Life is short, Don’t make us waste it.

We often hear the phrase “Life is short, enjoy what is left of it”. Well here we are being forced to hide in our homes wasting what is left of our lives. Locked away we oldies are being deprived of the little life have left. To make it worse it is actually our fault that this lockdown is so stringent because it will apparently kill off the old people, not the young.

So we are told it is for our own good and like lemmings we abide by ridiculous laws made by politicians who display less intelligence than 99% of their constituents.

Maybe the time has come to stand up for the rights given to us by what is said to be the finest constitutions in the world. Maybe old people should show the way for a change and not leave it to the poor and disadvantaged who are brutalised by the police and army should they break these stupid laws. They wouldn’t dare shoot us and putting us in jail will result in more litigation than the courts could ever handle

I am over 70, diabetic with a cardiac problems as well as a lung condition that has severely worsened in the past month causing me to keep a bottle of oxygen at my bedside. So it could be said I am ready for a visit by the grim reaper. But I don’t need a government to wrap me in cotton wool for I am quite happy to take my chances in avoiding the man with a sickle as I have done quite well for the past seventy years inspite of my late mother often telling me I would kill myself for one reason or another.

But so what? If Covid doesn’t get me something else will and who knows when. It could be in a car accident next time I drive to shop at Spar to save 5% on pensioner’s day (stats show there is a greater risk of being killed in a car than by this virus) yet I will still take my chances.  So why are so many so scared? I

They keep saying it’s a war so are we not soldiers in this war? Imagine if the allied soldiers had been so lacking in courage in WW2, we would all be speaking fluent German.

Somewhere in the not too distant future it has already been ordained that the Angel of Death will come to fetch all of us. This is written in stone and it is what life is really all about. And absolutely nothing any one of us can do about it so please Mr Government don’t worry about us. We are well capable of looking after ourselves and don’t trust you anyway for you have displayed you are not the sharpest knives in the draw with your stupid downright mean rules that prevent us even enjoying our dram of scotch at night.

Let’s stop being scared and get on with life. Sure wear your helmet (mask) and keep social distance just as we did when we “tree’d aan” – at “aandag” – and “regte rok” on the parade ground.

Personal note

On Friday I at long last got to stagger on my crutches for a long walk on the beach and a swim in the sea, well more like a semi beached whale wallowing in the shallows rather than a swim. On Saturday I again stumbled down to the beach for a walk and swim but there on the beach was a lone security guard motioning me not to go any further. Acres and acres of empty beach and not being allowed to walk is madness. Surely the local authorities could make area specific exceptions? Instead of forcing most of Cape St Francis onto a narrow pathway round the lighthouse open up the beach where social distancing is so easy. .

An interesting health related observation. After just one walk / swim on Friday morning my sugar count which had spiralled under lockdown dropped significantly and I haven’t had any chest pains since whereas as I was having at least one attack every day or so. Maybe a psychological thing, maybe not.