Can CBD cure Coronavirus-3 surprising facts about it

With the entire world under turmoil due to the bio-war waged by the novel coronavirus on humanity, the quest for new medicine and vaccines has been the priority for everyone. Traditional medicine and diagnosis have been ineffective until now for fighting against COVID-19. This has made us look for other options that can potentially help cure coronavirus. Plant-based medication such as the CBD comes to the mind of the researchers for its high merits in such scenarios. CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the cannabis plant and shows qualities that boost immunity. Several studies have shown how CBD aids the body against common ailments such as cold sores and the flu. These days CBD is accessible with ease, and it is also a common medication prescribed for these common infections.  However, there have not been any researches on how coronavirus reacts in the presence of CBD. Nevertheless, here are some surprising facts about CBD that designate it as a contender for managing COVID-19.

Cannabis and Covid-19

Presence of essential nutrients in CBD

When a pathogen attacks our body, a majority of the energy and nutrients present in the body goes for the immune system. Not just during the process of being infected, but even during normal conditions, the immune system of the body consumes a lot of nutrients. To our rescue, CBD is very rich in these minerals and essential nutrients and serves the purpose of a supplement to the body. It has been recommended that the cbd oil canada dosage of approximately 2-2.5 mg per day can keep the smooth flow of these essentials.

Nutrients, such as magnesium and calcium derivatives, aid in the fight against foreign pathogens and activate the immunity receptors in the body. These nutrients help in the process of repairing and replenishing the immunoglobulins, keeping the integrity of the immune system and the body as a whole intact. In comparison to other drugs that take energy from the body to process, CBD can help in restoring balance in nutrients and keep the immune system at a state of high alert.

Covis and cannabis

CBD’s take on external pathogens

Many studies and researches have shown that the presence of cannabidiol in CBD in abundance has shown signs of helping the fight against external pathogens. The compound sabotages the growth of the pathogen inside the host by changing the cycle of their incubation. It cuts off the supply of nutrients and prevents the reproduction of the pathogen. This weakens the infectious cell so much that the immune cells can destroy it without any resistance. All this occurs at an enhanced response time because of the activation of the neural receptors that aid the immune system in identifying and detecting the threat.

Inhibited growth of the pathogen and cutting off the supply chain of nutrients indicates a very aggressive impact on the pathogen. In some cases, like in the cold sores, CBD has found to dissolve the outer protein layer of the pathogenic-cell, making it vulnerable to denaturing and attack from the immune cells. This directly helps boost the immunity of the person and can help not only in preventing the virus from manifesting inside the body but also to fight in case the infection grows.

Side effects of CBD

Compared to traditional medication such as the NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs that have been suggested for treating coronavirus, CBD shows a drastically lesser amount of side effects. Other than diarrhea and nauseousness, there has been barely any other documentation that indicates side effects from CBD. According to the World Health Organization, CBD has been declared as a non-addictive and minimal inducer of any side effects. However, consumption in excess could have drastic changes in the body, such as liver failure and related side effects.

Despite being aggressive on the external pathogen, molecules of CBD have very little interaction with the body host cells. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that you must consult a doctor or a holistic cannabis practitioner to be on the safer side. Seldomly, CBD might show signs of interaction with other medications that one might take, such as blood thinners, that can have detrimental consequences leading to numerous different side effects, including diarrhea, fatigue, and dry mouth.


To what extent CBD helps in reinforcing one in the battle against coronavirus might vary from person to person. However, what CBD can help with is to keep the immunity of the person at its best. This helps in preventing the disease in the first place. All these reasons are enough to say that CBD has the potential to manage coronavirus despite there being minimal or no evidence to suggest the same. Small practices that have little to risk, such as consumption of CBD oil daily can go a long way in avoiding coronavirus from infecting.

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