Some updates on our water supply

Further to our post of  May 28th ‘An Overview of St Francis Water Supply‘  Chris Cowling sent us an update on the dams that supply us with our life sustaining water supply.

 Churchill and Impofu Dams are both on the Krom River. This means that the real chance of Impofu filling up, is when Churchill overflows. Churchill is situated upstream of the Impofu Dam.

Below is a list of the dam capacities in million cubic meters:

  • Churchill: 33 300
  • Impofu: 106 700
  • Kouga: 128 490

Below is a schematic of the layout of the PE water. The Kouga Dam, which is not shown on this map is near to where the Gamtoos and Groot Rivers meet.

Finally, Churchill Dam is owned by the Nelson Mandela Metro. Impofu is owned by Dept Water and Sanitation (DWS), but managed by NMBM. The Kouga Dam is owned by (DWS), but is managed by the Gamtoos Irrigation Board.

As of 29 May the dam levels were as follows:

  • Churchill: 60,4% Capacity: 21 284 Million litres or Megalitres
  • Impofu: 16,77% Capacity: 17 738 Million litres or Megalitres
    Total Capacity: 39 022 Million litres

The total capacity of the Churchill and Elandsjagt (Impofu) Treatmen Works is about 210 Megalitres. However, due to the drought and dam levels, these outputs are not obtainable.