Santam donates one million towards Kouga fire risk

Santam, one of South Africa’s biggest financial services groups, has donated R1 million to Kouga Municipality to help prevent the outbreak and spread of fires.

In 2019 11 homes were destroyed in the St Francis fire, which took place within Kouga confines, with 85 fire fighters involved in extinguishing the flames.

The cheque was presented to Kouga by John Lomberg, Santam’s Head of Market Development. The funds will be allocated towards the clearing of alien vegetation in areas deemed a high fire risk.

Lomberg stressed how important it is for business to work with government to help ensure the safety of communities: “Mitigating fire risk is everyone’s business. Government cannot do it alone.”

The donation forms part of Santam and the Department of Cooperative Governance’s Partnership for Risk and Resilience (P4RR). This assists municipalities to build capacity in combatting the risks of fire and flooding within vulnerable communities.  It does so through the donation of resources and sustained disaster management training.

Lomberg said Santam has been proactively partnering with municipalities for over ten years,

“We help municipalities to manage and mitigate risks relating to fires and other threats such as drought and crime. We started with five municipalities; we now partner with 53. Given the impact of climate change catalysing more extreme weather events, these partnerships are more essential than ever before.”

Alderman Ben Rheeder, who represented the Mayor at the handover, said the municipality was greatly appreciative of the donation: “Minimising the fire risk across our region is a priority for us. The St Francis area, especially, has been ravaged by big fires and various initiatives, including bush-clearing, have been rolled out to help minimise the risk. This donation will help us to accelerate the bush-clearing programme and keep our communities safe.”

Rheeder commended the many local stakeholders who have been working with the municipality to minimise fire risk.

He said a St Francis Fire Risk Reduction Committee had been established to bring together roleplayers in order to identify and implement mitigation measures.

“These roleplayers include experts in botany and conservation so as to ensure that protecting indigenous vegetation and life is taken into consideration in all action taken.”  

Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson joined Rheeder in thanking Santam.

“The money will be put to good use. It is fantastic to see so many sectors working together for the betterment of communities.”

Santam donates R1mill for fire risk prevention

JumpFit is a MOVEMENT.

A movement with health and GIVING BACK in mind. The exercise of rebounding (jumping on a trampoline) is making waves across the globe, for its immense health benefits.

Young and old, any shape, size or fitness level, this may just be the most fun you have had while working out, in a long time! Our team is dedicated and inspired to get you up, get you moving, ensure you are having fun and giving back all at the same time. Not only are we jumping for JOY and GOOD HEALTH but we are jumping for LOVE. Each rebounding session will be held in aid of a cause in need.

Jumpit Movement


Rebounding to bounce back through the air after hitting something hard.

Its benefits:

  1. Full-body detox

The lymphatic system, commonly summarized as the “garbage disposal of the body,” relies completely on our conscious movement. Unlike the cardiovascular system with the heart automatically pumping fluid, the lymph system relies on our body movements as a pump.

Movement turns on the garbage disposal – without movement that forces the lymphatic fluid to drain, toxins collect stagnantly in the lymph instead of leaving the body. Any type of exercise, such as walking, weight lifting or swimming, helps flush toxins in the lymph.

But rebounding is by far the most effective movement therapy for increasing lymph flow and draining toxins from the body.

  1. Supports bone and joint health

NASA uses rebounding to help astronauts regain the bone density they lost when in space (due to the lack of gravity). A study done by NASA in 1980 supports the use of rebounding in remineralizing bones. Rebounding belongs in the routine of those with osteoporosis. Rebounding also offers joint-friendly exercise without the impact of exercising on hard surfaces.

  1. Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is frequently due to a stagnant, toxic lymph system. By supporting lymphatic flow in the butt and thighs, rebounding can improve one of the root causes of non-hereditary cellulite. Often, women see a reduction in cellulite after regular rebounding for a few months.

  1. Fun weight loss

Metabolic-supporting exercise is key to weight loss, however, and that is where rebounding comes in. If you rebound at a moderate pace, so you can still breathe comfortably, it gets you moving without stressing your metabolism. Also, the gentle detox encourages fat loss.

  1. Improved balance and posture

You automatically improve your posture, engage your abs, and practice your balance when you are bouncing. By regularly rebounding, you carry these improved habits off the trampoline.

  1. Supports the cardiovascular system

The benefits of rebounding include the cardiovascular system. First, just as rebounding supports lymph circulation, it supports the circulation of blood. Rebounding decreases blood pooling in veins to improve chronic edema and rebounding can even lower blood pressure by aiding blood circulation.

  1. Improves the endocrine and immune systems

Rebounding improves the immune system by increasing the action of red bone marrow and supports tissue repair.

R50 per session and it all goes directly to a cause. Contact Michelle WhatsApp 076 058 1424 for further information. St Francis Drive, St Francis Bay (Outside the Black Cat Treatment Room)

An initiative brought to you by Black Cat Organic Health Products.