Surfers And Others Urged To Attend Groyne Project Public Meeting

Press Release

St Francis Bay Coastal Protections Scheme Public Meeting
Where: St Francis Links Clubhouse
When: Wednesday 29th January at 17:00

Groynes, Sand Pumping, Beach Nourishment

There will be a public meeting at the St Francis Links clubhouse on the 29th January on the proposed ‘Coastal Protection’ scheme for St Francis Bay, with environmental consultants CES in attendance.

This meeting will be of great interest to all interested parties, and surfers and ocean goers are all urged to attend and to get involved in the meeting.

All documentation can be found on this link:

New Beaches, New Waves

There is an excellent chance that, done correctly, the construction of groynes along the beach and the dredging of sand from the silted up Kromme River back onto the beaches will re-create the glorious beaches that were the biggest tourist attraction to St Francis Bay, and in the process provide beach facilities and facilitate beach and ocean-related pursuits, sports, hobbies and past times.

The 40 meters of sand and more that used to exist in St Francis Bay was a massive draw card to beach-goers, surfers and Hobie Cat owners. The proposed groyne construction project – one of the St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) Special Rates Area (SRA) projects – could bring all this back.

Saving The Spit

In addition the project will save the spit, that part of the beach that is currently unprotected. The constant erosion over the years has left that part of the beach depleted and just a few east swells combined with spring tide conditions will undoubtedly see its total destruction.

Kromme River Navigability

The Kromme River was initially identified as the best source for the sand needed to replenish the beaches. Since then the build-up of sand in the Kromme River has increasingly negatively affected the navigability of the
river. Restoring the navigability of the river also specifically forms part of the project.

Please try and attend the public meeting. The more input the better, and the more constructive criticism the greater the chances of pulling off this massive task to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Surfers have much at stake here as well, and the surfers in the area are generally knowledgeable and aware of the vagaries of the ocean, the currents, the swell directions, the long-shore drift and the implications of groynes as well as wave potential.

You are all urged to attend the meeting on the 29th at The Links.