St Francis Property Owners Chairman on developments in St Francis

With the Covid-19 lockdown many property owners, regular and not so regular holiday makers and international visitors will not have seen all the improvements that have quietly been taking place in St Francis in spite of the lockdown. For those who have not visited our beautiful hamlet since the Special Rates Area was unanimously adopted at the meeting held just before Christmas 2018 (photo below appropriately dated) the changes will astound you.

Of course there will be those who continue to berate all that the SFPO is doing and are continuing in their attempts to stop the SRA going ahead but even they surely will admit the improvements are visible and necessary if St Francis Bay is to remain a sought after holiday destination as well as a beautiful village to live in. 

In the video below St Francis Property Owners Chairman Wayne Furphy gives a brief overview of developments to date (August 2020) with regard to improvements to St Francis in terms of the Saving St Francis initiative.

Over the coming days we will be running a series of videos where Wayne will be updating readers on various aspects of the progress made in “Saving St Francis”.