How far will you go to save a species?

World Pangolin Day, Saturday 15 February 2020!

Conservation non-profit organisation Pangolin.Africa has launched a World Pangolin Day campaign to involve ordinary citizens around the globe in what is expected to be the biggest one-day awareness event for the African pangolin ever.

The #running4pangolins campaign aims to generate mass global awareness on Saturday 15 February by inspiring everyone from armchair athletes to competitive runners to hit the tar, track, trail or treadmill in support of pangolin conservation.

No fixed route or distance has been designated, so as to make participation in #running4pangolins accessible to anyone, anywhere. Runners will receive a campaign bib on signing up, which will visibly identify them on the day as supporters of the pangolin awareness initiative, and participants may then choose to complete their local Saturday parkrun, to do a social run with friends or just run solo.

While some participants may choose to raise money through sponsorship from friends and family to help fund Pangolin.Africa’s conservation projects, the organisers stress that it this not a prerequisite for taking part in the event.

Says Toby Jermyn, Director of Pangolin.Africa “Participating in the campaign is easy, fun and free. Whether you run marathons, fun runs or just run for the bus, here’s the chance to do something really amazing for the most trafficked wildlife species on earth and show your support for the future of this extraordinary animal, by simply becoming a ‘running pangolin billboard’ on the day.”

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Pangolins, also sometimes called scaly anteaters, are strange looking creatures covered with protective horny, overlapping scales. It is estimated that the African Pangolin has been around for over 40 million years, adapting itself to the changing environment in order to survive.

There are eight different pangolin species in the world, with four in Africa and four in Asia.

The Pangolin is now the most trafficked mammal in the world. The demand for its scales and meat, mostly from the Asian market, means that if we don’t do something soon then the pangolin will go extinct in the very near future.

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About Pangolin.Africa

Pangolin.Africa is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the survival of the most trafficked wildlife species on earth: the African Pangolin. Through a three-pronged approach of Publicity, Participation and Protection, the organisation is working with partners in the tourism, conservation and corporate fields to increase worldwide awareness of the species; gather data to contribute towards much-needed research; and implement protection and rehabilitation projects on the ground. Pangolin.Africa also plays an integral role in bringing together and supporting other individuals and organisations working in the pangolin conservation space in Africa and is a major production partner in the 2019 film Eye of the Pangolin. Visit to learn more and follow their progress on social media.

About World Pangolin Day

Celebrated on the third Saturday in February each year, World Pangolin Day is an opportunity for wildlife conservation enthusiasts to join together in raising awareness about these unique mammals and their plight. Read more at