Open Letter to our Executive Mayor of Kouga Municipality

Craig Kilfoil’s letter to the Mayor can be read below but CLICK HERE TO READ THE MAYOR’S REPLY


have your say on St Francis TodayDear Mayor Horatio Hendricks,

One of the best-kept secrets at this time is what an outstanding job you have done to deal with the COVID-19 threat in your Municipality. Sincerely, thank you.

Allegedly [info from leaders in the community], there are no active cases of COVID-19 in Humansdorp. All 8 cases in Kwanomzano recovered. St Francis’s 1 case recovered.

Jeffrey’s Bay, Patensie, Oyster Bay, Andrieskraal, Loerie has zero. Recovery of the last remaining case in Hankey is imminent. Well-done Sir!

Now comes the tough part.

As pronounced by Government and Minister Patel on 2 May, I quote “… there are five levels of restrictions based on the health risk and the level of infections. Eventually this approach will differentiate between provinces and districts … the lower level of risk and the greater the level of health readiness, the greater the openness of the economy.” 1

As pronounced and per definition, it seems that your new mandate is now:

One – Stop or mitigate the risk of infected people coming into our area by strictly enforcing the travel bans to or from Kouga : –

Two – Open our Towns at Level 1, because we have no active cases of COVID-19 and an entire hospital in readiness : –

You have saved us all from COVID-19. Now your people need you to save them from economic ruin and poverty.

We urgently [not eventually] need you to make our towns Level 1 because they presumably qualify per Government pronouncements and there appears to be no justifiable health reason to prevent you from doing so.

Chokka Boat

Chokka Boat off St Francis Bay – Photo from- Martin Barbour landscape collection

Can you just imagine the positive economic impact of our Chokka fleet being out at sea again next week?

We encourage you to continue to set the bar, by which other leaders will be measured.

We appreciate the Political risk you would be taking by setting a precedent, but ask you to be brave Sir. Be our Hero.

Your Sincerely,

Craig Kilfoil – Kouga Resident https://www