Good News Friday and Honesty does still exist

A local businessman had a turn of both good luck and the honesty of a Spar Trolley Jockey this past week. Wishing to remain anonymous here is his story in his own words (unedited).

“Last Tuesday –  “TOPS Tuesday which was bigger than black Friday”

I shopped at TOPS (against my better judgement as I did not believe the government could close the bottle stores as there were no numbers on COVID scoreboard to justify that action)

Anyway, I bought some wine, beer and whisky. Two nights later lying in bed I suddenly thought back to Tuesday when I arrived home and I could remember carrying a case of beer down stairs to where I store the beer. True enough when I got up in the morning I went and checked and sure enough there was no case of Becks!

Well I just acknowledged my error and put it down to my aging process and forgetfulness.

Yesterday I was back in the Spar for my weekly shop and thought I would pop in to TOPS and chec. When I was asked to have my temperature taken I said I was not there to shop but to enquire whether on Mad Tuesday anyone had handed in a case of Becks? The response was immediate, yes sir, we have you beer!

I was absolutely stunned, apparently one of the trolley guys had found the case on the bottom level of a trolley and immediately brought it to TOPS. Now that demonstrates that there are still wonderful people in this country, who work for companies where honesty and integrity are practiced.

I went to the manager on duty and left a thank you for Andile, who is deserving of lots of respect, honouring himself as an honest man, and living the SPAR’s corporate values”.

The ed experienced something similar some weeks back after leaving an electronic item bought at True-Tech in my basket. Certainly not as enticing as a case of beer possibly but worth a few bob on the black market and as the above good fortune one of the trolley jockey’s turned it into True Tech.

Does restore faith after all the thieving by our politicians.

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