St Francis Bay Golf Club – Toyota Betterball 24th Feb


Yesterday’s winners in the Toyota Better Ball competition played in breezy but warm weather conditions were:

  • St Francis Bay Golf Club - Toyota Betterball1st: Wallie Coetsee & Ken Nieuwenhuizen on 43 points c/i winning R170 each

2nd: Johan Coetsee & John Sawers on 43 points c/o winning R160 each

3rd: Ken Gammie & Brian Hibbert on 42 points c/i winning R150 each

4th Simon Bennett & Peter Askew on 42 points c/o winning R140 each

5th: Mark Funston & Michael Anderson on 41points c/i winning R130 each

6th: David Kettlewell & Glan Darcy 41 points c/o winning R120 each

  • Two Club Winners. There were 8 paying out R35 each
  • Nearest to the Pin on the 8th: Poenie Holm
  • Nearest to the Pin on the 14th: Glen D’arcy
  • 3rd hole: Poenie Holm, Tony Yoell, Ken Nieuwenhuizen
  • 8th hole: Poenie Holm, Don Speirs, John Sawersm
  • 10th hole:
  • 14th hole: David Truter, Hein Nauhaus
  • 17th hole:

Best gross was Wallie Coetzee on a gross score of 70, HC +5

Voted one of South Africa’s top 100 courses, the St Francis Bay Golf Club is situated in the heart of St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, a unique coastal resort boasting two beaches, a tidal man-made canal system & a navigable river. A must to visit and play!

You can change names but you cannot change history


A rather well stated post by the Cruthmullet (Don Clark) on Facebook yesterday with reference to changing PE’s name

So now another wave of South African names, which have served the people of South Africa for hundreds of years, are about to be changed.

For what?

Let me state categorically; and this is a fact, not an opinion. You can change the name of Port Elizabeth to Mandela Bay, Verwoerd’s Folly, Gqeberha, or Thiswindisapaininthearse, and it will not FOR ONE MINUTE change the history of this country, or make the people who were marginalized by Apartheid happier, richer, or generally more content.

It will, however, have a huge negative impact on our fiscus because it takes many, many millions of Rands to effect a name change on a practical level. This is money that COULD make the people who were marginalized by Apartheid happier, richer, or generally more content if used to fix all the infrastructure that’s been broken by our useless ANC government.

Name changing is, at best, expensive symbolism in the hands of sulky historians.

But in reality, is just PETTY POLITICAL POSTURING which will serve nobody!

After all, where will it end?

Do these pedantic bureaucrats know that, many centuries ago, the entire continent was named “Africa” by none other than those pesky pink pizza-eating Romans?

So, will they change the name of the continent too?

If so, I suggest we call it Fred.



It takes years to build a brand and Port Elizabeth has done a superb job at creating the Port Elizabeth brand. All that is now lost and so they must start again spending millions on re-establishing the brand under a new name tht many will never be able to spell let alone pronounce. 

And of courst the cost. It will take  well over a year and is going to cost the government, the province and business millions that could have been far better spelt enriching the lives of the poor rather than the pockets of the Tenderpreneurs that are going to emerge from the dark like hungry cockroaches ready to steal as much as they can.