A thought for the most vulnerable members of our society

The impact that the Covid-19 lockdown is having on the most vulnerable members of our society, township pets cannot be underestimated or ignored. So many people have been retrenched or been put on unpaid leave or in the case of casual workers, totally without an income. Some already living below the breadline simply will be incapable of caring for the nourishment of the pets and as  the lockdown conditions continue, pets will be abandoned or be left to either fend for themselves, become severely undernourished or worse still, die from starvation.

SFAR Volunteers, namely Sue Rae Fox and Shena R Ruth, are receiving criticism for venturing into Sea Vista to pick up sick dogs and take them to the vet, and provide food for dogs, puppies and cats. They are being told that they are behaving irresponsibly and putting other lives at risk.

Sue Rae Fox & Sheens R Ruth feeding the dogs of Sea Vista during Covid-19 lockdown

Dog food for township pets

A happy pet lover with food for his dogs

Says Sue, “We are taking every precaution and abiding strictly with social distancing and hygiene.
Dogs and cats in Sea Vista have been receiving food from SFAR for years. It would be unconscionable to stop feeding these animals at a time when many of their owners have been retrenched and are without money. We can see, during the first week of this lock-down, there is an urgent need for food in Sea Vista, for families who live there and their animals. We will help for as long as we possibly can.”

She continued. “We adhere to all protocols – wearing masks and gloves, using hand sanitizer and respecting social distancing regulations”.

The reality is any one of us could spread the virus. Each time we walk into a shop to do our shopping, fill up with petrol and interact with the attendant, even speak over the fence with our neighbour. The chances may be limited but so little is known of this virus, nobody really knows. But we cannot simply stop caring for others whether human or animal. Our responsibility is to continue living as best we can and assist those around us living as best they can.

Part of the feeding program is to stock several of the spaza shops who assist in the distribution of food by purchasing dog and cat food at a discounted rate and then upsell at a set and affordable cost for those who can afford to buy food for their animals. 

Other than the pets the kids of the township too deserve a little thought and care and SFAR volunteer Jenny Pike, baked up a storm of Chocolate Chip Cookies for the kids in Sea vista – 165 big cookies – and packaged them in bags of three. The kids (and a few dogs), apparently loved the cookies!

This is considered an ESSENTIAL SERVICE and those actively visiting the township have all the relevant authorizations.

Donations to buy food for the pets can be to

St Francis Animal Rescue
Standard Bank Br no: 050015
Business Savings Account
Account no: 186532814
Reference: your name and the word ‘food’

For international donors use Swift Code: ZBZAZAJJ

Sue can be contacted on 083 289 1452 or email: susanrf@mweb.co.za

SFAR Facebook:  https://web.facebook.com/StFrancisAnimalRescue/

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