St Francis all a-buzz at last

What a wonderful site to see St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis bustling with visitors again. The lifting of travel and accommodation restrictions certainly brought visitors flocking back to their favourite get-away spot.

Cape St Francis Resort which has been somewhat of a ghost village since lockdown was again teeming with kids on bikes and electric scooters. The smell of braai permeated the air and across the road Full Stop Café, abiding by all the social distancing and mask protocols, once again enjoyed the support of both locals and visitors who flock to what has become an iconic part of Cape St Francis.

And town was no different with queues at SPA, not quite at long as they are over the season but certainly a lot longer than they have been for the four months. With the closing of Pedal & Spoke Rambling Rose had it all to themselves  and just to find parking nearby was a challenge.

Those who haven’t been to St Francis Bay since lockdown must have been pleasantly surprised with our ‘NEW Roads’ for wow they truly have uplifted the profile of the village. I had occasion to travel almost the length of the redone St Francis. The trip from Seaglades on the canals to the Tarragona intersection was reminiscent of travelling on the roads of the old South Africa. Nary a pothole to shake you awake, just the sound of rubber sailing gently over tar almost enticing one to do a return trip just for the glorious experience not enjoyed for many a year.

But one small complaint is the turn into the old village shopping centre from Lyme Road South needs attention. He contractors made no effort to interface the new strip into the old and the potholes that developed since the rain are almost a challenge to a 4×4 if not for a smaller hatchback sedan.

Whilst the peace and quiet of lockdown has been a somewhat wonderful if different experience, it really is nice to see people interacting and enjoying being out and about again especially as the weather really came to the party with Saturday and Sunday being almost as good as any day in mid-summer. 

Saturday Street Food at Full Stop Cape St Francis

Street Food at Full Stop in Cape St Francis has become a popular Saturday stop so be sure to pop by this Saturday (weather permitting and grab a boerie roll, tuna burger or what other braai choice than have on offer.