Chairman, Alderman Ben Rheeder, said the amnesty period had originally been approved for the period January 2019 to June 2020, after which it had been extended for another year from June 2020 to June 2021.

“The resolution will take the closing date for applications until December 2021 and follows on numerous requests from industry professionals and residents for an extension,” he said.

According to Rheeder, close to R1 021 000 in fines and penalties had been waived since the start of the amnesty period in January 2019.

“The waiver of penalties would not have a negative effect on the income stream of the municipality due to the new number of applications received and the adjustment of the value of the property to counter the loss in the long term,” he said.

Rheeder said the purpose of the amnesty period was to give homeowners the opportunity to ensure their properties complied with the National Building Regulations.

“The non-compliance is not always the fault of the current property owner, hence Council’s decision to declare and extend the amnesty period,” he explained. “In some instances, previous owners built, extended or altered their properties without building plans having been submitted or approved.

“There are various reasons for this, including architects and draughtsman not always returning building plans to the municipality for final approval.

“There are also properties that are in use despite not having occupation certificates as the final building inspections were never concluded.”

Rheeder said property owners in this position would typically be fined in terms of the National Building Regulations and municipal standard application fees. “It is these fines and penalties that will be waived during the amnesty period. The normal application approval fees will, however, still be applicable and payable.

“We would also like to emphasise that the amnesty period must not be construed as a relaxation of any standards, regulations or legislation. It is simply an attempt to legalise illegal structures within the municipal area in accordance with the relevant legislation.

“Building plans must still comply with all relevant regulations, both national and municipal.”

Rheeder cautioned that building plans for unuathorised structures submitted through this process would also be subject to inspections by the municipality’s Building Control section. Any structures that do not comply with the required standards will not be approved until such a time as the necessary corrections have been done.

“Each case will be dealt with on merit and the municipality remains the final decision-maker,” he said.

All submissions for exemptions must be put in writing and emailed to the Department of Planning and Development at or

St Francis to boast new modern estate 

Homested Development St Francis Bay

Homestead Views Security Estate2: The estate offers a variety of turnkey full title units that are meticulously designed for contemporary modern living.

ONGOING multi-million Rand investments in Kouga has seen the launch of a new modern and secure lifestyle estate in St Francis Bay last week Friday – raising the profile of the region.

Developed by Ntaba Holdings, the new Homestead Views Security Estate –

located on the outskirts of St Francis overlooking the town with spectacular sea views – will offer a variety of turnkey sectional and full title units that are meticulously designed for contemporary living.

Construction of the internal services are scheduled to start in the next three to four months.

Designed and built in the traditional St Francis Bay style, the estate will consist of 59 full title units and 40 sectional title units, ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom houses and apartments. There is also an option between single and double storey homes.

According to Ntaba Holdings Marketing Director, Kevin Penney, 16 full title and sectional title units have already been sold, respectively.

“The different units will boast energy-saving features such as gas hobs, LED-lighting, and rainwater harvesting,” said Penney. “The estate will be access-controlled and secured with an electrified perimeter fence, while it will feature brick-paved roads, waterborne sewage, and breathtaking north-facing views.”

Penney said that one of the brick-paved roads, Cooper Crescent, has been named in recognition of Peter and John Cooper’s contribution to the establishment of Homestead Village and in memory of John Cooper.

Future projects by Ntaba Holdings include a development in Port St Francis, as well as 240 affordable housing units in Humansdorp.

Kouga Acting Mayor, Brenton Williams, said he was excited about the large-scale development that will see St Francis Bay securing a well-deserved spot on the map as a world-class lifestyle destination for young and old.

“We are excited about these kind of projects as they bring much-needed jobs for the people of Kouga, as well as bring big investor confidence,” said Williams.

“It is one of the municipality’s most important goals to create a business-friendly environment in which economic growth can be sustained – hlping to create a safe space where people can work, live, and play.”

Homestead Development St Francis Bay

Homestead Views Security Estate3: The lifestyle estate will boost 40 turnkey sectional title units.