Writers are a rare breed 

Sunny greetings to all the greater St Francis Today readers – .well still a little overcast after some wonderful rains but sunny greeting nonetheless

My name is Stephen. I have from time to time written an article for the St Francis Today and (if Colin lets me), am hoping to continue.

Writers are a rare breed. Reason being is that we rely on readers. Readers these days are bamboozled with an inordinate amount of material. For a writer, to be read (and enjoyed …. or not) is pretty special. Whatever the topic, a story will always be told in a certain way. The writers ‘take’ and interpretation of a particular scenario is what evokes an emotional response in the reader. It is a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Without people such as you our purpose as writers would appear somewhat futile. So thank you for your interest, I really hope I don’t piss you off too much.

Recently there was a Khoi San gathering adjacent to Grannies Pool. I observed with interest St Francis Bay Community Facebook Page during the build up to the event. I also heard about what was said at a meeting prior to the event that was held with the St Francis Bay rate payers, event organisers, Khoisan chiefs and delegates. I was not entirely happy. All I can say is thank God I know that the few racist remarks that were made were from a minority of our community. I understand that these remarks were based on fear but that is NO excuse. Don’t for a moment think all white people here think like that, because it simply is not true.

We live in a very special place. We have amazing people here who are doing incredible work within the community of Sea Vista and beyond. I wonder tho ….. how many people that were so active on F.B actually went down there and experienced what was happening? Well if not, sorry for you, you missed out.

Khoi San meet in St Francis Bay

Meeting some of the Khoi San chiefs present at the event

It was awesome! Chiefs and leaders came from all over the country for the gathering. If you would for a moment grasp the significance of that. Can you imagine the interactions that were going on? I have no doubt there was some heated discussion! The gravity of the inter-tribal connection alone was enough for me. How wonderful that this happened right here. The same place where their ancestors would have witnessed the fore fathers and mothers of the pod of dolphins that swam up close during the ceremony. Now that’s connection.

Can I tell you what else is connection ….. every person that went down there was given a plate of food. I was invited into one of the tents by Marcello along with 4 chiefs from different regions. Before I knew it a plate was being pushed into my hand. A delicious mutton stew prepared in huge pooitjies by the fire. Thank you so much to the wonderful women who prepared this food. It was just what I needed! We talked and ate ….. I wish I had stayed longer. Nonetheless I got the vibes and went home with a happy heart. As I left I noticed a queue of people near the fire. Nobody would go unfed this Saturday. You may ask how I know this ….. my bro Pete went down at midnight with the munchies and he ALSO got fed!

May this very significant cultural gathering that came and went without a hiccup be a reminder that assumption is the mother of all $%# ups. We need to look before we leap.