A criminal record but a free ride home?

To commit a crime can be forgiven if one shows remorse and undertakes never to commit further crimes. Crossing that fine line a second time is not a habit but an intentional act and simply cannot be excused. A third transgression and now it has become a habit and the perpetrator can now be considered a hardened criminal. In some states in the US it is ‘three strikes and you’re out’ and locked up for 15 years to life.

Well yesterday I finally became that hardened criminal. Over the past 72 years I have been fortunate enough to avoid a life of crime and thus have never been arrested or convicted. Ooops once way back in the mid-70’s I was threatened with arrest for failing to pay a speeding ticket not realizing it was in fact a summons. But the cops took pity and gae me a warning to appear in court in Grahamstown at 9:00 am the next morning so I guess that doesn’t count.

On my very latest unlawful acts I have managed to avoid arrest but if the habit persists the law of averages will kick in and my continued disregard for  the law will destroy my chances of completing ‘Bucket List’ for with a criminal record never will  I be allowed to enter Aussie or New Zealand to watch the ‘Boks triumph over our southern rivals.

Securing employment too could prove difficult although there is hope I am told of securing a seat in parliament as a MP. Another option, although that was a few years back, would have been to get a job as an operative in State Security SA. I  have it on good authority that when you were short of cash you simply could put in a request and they would give you a couple of million in cash, no questions asked

And so to my criminal acts ,all three of them.

Those who know me will attest that I enjoy a beer at 5:00 pm come rain or shine. And so with lockdown Stage 3 I was ill prepared and found myself sans beer early this week. After some deliberation and frantic phone calls I managed to secure a carry pack of ‘light beer’. Had I known it tastes about the same insipid liquid alcohol free versions I would not have risked my future with such abandonment. But the deed was done.

Now faced with a dilemma of either sitting and drinking all six beers right there and then with my savior I had to decide if I was prepared to compound my life of crime and transport liquor in my car to get it home. And so I committed my second dastardly act and drove home with the carry pack hidden under all the junk I manage to carry in my car rather than dumping it in a recycling bins. Strike #2.

Now yesterday was the most gorgeous day and as Eskom decided to cut off our electricity for the entire day  the SSA saga being played out at the Zondo Commission was not an option. What else to do?

Empty Cape St Francis Beach

Good weather, a wide open beach totally devoid of human presence should I take a risk and compound my new found courage and lawlessness and risk Police Minister Cele who maybe hiding in the sand dunes.

Now one could say I am mobility challenged for to get to the beach I have to walk with  crutches so off I stumbled on my  20 to 30 minutes to complete the journey to water’s edge. Every movement of wind in the dunes could be Cele but finally relaxed as I dipped my toes into the ocean for I was pretty certain I wasn’t facing imminent arrest. A most enjoyable dip in the water I decided to push my luck and hang about on the deserted beach a little longer plucking up the energy for the arduous journey back up the beach and home.

I delayed to walk back a lot longer than I should have probably in the hope that one of those police informer Stoep Detectives would call in my disobedience and the men in blue would pounce. Now there was certain method in hoping this would happen for those hefty cops would have to carry me off the beach saving me the pain I would endure have to get home. I doubt would have faced a few hours in the slammer and a hefty fine to say nothing of the criminal record but it would have been worth a free ride home. What the heck at 72 years old who actually cares.

Recognize Nothing is Missing

Miche Golowyn

Miche Golowyn


Introducing Miche Glowyn with a new series on Relationships. With a Masters degree in Mapping /  Positioning related  Sciences and has for passed 10 Years I been studying and training in understanding the psyche from a science, mathematical, metaphysical, and esoteric perspective

#1 in the series

Recognize Nothing is Missing

A break-up, separation or divorce is often characterised as a loss.  As result of the loss, a perceptual void arises and grief emerges as a result in the form of a range of painful emotions.  Traditional methods to overcome grief of loss of a relationship usually are ineffective and come as a result of the therapist not having a complete understanding of the psyche, and it’s connection to a wider sphere in life.  So in this series of articles I will briefly address how to tackle this problem.

Now the first thing we need to understand is that in life, anything we value is never missing.  It only transforms.  Let me say that again – NOTHING IS MISSING, there is only transformation.  Ok, great you might say, but what does that mean or look like?

Well, when we go through a break-up and we miss and yearn for that person, we don’t miss everything about them, but only the things we like or infatuate with.  Those specific aspects we miss about them do not leave our life with that person but what happens is that life will provide us all of those things through the conservation of energy principle.  The conservation of energy is one of the most fundamental laws of physics. It governs all known natural phenomena, and no violation of the law has so far been observed (Capra 2010).  And when it is applied to our sphere of awareness and influence, energy (comprising those valued qualities in our lover) is neither lost nor destroyed, but simply transformed. 

Therefore, the many various people, opportunities, including ourselves that either are already in our lives take on that quality, or new people pop into our lives to fulfill it.  We are never without those things we miss, they are simply fragmented out from the one form (our ex) to the many (multiple forms now in our life).  Try observing this in your own life.  What do you notice?

In the next article I will take the next step and explain how to dissolve these emotions that will help set you free of heartbreak and grief.


At your service in love


Bad News Sells but surely Good News should Rule!

Stephen's Scribble

I’ve always found it fascinating that there is always a primary drama playing out on the planet. No doubt there are a host of other major things going down simultaneously but I’m referring to that “one big story” that captures headlines all over the world. It’s fascinating how it gathers momentum, sustains for a period of time then ultimately peters out. So many questions …. What sustains them? Why are 99% of them awful? What causes the story to finally come to an end? Does it even come to an end? Any why, when it apparently does, immediately, without fail another equally ghastly one appears?

We are all aware that we find ourselves in a pandemic which is indeed a MAJOR story …. but, and here’s the scary part … what other major happenings are unfolding “behind the scenes” and not even getting reported? North Korea, China, the war on terror, Brexit, global warming, the global financial crisis, genocide in Africa, deforestation, human rights violations, the fight for space, GM food, animal rights, fossil fuel exploitation, water shortages, the plight of our oceans et etc. The list is endless but sadly all these other issues seem to be on the back burner now. Undoubtedly, here’s still a LOT going down but our attention has yet again been diverted to that one big story. Feeling better about things? Somehow I very much doubt it.

Like vultures to a kill us humans seem to be drawn to stories that scare the living daylights out of us. It’s kinda weird. I’m going to tack out of this shitstorm, it’s not my intention to exacerbate the fear. Quite to the contrary, the purpose of this article is more about how to help manage that fear. Every one of these things I’ve mentioned don’t exactly evoke that ‘feel good’ feeling do they? That is pretty much how it is with so many news stories. Nonetheless there is a HUGE amount of fantastic stuff going on as well. It is important to acknowledge HOW the information we receive, affects us in our daily lives. We still have a choice on what we receive (and share), yet are we exercising it consciously?

By way of an example, a great friend of mine became addicted (by his own admission) to the plight of the Republicans, “Trump hopeism” and how the American election was stolen. It literally consumed him for well over 6 months. Now because he was so passionate about his cause, he shared his views far and wide. I’ll be honest, at times I got sucked into the drama of his story getting all riled up over things. That didn’t always serve me well. It was nonetheless highly educational and taught me fantastic lesson regarding my own compass and navigating my own course.

Spreading fear and influencing other people negatively can be done without one even realising. It’s very easy to do, in fact it happens all the time, right here in sleepy St Francis. There is a lot of not very good things going on at the moment, we are all well aware of that. Nonetheless we should try and not play into tragedy and a doom and gloom scenario too much. It is important to create a balance. From time to time go and read a story or two from “South Africa the good news” or “The good things guy”, it’s amazing how it can lift ones mood. Pick up an inspirational book or delve into a new hobby. Get out more, honour your body with healthy food and exercise. There is so much to be grateful for, it’s a wonderful feeling to acknowledge our many many blessings. Shifting ones attention makes for an interesting positive thing to share with friends. Starting a sentence by saying “Isn’t it just wonderful” as against “It’s just awful” is going to evoke two very different emotions in the person who is listening to you.

Believe it or not, this Covid story will eventually no longer be in the headlines. Yes, I have every expectation that it will be followed by yet another harrowing one but that doesn’t detract from the fact that for every sad story there’s a happy one (albeit that many remain unwritten). Here’s to you continuing weave positive stories in your life …….. Have an awesome day.

Stephen Praetorius

Now watch and listen to what Charles Groenhuijsen has to say on the subject


Kouga region sees a decline in Covid cases


There has been a steady decline in the number of active Covid-19 cases in the Kouga region.
Active COVID-19 cases totalled 57 on 26 January, according to the latest report from the Department of Health. This is a decrease of 14 active cases compared to 23 January when there were 71 active cases.
No new COVID-19 related deaths were recorded during this period, with the total number of deaths remaining at 106.
The breakdown per town, as at 26 January, was as follows: Jeffreys Bay 18, Humansdorp 26, Patensie 6, St Francis 2, Hankey 1, Oyster Bay 2, Thornhill 2 and Loerie 0.
The cumulative total stood at 5 298, including 5 135 recoveries.

Renewing a Firearm License?

If you complied with the first Fire Arm Amnesty a good few years ago your Green License ( No Expiry Date ) was replace by a new License ( With Expiry Date ). For Gun Owners who still have Green Licenses or New Licenses that have expired there is a revised Weapons Amnesty; you have until the end of this month to reapply.

If you fail to submit your application you will be arrested and charged for being in possession of an unlicensed Fire Arm with severe legal consequences. When you do submit your Re-application you are compelled by law to surrender your Fire Arm which will be returned should you be successful with your re-application, this can take up to a year.

What you need to know is if you failed to renew a License on the given date you are seen to be irresponsible and therefore not worthy of owning a Fire Arm, the Fire Arm then becomes state property and is then said to be destroyed.

I have just been through this processes as my Fire Arm License has expired, my main concern was the value of the weapon if handed in at the SAP and scrapped, you will not receive any compensation regardless of its value.

What you are not told is handing your weapon in to a Gun Dealer who de-registers the weapon giving you two legal options, to start your application process from the beginning ie a completely new Fire Arm License or the Gun Dealer will sell your Fire Arm on your behalf.

Hope this is of some Help.