Billion Step Challenge

Willie and Heilie Uys are encouraging locals to join them in this year’s Billion Step Challenge. People / teams from all over the world are being challenged to walk a Billion Steps between 5th October and 13th December to raise awareness for Organ Donation & Transplantation. With so many people in and around St Francis regularly walk, here is an opportunity to put your, and your dog’s exercise if you walk your dog, to good benefit.

Even if you are not a regular walker, or even just a stroller, it is also an opportunity to get a little fitter for the upcoming summer months. So round up family, friends and fellow dog walkers and form your team. Then choose a name for your team and a Team Captain. See another opportunity for those of you who have always wanted to captain a team and never had opportunity!

The first St Francis team ‘The Footsloggers’ comprising Willie, Heilie, Ken McGregor, Liezel vd Westhuizen and Richard Arderne has already registered so get you entry in now.

The full press release follows under the graphic below.

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If you need more call Willie on 082 442 1210 or Email:

Billion Steps Challenge



The worldwide transplant community has been challenged to celebrate the gift of life and get active by collectively walking a billion steps.

The World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF) announced today the return of its highly successful “Billion Steps Challenge” to encourage health and fitness amongst transplant recipients all over the world.

The Fit for Life! Billion Steps Challenge, proudly supported by Novartis, is an online exercise program designed to help recipients and the extended community stay active and celebrate a life where physical activity and movement is the ‘new’ normal.

Several research studies have shown that some transplant recipients have a ‘fear of movement’ following transplantation, worried that they might overdo exercise and damage their transplanted organ. The first Billion Steps challenge held in 2017 saw participants increase their daily step count by an average of 50% throughout the challenge.

WTGF President, Chris Thomas said, “We can demonstrate that, with planning, advice and common sense, transplant recipients can get back into exercise and sport. There really are no boundaries”.

For many, Covid-19 has created great amounts of stress, fear, and anxiety. Regular exercise benefits both the body and mind. Exercise has the ability to improve mental health, reduce the risk of depression, cognitive decline, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.

“At times like this, focussing on ourselves both physically and emotionally is crucial. Exercise is really the best way to beat the blues and maintain a positive outlook. We are pleased to be contributing to the welfare of recipients across the world at this difficult time”, said Chris Thomas.

We know the importance of an active community around recipients, which is why this challenge is also open to the entire transplant community, including living donors, donor families, medical professionals, carers, family, and friends.

It begins on October 5th and will run formally for 10 weeks until December 13th 2020.

It is designed as a fun, community-centered interactive challenge where teams of between 2 and 5 people register online and sync their fitness trackers to record their daily steps.

The online Movespring platform also allows manual submission of steps for those who do not have a fitness tracker. Likewise, all exercise types can be converted to steps. So if you prefer to go for a cycle, swim or perhaps participate in a fitness class, the easy conversion tools will allow you to convert these activities to steps.

The platform promotes healthy and fun competition between the teams, with various newsfeed and chat forums active, as well as regular messages of encouragement and updates on the leader board status. Weekly fun challenges will be set with WTGF branded hoodies up for grabs.

There is no age limit and no experience is needed. The challenge is designed to motivate all to exercise within their means, starting with some simple goals, such as walking around the block and building towards more ambitious goals.

The WTGF will be promoting ways to achieve your daily steps targets both at home and outside, taking into account different social interaction rules around the globe. The Billion Steps Challenge demonstrates to recipients that there is more to the WTGF than the highly successful Summer and Winter Games, and we plan to bring more events like this to you in the future.

To find out more about the Billion Steps Challenge or sign up to, please visit

Public-private partnership to improve fire safety and prevention in Kouga Municipality

Hollard Insure enters a public-private partnership to improve fire safety and prevention in Kouga Municipality

For firefighters, immediate access to a reliable water supply is crucial to successfully fighting fires and preventing loss of life and damage to property. To enable this, Hollard Insure is partnering with the Kouga Local Municipality to pilot an initiative to inspect all the fire hydrants in the municipality.

This initiative was launched on 21 September and will run until mid-December 2020.

South Africa is seeing an increase in economic, human and environmental losses due to fires. There are various factors that pose a challenge to the efforts of municipal fire services to prevent and combat fires. These include a lack of adequate investment in fire services as a result of competition for scarce government resources and a lack of coordination between various bodies responsible for fire prevention. 

In this context, the Department of Cooperative Governance has requested improved coordination between these bodies to enable fire services to be more proactive in their approach to fire prevention and safety.  

“We recognise that the country faces a complex fire problem that the government cannot address alone. We need public-private partnerships like this to optimise efforts of fire services, thereby significantly helping to reduce fire risks and losses,” says Dr Moses Khangale, Head of Fire Services at the National Disaster Management Centre. 

“As an insurer, managing fire risk is obviously part of our business. But this is not just about the bottom line for us. We responded to the call for such a public-private partnership because we’re also committed to enabling better futures for the people in our communities, whether they are our customers or not,” says Tafadzwa Samushonga, from Hollard Insure. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated South Africa’s job crisis. As part of Hollard’s goal to enable better futures, the initiative is also creating temporary employment for unemployed local youth. Nine young people have been recruited and are currently receiving training to perform the work required. This will include locating fire hydrants and recording their GPS coordinates; identifying the categories of the hyzrants; cleaning, marking and painting the hydrants; and testing water pressure. 

All level 1 lockdown regulations, including social distancing, are being adhered to and the temporary staff have been supplied with the necessary personal protective equipment, including face masks and sanitiser, to ensure their safety and that of the community.

An added advantage of the initiative is that it will produce reliable data for the Water Services Department on areas requiring intervention, as all faults will be referred to this department. 

“Fires naturally have a significant impact on our communities,” says Dewald Barnard, Kouga municipality Chief Fire Officer. “We’re keen to establish the feasibility of this initiative, and to see the implementation of a programme that will mark a big step towards improving the effectiveness of our fire services.”

Considering the economic and social pressures that communities are facing in these challenging times, the last thing they need is further loss or hardship as a result of fires.

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks has thanked Hollard Insure for partnering with the municipality to keep its communities safe.

“This is a big step in the right direction,” he says. 

MOTOCROSS: Goosen Steals The Show At Nationals

The South African National Motocross Championship exploded back into action with a double-header round 2 and 3 at Thunder Valley in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday and Sunday. It proved a thrilling weekend of spectacular, muddy racing with multiple winners and with David Goosen taking the double.

SA champion Maddy Malan started the weekend perfectly with a double open class Moto 1 victory on Saturday. He beat David Goosen and Cameron Durow in the first race. Malan then took heat 2 over Goosen and Tristan Purdon. 


© Ruben Louw /

It was a different story on Sunday however, as Monster Energy rider Goosen took his chance to do the double as Purdon and Malan shared out the lower podium steps.

Goosen took race 2 from Smith, Fitz-Gerald and Purdon. Goosen then went five wins up for the weekend across Moto 1 and Moto 2 when he beat Smith and Tristan Purdon in Moto 2 race 2. All in, it was a good weekend for The Goose.

“Saturday was warm, and the track was nice and grippy,” said Goosen of the weekend’s conditions. “Then it drizzled overnight, and all day Sunday and all we had was mud. It was a tough day, but the conditions actually suited me. I got into a rhythm early and just kept it going.”

Goosen hasn’t been able to compete on a national level for six months, with the weekend’s event being his first race since lockdown. “It was quite hectic on the nerves, to be honest,” said Goosen. “It was a great weekend away, though. There was a good vibe, and there was so much positive energy, and it was great spending time with the team.”

Being locked down in the suburbs in Cape Town, Goosen never rode his bike for a full two months. “I kept fit on a spinning bike, and when the track opened, we put the hammer down, recalled Goosen. “We had about two months of training before this race, so it was all weekend every weekend at the track for the entire two months.” The hard work paid off for Goosen, as the weekend’s results proved. 

For full results:

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Cape St Francis Resort to host the annual Expedition Africa Adventure Race

We call it our second home or also known as Home away from Home. A place where you can find solace for your soul and recharge your batteries. A place where you can relax and connect again with what is important to you. This is Cape St Francis Resort.

The Cape St Francis Resort has been part of the Expedition Africa family since 2017 after the successful 500km International adventure race. The relationship continued with Kinetic Events returning and hosting the Expedition Africa 120km event annually at the resort.  

Kinetic adventure race

“We feel that the Cape St Francis resort is a perfect venue for our teams. Families can enjoy this beautiful resort while they support their teams.  The surrounding area is perfect for adventure racing: it’s beautiful, rugged, safe and the local farmers and community are always supportive of our dream.” says Heidi Muller, Race Director”

We are extremely excited to announce that after several requests a 60km route has been included in this adventure weekend. This will give beginners, school teams and parent/child combinations an opportunity to try out adventure racing. We feel it’s of the utmost importance to make the sport accessible to the new generation and other outdoor lovers.

The event will take place on the weekend of 6 – 8 November 2020.  Business had come to a halt at the end of March, due to Lockdown. We are very thankful that we are once again allowed to host events and will make sure to follow all the rules and regulations as stipulated.

“It was a challenging 6 months for us like so many other South Africans during lockdown and our hearts go out to so many of our friends and family who lost their jobs and financially suffered the last few months. So many businesses in the sporting and tourism industry were impacted by Covid19 and we can only hope and wish them all the best for the future.  This will be our first event after Covid in this area and we believe that adventurers once again want to go out and explore. We love nature, travel and to get outside” says Stephan Muller, Race Director

This is an ideal event for all. The 60km route will cover approximately 18km on foot divided up into 2 legs, 25km of Mountain biking and a 12km Kayak.

The 120km event will cover 30km on foot, 80km of Mountain biking and 12km Kayaking. Teams of 2 or 4 can enter. Kinetic Events provides the Kayaks for the event.

 The event will start early Saturday morning on the 7th November and teams will reach the finish line at the resort from lunch time. The resort offers the perfect environment for an open-air restaurant and family and friends can enjoy the pool and relax with great food and drinks while waiting for their team to finish.

Cape St Francis Resort offers a wide variety of rooms and chalets and with the Rock Bottom special rates now available, this is surely a weekend not to be missed. for bookings.

The event requires many transitions areas and as 2 events will run at the same time the Kinetic team of Heidi and Stephan Muller is reaching out to the local community for volunteers. If you are available and keen to assist with transition areas, please contact Heidi Muller to find out more details. Email:  

The event is supported by Woodlands dairy products. If there are any other local product sponsors in the area that want to contribute to the goody bags and be part of this wonderful event, ultimately enhances the customer experience please contact Heidi Muller with your product information.

For more information about the event go to

This is a positive event to create a course where you will forget about your daily lives and problems. We create a place where you can just go out and enjoy nature, test yourself in the process and feel free and alive. Join us here and let us forget about our problems even if it’s only for a while.

kinetic events in Cape St Francis

Work surges ahead to protect the St Francis coastline

Kouga Municipality is surging ahead with the construction of an emergency revetment at St Francis Bay to protect municipal infrastructure and houses on the canals from the ocean.

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said the most recent breach of the St Francis spit, that separates the canals from the ocean, had been the most serious to date, with the sea washing away two jetties and damaging a slipway.

“Given the current circumstances, the municipality’s coastal engineers have advised that completing the revetment up to the 620m mark, as was originally planned, is no longer a viable option.

“They have recommended that a revetment be built along the backshore of the spit on the northern end instead, so as to protect the municipal pump house and two properties that were damaged this week.”

He said the engineers had given the municipality the assurance that the current breach did not pose a threat to infrastructure and properties in the remainder of the canals.

“The priority has, therefore, shifted to protecting the area under immediate threat.”

He cautioned that the change in position of the revetment could also impact on the proposed long-term solution to the eroding spit.

“The long-term plan, which is being driven by the St Francis Property Owners (SFPO), is to move about one million cubic metres of sand onto the beach and to construct groynes on either side of the rock revetment to retain the sand. The plan will be revised in line with the recent changes.”

He said the revetments were being constructed as a temporary defence while funding was being secured and the environmental processes being finalised for the long-term solution.

Hendricks thanked the SFPO and St Francis Riparian Home-Owners Association for their ongoing support.

“Finalising and implementing the long-term solution has become a matter of extreme urgency,” he said.

“The breaching of the spit poses a serious threat to our infrastructure, properties and the local economy, but we are confident that if we continue working together, we can keep our coastline safe and the economy growing.”