The greater St Francis is in the running for the coveted kykNET Kwêla Town of the Year title for 2021 – after being named one of the three semi-finalists in the Eastern Cape on Sunday, April 25, on Kwêla.

But first, they need to beat Rhodes and Komani to claim the regional title. And then only, they can compete for the kykNET Kwêla Town of the Year title.

Kwela Dorp van die Jaar finalist St Francs

The Greater St Francis Bay is in the running for the coveted kykNET Kwêla Town of the Year title for 2021 – after being named one of the three semi-finalists in the Eastern Cape on Sunday, April 25, on Kwêla. Ready to cast their vote, are (from left) Greg Miller from St Francis Property Owners, St Francis Tourism Office Manager, Hantie van der Westhuizen, Kouga Business Forum Administrator, Leilani Coetsee, and Liezl Clause from St Francis Links.

St Francis Tourism Office Manager, Hantie van der Westhuizen who is the driving force behind the entry into the competition, said they were elated to have been named one of the three Eastern Cape finalists. “We would like to thank everyone who nominated the town,” she said.

Van der Westhuizen encourages all residents – local and national – to throw their weight behind St Francis.

“Let’s take hands and ensure that St Francis is the Eastern Cape winner of the competition,” she said.

“This is a beautiful part of the Kouga – and the world – with lots to do and see for visitors. It boasts a beautiful canal system surrounded by picturesque houses in a uniform building style – black roofs and white walls – while the century old Seal Point Lighthouse can be found among the fynbos and wild waves in Cape St Francis.

“Port St Francis, South Africa’s only private working harbour, is situated in St Francis Bay and home to the squid industry. The squid, locally referred to as chokka, is mainly exported to Europe.

“Not to forget the ancient fish traps in Oyster Bay. You will have to ask a local where to find it.”

According to Van der Westhuizen, a variety of coffee shops, artisan cafes and restaurants will satisfy everyone’s taste buds, while accommodation varies from backpackers to self-catering establishments and five-star guesthouses.

Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, said the municipality has taken hand with St Francis Tourism and Kouga Business Forum to encourage as many people as possible to vote for St Francis.

“We would like to call on the whole of Kouga to support the Greater St Francis Bay,” he said.

“It was through a combined effort that we were able to win the title for Jeffreys Bay in 2018. Let us take hands and to the same for St Francis this year.”

The kykNET Kwêla Town of the Year competition is run through DSTV’s kykNET channel and is in its 11th year now. It is open to all towns with a population smaller than 500 000 people in South Africa.

The national winner will receive R1 million’s worth of free marketing through kykNET, while Kwêla will also host a massive celebration, featuring top artists and entertainment for the whole family in the winning town.


To vote, simply SMS the town name, St Francis, to 33157. SMSs cost R1.50 each and a maximum of 30 SMSs per cellphone will be counted.

Voting opens at 19:00 on Sunday, April 25, and closes at 12 on Friday, 30 April.

The town that receives the most SMSs, will be crowned the Eastern Cape finalist.

For more information, contact Hantie van der Westhuizen at 083 294 2211. 


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RESIDENTS and local businesses’ internet connection are set to receive a hefty shot of steroids that will make an ADSL-line look like snail mail.

Fibre coming to Kouga

Kouga Municipality, in cooperation with Metrofibre, is rolling out high speed and high reliability fibre optic cables to almost every home and business across the region – not only pioneering a digital future for all within the municipality, but also setting its goal of transforming Kouga into a Smart City in motion.

That is after they have fibred up, of course. 

Kouga Municipality, in cooperation with Metrofibre, is rolling out high speed and high reliability fibre optic cables to almost every home and business across the region – not only pioneering a digital future for all within the municipality, but also setting its goal of transforming Kouga into a Smart City in motion.

Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, said, “Internet access is becoming increasingly essential to everyone’s survival. The municipality has, therefore, been facilitating the roll-out of fibre in the region to ensure that Kouga’s people have access to world-class internet connectivity.”

According to him, the project will be rolled out in phases – starting in Jeffreys Bay (including Aton Bay, Paradise Beach, Ocean View, Tokyo Sexwale and Pellsrus), and Humansdorp. Other areas include Thornhill, Loerie, Hankey, Patensie (including Andrieskraal), St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis, and Oyster Bay.

“Residents will be informed via a letter when work will start in their area,” he said. “The work will be done with the least number of disruptions to residents. Where they can, they will tunnel under driveways.”

Hendricks recommended that residents install a fibre point during the build phase to save cost – even it they are not going to utilise it.

“It is important to note that the termination point provides the opportunity to connect to the internet as soon as an order is placed with one of the many open access providers,” he said. “If residents and business owners install fibre during the build phase, there is no charge. After the fibre is live, a service fee will be charged to have the installation done.”

He said that having a fibre point installed in your home, can make it more attractive for future potential buyers.

“Once connected, the network is expected to boost business productivity and innovation, deliver millions in economic benefits for communities and the business sector, and provide a platform for a new generation of ‘smart city’ applications,” said Hendricks. 

According to him, the municipality is, furthermore, investigating the possibility of introducing fibre as a fifth utility in Kouga. 

“The aim is to enter into a public-private partnership,” he said. “This will enable the municipality to become part of the fibre revenue stream in a time where there is a decline is traditional sources such as electricity and water do to load shedding and drought, respectively.

“Additional income generated will be ploughed back into the community.”

Local SMMEs will be used for the project, and there will be on-site skills transfer and training as the project progress.

Kouga Municipality Media Release


Quick action prevents Sea Vista shack fire spreading

St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group LogoThanks to swift action last night (27th April) by our Sea Vista volunteers who alerted the DVG to a shack fire, the Kouga Fire Services was alerted and immediately dispatched their fire truck to a shack fire in Sea Vista. By the time STDVG arrived it appeared the fire was contained by locals and the Fire Services. It appears two or three shacks burned but more seriously a local woman sustained facial wounds.

With the dry winter months ahead there is concern of potential increase in fires so let’s keep educating our people about the dangers of illegal electrical connections and home heating and cooking safety measures.

Sea Vista shack fire

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Kouga Embarks on Water Drive as Hankey Patensie Go Dry

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Kouga water mascot, Splash

Kouga Municipality, in conjunction with the Kouga Business Forum (KBF), has embarked on a much-needed water drive to aid the drought-stricken communities of Hankey and Patensie. Pictured is Kouga Youth, Sport and Recreation Coordinator, Vuyani Zana, and Kouga water mascot, Splash.

FILL up and drop off . . . all for a good cause for thousands of local households in desperate need of water.

Kouga Municipality, in conjunction with the Kouga Business Forum (KBF), has embarked on a much-needed water drive to aid the drought-stricken communities of Hankey and Patensie.

“The Kouga municipal region is in the grips of a devastating drought,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks. “The towns of Hankey and Patensie have been hit the hardest as they depend completely on the Kouga Dam for potable water.”

The level of the dam dropped to below 5% this week, with no significant rainfall predicted for the catchment area over the next few months.

“The municipality and KBF have, therefore, established various drop-off points across the region for 5-liter bottled water,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks. “We would like to encourage all residents and businesses to donate a bottle of water.

“Even just a single bottle of water will help the communities of Hankey and Patensie delay Day Zero – the day when they will run out of water.”

According to Hendricks, Day Zero is set for June 1, should no significant rain fall in the catchment area very soon.

KBF Administrator, Leilani Coetsee, said, “Water is arguably the most important commodity on the planet at the moment. As important as any metal and energy are to the planet, none of them matter without water.

“Every agricultural crop that feeds the planet needs water to grow. The energy companies cannot generate fuel without it. In fact, no living being can survive without water.

“We, as the Kouga Business Forum, are pleading to every business owner to not waste water as we are in a severe drought-stricken area. Educate your employees in ways to use water sparingly. The KBF also request that each business try and donate water to this worthy cause.”

Water rationing

In a bid to delay Day Zero for the area, water rationing has been in effect in the towns since August 2018.

“The water is shut down for six hours per day, from 09:00 to 15:00,” said Hendricks. “Residents are encouraged to make use of water from the tanks that have been installed in the area to relieve the pressure on the dam.

“The aim is to make the supply last for as long as possible.”

According to Hendricks, he knows that it has not been easy for the affected communities. “There are households in Hankey and Patensie where very little to no tap water has been available, even during the advertised hours, because the water is extracted from the pipes faster than they can fill up when the supply is turned on.

“The usage in these towns has also been above the quota, which contributes to the shortages as the Gamtoos Irrigation Board turns off the supply once the quota has been reached.”

He urged all residents and businesses to use water only when absolutely necessary, and to use as little as possible when they do. “Please limit your usage to 50l per person per day,” he said.

More information

The drop-off points for water are at Jeffreys Bay SuperSpar, Mentors Plaza in Jeffreys Bay, Fountains Mall in Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp SuperSpar, Village Square SuperSpar in St Francis Bay, Hankey Spar and Tolbos in Patensie.

For more information or to be part of the campaign, contact the Kouga Business Forum Administrator, Leilani Coetsee, at 084 681 3702.

For monetary donations – whether it is big or small, every drop count – contact the Kouga Mayor’s Office at 073 333 9989.


Kouga dame levels 21 April

Humansdorp Nets Major Sports Facility Upgrade

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CONSTRUCTION of the multi-million Rand KwaNomzamo Sports Facility upgrade in Humansdorp is in full swing – and is set to create employment opportunities for local SMMEs.

“The KwaNomzamo Sports Facility is the only multi-purpose sports facility in the Kouga region that can accommodate athletics, rugby, soccer, squash, tennis, netball, bowls, cricket and indoor sports,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks. “It, furthermore, offers ample space to practice.

“It is therefore important that the facility be upgraded to comply with the norms and standards of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSRAC), as well as to provide the community with a facility that they can be proud of.”

The R5.2 million upgrade, that commenced in March this year, will include the upgrading of the secondary match field. This will comprise new topsoil, re-grassing, and field marking.

It will also incorporate the construction of ablution facilities and the provision of an irrigation system.

Other aspects of the upgrade include the construction of an access road and parking for the secondary match field, the construction of access gates and a guard house, and the construction of a boundary wall.

According to Hendricks, the facility is more than just a venue for sport.

“It gives our youth a healthy alternative for their entertainment,” he said. “It is an alternative to all the elements that lead to crime and drug abuse.

“Sport also creates unity in our communities. The facility will once again become a place where we can come together – exercise together, laugh together and where we build a better community together.

The much-needed upgrade is expected to be completed by November this year.

Multi sport

Kouga Municipality Media Release