St Francis Property Owners and the Fire Risk Reduction Initiative


In the last 12 months more than 20 homes have been totally destroyed or severely damaged by fires in the St Francis Bay area.

It is an important fact to note that property owners are liable for the management of their stands, not the municipality. If your stand is overgrown and something goes wrong, there is a strong chance that you could be liable for damages resulting from fire damage.

The municipality intends to ensure that owners comply with bush clearing bylaws, and if not, the repercussions include stand clearing by the municipality at a high cost, that is recoverable from the stand owner.

SFPO Service Offering

As a result, the St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) has stepped up to assist owners of residential stands to comply. A new committee role has been created to focus on bush clearing.

In brief, the SFPO Fire Risk Reduction initiative will offer the following service:

  1. A single contact point for owners who have received notices from the municipality or are concerned about the state of their stands.
  2. A status alert to owners whose stands need urgent attention.
  3. Access to simplified information regarding bylaw standards.
  4. An audit of the state of stands and their variance from the standards required by the municipality.
  5. Access to a panel of approved, competent and equipped service providers.
  6. Based on a stand audit, the submission of transparent cost estimates to owners. Rates are expected to be well below the municipality published rates.
  7. Provision of a payment gateway.
  8. Release of fund to service providers on satisfactory completion of work agreed.
  9. Notification to municipality of compliance of stand.

This is the first part of the Fire Risk Reduction communication, with more to follow.

If there are any queries at this early stage of communication, please contact SFPO directly on or email Trevor Wright on

Look out for part two of the Fire Risk Reduction communications shortly, where we will discuss the Phased Approach to bush clearing.


Media release SFPO

Pam Golding introduces new agents

MEDIA RELEASE – Richard Arderne

Richard Arderne, Pam Golding St Francis Bay franchisee introduces two new agents who have joined his team in St Francis Bay

Dot Stuart-White

Dot Stuart-White – (Photo – Caroline Morris)

My name is Dot Stuart-White, and in January I joined the Pam Golding Properties St Francis Bay team as a fully qualified estate agent. I am delighted to be working alongside colleagues who are hardworking, driven, community orientated, sporty and passionate about property.

I moved permanently from Cape Town to Cape St Francis with my husband and two children in January 2000. We bought a “renovators dream” very close to Cape St Francis beach, and began renovating straight away. In those days, there were very few permanent residents in Cape St Francis, and only a couple of children lived in the village. There were only five kids in the initial lift club to Woodridge! Wow how the area has grown, as people have moved away from the big cities to enjoy the fabulous lifestyle that St Francis Bay offers.

After finishing school in Cape Town, I first qualified as a Fashion Designer, but soon returned to my first love, dancing, which I had done since the age of 10. I became a partner in a dance studio at 22, and also danced professionally. I qualified as a dance teacher in my mid-twenties, and continued to teach and dance, until I had children. I taught dancing in St Francis Bay (at the venue now called The Studio) when we first moved here, and got to meet plenty of locals and their children.

In 2002 I started working as a rental agent in St Francis Bay, and that’s when my love of the St Francis Bay Village began. I then moved into property sales, which I did successfully for nine years.

My husband and I enjoy renovating property and have over the years re-vamped and built several properties in Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay, residential and commercial.

When my husband relocated his local business to Port Elizabeth, I worked for him for a short while, but missed the property industry. I then joined Bond Gallery and later Ooba Home Loans as a Bond Originator, where I worked for the past six years, while commuting between St Francis and Port Elizabeth. It was very interesting to be involved in the finance aspect of property during those years. The knowledge and experience gained in all aspects of the home loan industry, will be hugely beneficial to potential buyers, now that I am back in property sales.

Since late last year, I am no longer commuting and am back in St Francis Bay permanently. I am not a brilliant sportswoman but enjoy taking part! .. being an active member of the Cycling Club, Open water swimming group ,and enjoy SUPing on the canals, yoga, gym, aquafit and have completed 170 Parkruns.

I am passionate about property, people and I am service driven, and thrilled to be part of the PGP team!


johan viljoen

Johan Viljoen – (Photo – Caroline Morris)

My name is Johan Viljoen, and I recently joined the Pam Golding Properties St Francis Bay team as an intern estate agent. I feel privileged to be around passionate people that are not only interested in property, but driven to make a difference in our community. My colleagues are known to enjoy the lifestyle that St Francis Bay offers.

To give some background, in 1983 I married Jolande, a keen sportswoman and the engine room of our family, and we have been blessed with two sons (a mining engineer and a wind turbine technician), and a daughter, in grade 12.

I obtained my degree at Free State University and have completed several additional qualifications at tertiary institutions. My previous positions have ranged from HR Manager to Services Manager, mostly looking after multi-disciplinary functions. I also acted as negotiator in the mining sector as well as in community, peace and ethnic negotiations in the energy sector. I have a keen interest in the economy and have traded in both shares and derivatives … and survived both!

Relocating to St Francis Bay, has been an exciting and eye-opening experience for my family. We purchased our home at the far end of Santareme, adjacent to the conservation area, with breathtaking ocean views, and a mere 200m from the beach. As a close knit and active family, the area offers a variety of options for cycling, running, paddling or simply long walks on the pristine beaches – we use them all!

Life in Santareme is good and a privilege. In my opinion, the property values in the Santareme area are undervalued: there are excellent north-facing homes with sea views for under R2m, unprecedented in SA. With its own private harbour, it offers its own excitement and action, and provides much needed job opportunities.

My family and I are closely involved in the community and I lead the neighborhood watch, where we have made good progress, statistics showing that crime has decreased by more than 80% in the last eighteen months. I also support the Property Owner’s Association and all their initiatives.

Why am I aspiring to become an estate agent? We have always invested in the real estate market, both industrial and residential, and firmly believe in a spread of assets. With a combination of keen interest in people and property, becoming an estate agent makes sense.

I appreciate the values and work ethic associated with Pam Golding Properties and feel that I can align with those. I will give my best to sellers and buyers, in the hope that they will become my friends and clients. I am especially interested in property that provides either proper yields or good quality lifestyle. While I am writing this profile, I overlook the Bay where boats are preparing for chokka fishing for the night, the sea is calm, and I just realized that I am exactly where I want to be. Santareme in St Francis Bay.