Try thinking out the box rather than punishing us

The Government needs to employ a more intelligent advisory board that can think out the box rather than look at ways of demotivating and punishing the people.

Way back in the 60’s I served a couple of years in the permanent force SA Navy. My first posting was to a World War 2 vintage W-Class destroyer, the Jan van Riebeeck (I can hear Julius screaming as I type this). One of our more arduous missions rather than the normal chasing Russian trawlers out of our West coast fishing waters was a three month sojourn to accompany the replenishment ship, Tafelberg to Marion Island in the southern ocean.  

Knowing we were to be a sea for a long time the Chief Petty Officer responsible for the action station in the tiller flats (that is where the gear for operating the ship’s rudder is located and is located deep aft in the bowels of the ship, a place no officers ventured). So I was ordered by the CPO to collect all the pineapple cuttings from the galley, some sugar, yeast and ginger powder. All this was placed into one of those big aluminium containers they used for transporting milk. A chain with a lock  sealed the deal and off to sea we set.

A month or so into our trip the time had come to open the brew and being the most junior of the assembled handful of seaman I was tasked with unlocking the container. With some trepidation I do recall I gingerly unlocked and pulled the lock free. Well the fermentation had certainly worked and blew the lid clean off denting the bulkhead above which when considering this was a ship built of steel to withstand enemy shell, torpedoes and bombs illustrated the force the lid generated.

And that wasn’t the only kick for I still put my ability to consume huge quantities of alcohol and remain relatively sober down to my introduction of that home brew that over the coming weeks we sipped each time action stations were called as we took up our battle stations in the Tiller Flats..

This brings us to the subject of the alcohol ban so vociferously supported by our dear Minister of Police, Bheki Cele.

Reported in TheSouthAfrican  Rumour has it, that if you stand in front of a mirror holding a beer – with the lights off – and say “cheers to Bheki Cele” five times, the prohibition-crazed police minister will appear behind you and snatch your drinks. Of course, we jest… but the lockdown-enforced alcohol ban has been a shock to the system for many of us”.

With the closure of liquor stores, taverns, pubs and clubs, thirsty South Africans have turned to traditional methods of home brewing. While the Disaster Management Act explicitly forbids the sale and movement of alcohol it does not make note of liquor brewed within the confines of one’s own home.”

Yesterday Bheke Cele made some wonderfully naive statements, no stupid statements,  that only those so brainwashed by the ANC or those mentally challenged could believe.

The first, words to the effect ‘stopping sale of alcohol has reduced the number of road fatalities and cases of driving under the influence’.  Really!

So now it is stopping bottle stores trading rather than the lockdown and closing pubs and taverns that has reduced drunken driving and road fatalities.

Next is his statement that violent crimes too are down because of banning sale of alcohol. Yes closing down of places where people gather and drink where fights break out. Not many murders occur on the forecourt of the bottle stores, and shebeens that sell liquor rather than serve it.

Reports of domestic violence is down, let’s give him that one but again possibly due more to the pubs and taverns being closed. People tend to drink less at home than would in a pub / tavern where buddies egg each other on with ‘another one for the road’.  And had the sale of cigarettes not been banned, domestic violence probably would have been even lower for there were no doubt a few fights caused by the frustration of not having cigarettes.

But it is the loss of an opportunity that has shown the ANC’s inability to think out the box.  Alcohol and cigarettes are huge contributors to the government coffers. That millions, nay billions that could have been earned to ease the burden the government now faces have been lost,  never to be recovered for it is water under the bridge..

A little thinking out of the box would not only have kept those who enjoy a glass of wine with their meal or a beer after 100 laps of the garden or pool content rather than ‘pissed off’. There cannot be a reason why Tito Mboweni could not have doubled, trebled even quadrupled the sin tax on alcohol and cigarettes thus allowing the sale of but limiting quantities purely on cost but still collecting much needed income. If suddenly a glass of wine, a beer or a glass of whiskey cost R75 or more few would enjoy more one or two of an evening.

Instead banning alcohol has spurned a whole township industry that won’t be easy to stop going forward. And some of those home brews will be a lot more potent than a cheap bottle of wine.

No Mr President your advisory committee is forcing normally law abiding citizens into breaking the law. Imagine being caught with a bottle of wine in your car having borrowed from a friend. No more visiting your son or daughter and grandchildren in Australia as you would now have a criminal record.  And if you refuse to pay the fine do they incarcerate you with murderers and rapists? If Cele has his way they will.

The Gift of Pain

Stephen's ScribbleStephen PraetoriousA few years ago I joined an elite group of warrior men and women ….. those who walk and work with pain. Although it is nigh impossible to interpret the level of other peoples pain, dealing with our own daily challenges allows us to empathise and share with each other.

My pain greets me every morning, like a ‘most unwelcome companion’. (I originally wrote a far more explicative double barrelled word) A severed Achilles tendon back in 1989 lead to an antiquated arthroscopy on my left knee in the mid-nineties. My meniscus, having been butchered lead to severe medial cartilage degeneration. The result, unbearable pain and a uni-compartmental knee replacement 2 years ago. More recently my arthritic right hip has been extremely painful with mobility there pretty much poked (okay I said it). X rays have revealed (in my homeopaths words) that the ‘hip is gone’. Then of course there’s the old shoulder ‘thingie’ and the lower back ….. that’s more or less my story.

As with many people who endure pain, I do not wish to burden other people with my woes. That is not the point of this article. We all have experienced pain at some point in varying degrees. Take note however, many people endure pain for extended periods of time on a daily basis. Next level companionship. Most of us find it hard to actually quantify what that is like. Imagine waking up in the morning and asking yourself “I wonder how many ‘spoons’ I will have today?” ‘Spoons’ as in spoonfuls of energy. A shower takes one, by the time you’ve got dressed and made the bed, it’s two. Going to the shop is another two. Yesterday you only had eight spoons ….. You didn’t have a shower or have to go to the shops so managed to see a friend for an hour. Unfortunately your friend was full of shit and sucked 2 more spoons of your precious energy. For people with chronic pain, making those spoons count is really important. Pain will stop you in your tracks. There is no other option other than to lie down and endure. Endure to a that threshold that only the sufferer truly understands. If you are one of these people, I would like to honour your journey today. Your courage all too often goes unnoticed.

I made a choice some years ago to look at healing holistically and explore the incredible amount of modalities that are out there. Pain is what motivated me to this. This challenging companion has actually been instrumental in opening my mind. In 2017, after a huge amount of research, driven by the motivation to help heal and maintain the human body, I decided to become a Body Stress Release (B.S.R) Practitioner. (Feel free to read more about this incredible technique in the editorials) In making this decision I opened a new chapter in my life. One which has proved highly educational and very enriching.

Crucially, the physical element of pain is linked to our emotions. It has been proven that emotions such as anger, fear, loneliness, anxiety, frustration, impatience, aggression, stress, sadness etc actually exacerbate pain. Love, gratitude, peace, contentment, companionship, joy, fulfillment etc actually help to reduce pain levels.

Believe it or not, experiencing positive emotions is actually a choice. The habitual pattern of negative emotions can often be become ‘the status quo’. We are exposed to so much overwhelming information these days. It may take a little effort to break certain behaviour but its not that difficult, especially living so close to nature. Simply taking a walk to clear ones thoughts has a multiple benefits. We all know how awesome it is to find that special chilled out spot. Park easy in the sun ….. banish ‘the monkey mind’ for a while. Moments when we feel blessed carry a very special energy. It is almost as if there is a letting go and a connection at the same time. The feeling that everything is going to be okay. The grounding in the realisation that the journey ahead is manageable.

Yet stepping into that truth remains hard. Pain does not greet with hugs and kisses. (Not much does these days it seems) Pain catches one by surprise. For those like me who’ve taken some big hits on taken for granted bodies ….. the journey ahead is off road. How could not being able to run for more that 400m be fine? Excuse me? Try no longer being able to go to the beach because the crutches can’t handle the sand! Or getting stuck simply trying to get to the bathroom. There will always be somebody in a worse situation than ourselves. If that person can wake up in the morning and get out of bed then so can we all ……

To be fair, action speaks louder than words. It is crucial that people with pain do some form of controlled movement. Learning how to breathe properly through meditation techniques is also massively beneficial in flowing through the cycles of pain. Getting help through holistic health care practitioners is extremely comforting too. And it works! Whether it be Body Stress Release, hypnotherapy, pilates, kriya, yoga, counselling, swimming, physio, chiropractic, bio kinetics, reflexology, shiatsu, xi gong, sound therapy, ….. the list goes on ….. People are there for us, and they can really help.

In closing connecting mentally and spiritually to pain is crucial. It makes it so much more manageable. If your mind and your heart is on board, the battle is half won. Strangely enough, only when the heart opens to acknowledge the truth of our pain, can the mind can align. That means letting go …. which is more often than not about the things we love most. (such as beer!) So not easy ….

Here’s to your pain companion giving you a little space today. Space to embrace, take action and feel blessed ……

Thank you for reading


No Covid news only other news

Readers may be somewhat perplexed by the news content today. For the past few months the editor has spent the first four hours of his day reading nothing but how bad the Covid-19 virus is and how it is going to destroy our lives as we know them. Since lockdown there has been barely an article dealing with anything other than Covid and this is has had a hugely negative effect on the Ed’s psyche.

And so in this our penultimate edition of St Francis Today the Ed has chosen, where possible, not to publish anything directly Covid related. A rather difficult task that was  harder than one would expect when gathering news from so many media publications from around South Africa and the world.

So if you are looking to depress yourself this morning may we suggest you look elsewhere for there are things happening in this world other than Covid that we would rather read about.

Food-Relief Projects reminded to register

Kouga Municipality - logo

Food relief projects that have not yet submitted their distribution programmes for next week to the Kouga Joint Operations Committee (JOC) are asked to do so by 10am on Thursday, 30 April.

The Kouga JOC is the official government  coordinator of all local Covid-19 interventions and consists of various roleplayers, including, the municipality, SAPS, the Department of Health and other state departments. 

“These submissions are necessary because  many groups and individuals involved in food relief projects are not registered as essential services, ” Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks explained. 

“That means that while these initiatives are very necessary, some are actually operating against the current lockdown laws. This puts the police in a very difficult position when it comes to enforcing the regulations.”

He emphasized that the intent was not to stop projects or to prescribe to them who their beneficiaries should be. 

“It’s about making sure that those involved, have the necessary permission and protection to continue the incredible work they are doing to keep food on the tables of Kouga families.”

Food relief projects that have not yet done so are asked to email their details to by 10am on Thursday, 30 April. 

The email should include the following information:

The name of the food drive or organisation in charge of it

  • The names, surnames, addresses, ID numbers and vehicle registration numbers of all those required to leave their homes for the purpose of arranging or distributing food parcels
  • The distribution programme, including, the number of beneficiaries, the area of distribution and method of distribution (eg, door-to-door).
  • Ideally, the names and addresses of beneficiaries should also be included. This is to help avoid the same households receiving more than one food parcel while others receive none.

Hendricks said, going forward, the establishment of a food bank was being considered in order to streamline the distribution of food parcels through entities that have the necessary permits to do so.

“Again, I would like to stress, that the aim is not to prescribe to groups who their food parcels should go to. They can choose the beneficiaries, for example, a church can specify that its food parcels must go to members of its congregation. 

“Once the food bank has been established, the idea is that donations and food parcels, together with relevant beneficiary lists, can be dropped off there. 

“The parcels will then be distributed to the specified  beneficiaries by the municipality’s Law Enforcement unit and other entities with the necessary permits to do so.” 

He said the details of the food bank, including the procedure to be followed, were currently being finalised. 

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Media Release Kouga Municipality


7 mind-blowing health benefits of CBD for kids

have your say on St Francis TodayAccording to various studies, CBD oil has several health benefits. Apart from acting as an excellent sedative agent, it can reduce pain and inflammation. Many countries like the USA and UK have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. The use of CBD oil for curing insomnia, anxiety, and depression is gaining popularity in several countries around the globe. However, the lesser-known fact is that there are certainmind-blowing benefits of CBD oil even for children.

What is CBD?


CBD is a non-psychoactive agent. It is an extract of the Cannabis sativa plant and acts as a safer alternative to conventional marijuana. Since it is a non-psychoactive agent, it does not make you high or alter brain functionality. Instead, it is full of various health benefits. You can consume it directly or add CBD oil to regular food to make it healthier.

How does CBD oil affect children?

CBD oil can help kids deal with problems like sensory processing disorders, Autism, ADHD, etc. It can also treat different types of childhood illnesses. Countless studies show that when a physician prescribes CBD in proper doses, it cures many ailments in children. Since CBD oil has a minimal amount of THC, it does not mess with a child’s mental growth or causes any mind-altering effects. CBD can also help in preventing cannabinoid deficiency in children and boosts their immune system. It has antibacterial effects and can help your child combat depression or anxiety. 

Things to keep in mind while giving CBD oil to children

While introducing a child to CBD, there are certain things to keep in mind. One must note down the weight of the child, age, and sickness before determining the quantity of CBD oil required. Usually, 1/4 of the standard dose does the trick. However, children must not consume CBD oil directly. It is better to mix it with their food in a prescribed dosage only. CBD chocolates and gummies are also available on the market, but you should consult a physician before letting your child eat such edibles. 


What are the health benefits of CBD oil for children?

CBD oil has many health benefits for children. A few of them are:

1) It helps to alleviate depression and anxiety

For various known as well as unknown reasons, many children these days might suffer from stress, depression, or anxiety. In such cases, CBD oil can help to treat mental disorders in children. It can also help a child to fight public speaking phobias and social anxiety.

2) It helps in reducing pain

CBD is best known for its ability to minimize discomfort and pain. It can relieve your child of any physical or neuropathic pain. If a child has a painful inflammatory disease, you can try some CBD oil to dissipate their pain almost instantly. 

3) It is suitable for treating Autism

Several studies show that CBD is good for improving the symptoms of a child who has Autism. According to one particular study, when a 30% solution of CBD oil was administered to autistic children aged 5 to 18, about three times a day, they showed signs of gradual improvement. They suffered from fewer rage attacks, seizures, or restlessness.

4) It can prevent Juvenile diabetes

Juvenile diabetes is common in children these days. However, to prevent diabetes and to boost the production of insulin, one can use full spectrum cbd oil canada. Regular use can also bring down the symptoms and side-effects of the disease.

5) It helps in Treating Epilepsy

CBD is extremely useful in treating Epilepsy in children. There is an FDA-approved CBD based drug that can be helpful for children who suffer from uncontrollable epileptic seizures. Compared to other Placebo drugs, this CBD-based drug has proved to be more effective in reducing the seizure frequency.

6)It helps in fighting Insomnia

Sometimes, a child might face difficulty sleeping at night. If a child is afraid of the dark or even being alone, it can be difficult for them to sleep. At times when a child is very imaginative, he/she may treat sudden noises in the room as an unearthly presence. This might scare them and make them stay awake. Many children, unfortunately, go through traumatic events, that might lead to PTSD, keeping them awake the whole night and affecting their mental and physical growth. In such cases, CBD can reduce symptoms of insomnia. A glass of CBD oil-infused milk can help them sleep better.

7) It helps to cure and prevent acne

Children are prone to acne. Since CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the production of sebum, thus reducing acne.

Daily consumption of CBD oil can detoxify one’s system and help clear up acne real fast.

8) It helps to fight Cancer

CBD has amazing anti-cancer properties. Since it helps in reducing inflammation, regular use of CBD can also help in reducing tumors. Children who regularly take CBD oil have a lower tendency of developing cancerous tumors in the lungs, brain, or colon. If a child has cancer, CBD oil can help to prevent it from spreading.For in depth review about various CBD strains ,click and view here.

Kids with various ailments can genuinely benefit from the use of CBD oil. Many families have provided testimonials to prove that. CBD oil can relieve many of the negative symptoms in children, but there are certain disadvantages as well. It is not legally available in every state. Regular use of CBD at a young age can also be problematic for a child in the future. It can cause sleep issues and restlessness in a child. It can interfere with natural enzymes in a child’s system, which aids in metabolizing drugs. However, as research and progress continue, we can assume that one day CBD will be legally viable for all.

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