Good rains but dams have shown little improvement

The dam level are expected to improve after good rains  over the weekend and yesterday but the latest dam reading taken yesterday, 30th September, show no improvement compared to August levels. Levels are nowhere near to what we need to avoid a drought disaster similar to, or worse than last year last year when some towns, Hankey and Patensie were severely restricted to water usage to limited hours of the day.  We in the NMB catchment area all share this precious commodity so spare a thought for our neighbouring towns and SAVE WATER.

The images below show dam levels, particularly Kouga, our main supply and Impofu are still at seriously low levels going into summer. We we are still a long way from having sufficient water to see us through the summer unless dam levels get another boost with more heavy rain before the end of the rainy season. 

So the answer?

We need to keep on doing all we can to save our precious water supply. It is up to each and every  one of us.


Here is what we wrote just short of 13 months ago after the heavy rains, similar to those over the weekend, saw or dams recover from seriously low levels.

11th September 2018 – “A far prettier picture than a fortnight ago when we compare the dam levels. Although dam levels have risen significantly we are far from being able to relax on our use of water for the combined levels of the dams in the Nelson Mandela Bay catchment area are still below 40%. Hopefully we will still receive more good rains before summer and the expected influx of visitors to our shores for should our dam levels not increase significantly we will, come next winter, be back in the same position as we were this winter so we need to continue SAVING WATER.” See dam levels in September 2018