TCS-WiFi Covers The Sea Harvest SA Junior Surfing Championships With Free WiFi

Lower Point, Jeffreys Bay – In an exciting new partnership, TCS-WiFi, powered by The Computer Shop, have plugged the entire Sea Harvest South African Junior Championships contest site into high-speed wifi with totally uncapped data.

The SSA Administrative Office, the Event Officials and the official Event Media are all flying on high speed lines, and the surfers and members of the public also have free WiFi access via the ‘Junior Surfing Champs – Guests’ network. This network allocates 250 Megs of free data per day per device up until the Championships end on Sunday.

TCS-Wifi powered by The Computer Shop are stoked on surfing, and operate in surf-friendly zones up and down the Garden Route. Starting off in Plettenberg Bay, they now operate in George, Mossel Bay, St Francis Bay, Sedgefield and Knysna, and are now up and running in Jeffreys Bay.

At stake at the Sea harvest SA Junior Surfing Championships are individual national titles for Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 boys and girls along with the coveted Freedom Cup, which was introduced in 2003 and goes to the district whose team members accumulate the highest points tally across all age divisions.

In 2018 the strong Cape Town Surfriders team beat their traditional rivals, eThekweni Surfriders to win the coveted Freedom Cup. Nelson Mandela Bay Surfriders, who last  took honours in 2016 and are determined to win it this year but Cape Town Surfriders, eThekweni Surfriders and Buffalo City Surfriders have all selected impressive teams and the battle for overall honours will be close.

The other teams in action are Cape Winelands Surfriders, Eden Surfriders, UGU Surfriders and Ilembe Surfriders have all sent solid teams to compete in Jeffreys Bay.

Also participating at the Sea Harvest SA Junior Championships this year is a group of surfers who make up the SA Development Academy Team. This team comprises surfers who are part of Surfing South Africa’s Rising Stars programme. The objective of their inclusion in the event is to ensure that they get an opportunity to be part of Surfing South Africa’s premier junior surfing contest.

Eli Beukes at Lower Point in JBay © Ian Thurtell

The venue of Lower Point always provides excellent surf for the best junior surfers in the country, providing high performance waves for these surfers to strut their stuff for the judges. This competiiton always brings the best out of our junior surfers, who are determined to do their best surfing possible in the contest as well as to add valuable points to the team totals.

TCS-WiFi support junior surfing, and are proud to be associated with Surfing South Africa, hoping to take the sponsorship opportunities further in the future.

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Catching Up With Top South African Skater Dlamini Dlamini

Trying to get hold of the skater from Durban is a bit of a challenge. He’s in Berlin shooting a clip, then the next moment he’s in LA. Constantly on the move, we eventually pin him down for a few quick questions and answers.

Berlin, What’s been going on there?

I’ve been filming for my board sponsor DGK for a part in the video that’s coming out soon.

Dirty Ghetto Kids is a very cool name for a skate brand and a sponsor. Who else do you have on the books?

I’m sponsored by Adidas, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder trucks, LB Skate, BL and Monster Energy.

Of all the places in the world to shoot a skateboard video, why in Berlin?

Berlin has this special kind of lifestyle, its a place to be free and where anything goes. You cycle wherever you go and there are endless skate spots. The skate community is huge and the party is good. There is no judgement in Berlin – be who you want to be. I’m also in Berlin to be with my girl, she stays in Berlin, so we’ve been able to spend the summer together this way.

Where is the video going to be featured?

It will be featured on the DGK website and other social platforms.

How did it go?

I had a really good time. I met some really cool people and made the most of my time and some great experiences with new people. Everyone is trying to put in work, and is committed to getting things done, which is good for my purpose of filming

What was the most rad thing that you experienced in Berlin?

One of the best things was really the people I met and the community of skateboarding, the daily skate missions with the homies and some long summer nights out in the city

What’s the best thing that has happened to you this year?

The best thing this year has been the ability to be able to travel this much, to have the support by sponsors to make my plans happen. There have been a lot of really cool things, so all in all I would say its been the ability to experience new things.

What’s next? Where are you off to next?

I’m back in LA for now, to do more filming and be in close contact with sponsors in The States. I’m trying to make a trip here in the states next, maybe San Fransisco.  

What is on the schedule for the back quarter of 2019?

I’m going to be staying in LA until December then heading to South Africa, also to see family. 

How does 2020 look for you? Anything lined up already?

I have plans in mind, and am down to be travelling a lot. There are some certain countries I really want to visit and skate there. Will go to the States again, as I do every year, but I also trying to spend as much time as possible in Europe and see more cities around there. I want to put in as much work as I can – be it skating or filming.

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Last Four Stand Out at the QS10,000 EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira

PRAIA DE RIBEIRA D’ILHAS, Ericeira / Portugal (Saturday, September 28, 2018) – The North Atlantic continued to send plenty of swell down Ribeira d’Ilhas way for a fifth day of competition at the QS10,000 EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira. Competition resumed with the remaining heats of Round 5 this morning and continued with the Quarterfinals on the incoming tide. Surfers could count on the jetski assist to keep all their energy and surf the solid six foot plus rights to the best of their potential.

Pictured: Jacob Willcox (AUS) will have a shot at making his first QS10,000 Final on Sunday. – Credit: © WSL / Poullenot

The opening Quarterfinal was an all-Australian battle between Ethan Ewing (AUS) and Jacob Willcox (AUS) in an opposition of styles. Ewing on his forehand slew the big open walls with his signature carves while Willcox on his backhand went vertical of the biggest sections he could find, eventually racking up an impressive 15.57 total for the win.

“I always knew it was going to be a hard heat with Ethan,” Willcox said. “It definitely didn’t disappoint, I snapped a board and there was much going on but I’m super happy to get the win in that one. I feel like when there’s a bit of juice in the wave I’m really able to show what I can do and I’m just enjoying myself. I was on the beach here last year when Ryan (Callinan) won and it was so inspiring, but I have to get to the Final first before I can start thinking about winning.”

Samuel Pupo (BRA) and Matthew McGillivray (ZAF) paddled out for Quarterfinal No. 2 as waves continued to improve and put on fireworks as the pair threaded long rights and posted excellent scores. The two surfers had similar approaches but were dealt very different cards and while McGillivray’s best wave was slow out the back and he made the most of the inside, Pupo scored his big moves on the first big sections and managed to navigate his way to a big finish as well, taking the win into the Semis.

“I’m just having fun, conditions are amazing out there,” Pupo said. “I love surfing in bigger waves especially when they have a clean wall so it’s a perfect wave for me. I feel like I’ve been surfing well and the judges like my surfing so I’m stoked.”

Pictured: Yago Dora (BRA) manufactured an incredible comeback in the dying seconds of his heat. – Credit: © WSL / Poullenot

Another all-Aussie matchup awaited in Heat 3 with Stuart Kennedy (AUS) taking on Connor O’Leary (AUS) and while the two are traveling mates on land, in the lineup the fight was real. O’Leary unfortunately couldn’t quite find the same rhythm he’s had all event and Kennedy on the other hand just kept scoring the long rights, perfect for his point break style of riding.

“That was a pretty important heat for me especially going into Hawaii,” Kennedy said. “It’s unfortunate to have to beat Connor but he’s got me the last four or five times, and I feel like he’s going to get back on tour pretty easily so I’m not feeling too bad. It’s nice to finally get some waves on the QS, we haven’t been blessed with very good conditions all year and it’s kind of hindered my performances.”

Kennedy was earlier responsible for the major upset of the day when he eliminated Portuguese star Frederico Morais (PRT) in their Round 5 matchup.

The last Quarterfinal featured 20 year-old South African up-and-comer Adin Masencamp (ZAF) against World No. 22 and the last Championship Tour surfer Yago Dora (BRA). Masencamp put on the performance of his career and had Dora against the ropes for 29 minutes but the Brasilian somehow manufactured a comeback in the last 30 seconds of the heat to take the win over Masencamp and advance into the second Semifinal.

“I thought I was going to get a 9 on the wave before it felt really good but I got close and I knew I just needed another wave,” Dora said. “I saw a few lefts coming through and I knew if I didn’t go Adin would have gone on the next. I fell and ended up finding that good insider right behind with a few turns. I knew this was my last opportunity but I never thought I’d get a chance.”

The event was called off after the Quarterfinals and surfers will be able to rest a little bit before the event finals on Sunday, starting with a call at 10 a.m. Fans will be in for a treat as well as Portuguese veteran Tiago Pires (PRT) takes on Billabong retired pro Taj Burrow (AUS) in a Heritage Heat between the Semis and Final.

Big Performances and Bigger Scores Decide Quarterfinalists at So Sri Lanka Pro

ARUGAM BAY, Sri Lanka (Saturday, September 28, 2019) –  The 2019 So Sri Lanka Pro World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) 3000 at has seen a phenomenal day of surfing at Arugam Bay. The competition ran through the remaining heats of Round 3, plus all of Round 4 and 5 in building and improving surf, to set the stage for an epic finals day to be held tomorrow. 

Pictured: Gold Coast surfer Mitch Parkinson (AUS) boosting his way to a perfect 10.00-point ride at the So Sri Lanka Pro QS3,000. – Credit: © WSL / Tim Hain

Growing up cutting his teeth at Snapper Rocks with his cousin Joel (Parkinson) and other world-class surfer mates, Mitch Parkinson’s (AUS) surfing suits the waves at Arugam Bay extremely well. The Gold Coaster’s performance on Day 4 of competition was the standout of the event so far. Mitch surfed through three rounds, posting excellent scores in every heat he surfed, including a 9.30 in one, and a perfect 10 in the next. Parkinson’s first 10.00 point ride gave him the highest heat total of the event so far, an impressive 18.40 (out of a possible 20) and sees him progress into the Quarterfinals where he’ll match up with fellow Aussie youngster Callum Robson (AUS).
“It’s just like a devil wind day out at Snapper today so I feel right at home,” Parkinson said. “That was actually my first 10.00 point ride in a WSL event so I’m so stoked. I’ve had plenty of 9.00’s but never a 10.00 so it definitely gives me a bit of confidence moving forward. I needed some solid scores to get through that heat in the last six minutes, I got two excellent scores so It shows you should never give up. I’m exhausted now but hopefully, I’ve still got another three heats to win tomorrow.”
Kiwi upstart Te KehuKehu Butler (NZL) guaranteed his best ever result in a QS event, booking himself a spot in the Quarterfinals with another solid performance at Arugam Bay. The teenage natural footer posted a solid heat total of 15.37 for a strong show of front side power surfing.
“The waves are pumping out there and it’s so much fun,” Butler said. “We don’t have many long right-hand point beaks like this back at home so I was just making the most out of it, getting lots of waves while no one is out. This is going to be my best result in a QS event so I’m over the moon. I just need to keep it going into Finals Day and see if I can go all the way.”
Brasilian QS warrior Victor Bernado (BRA) was in blistering form, carving tight turns, ditching his fins and throwing big aerials to move through the field with solid scores. The dynamic natural footer will be one to watch on Finals day as he looks to climb back up the rankings and into the QS10,000 events.
French due Leo Paul Etienne (FRA), Paul Cesar Distinguin (FRA) surfed their way into the Quarterfinals with great poise and precision in the long walls of A-Bay. Each will have their work cut out for them as Distinguin comes up against Indonesia’s Oney Anwar (IDN) and Etienne against the in-form Victor Bernado (BRA).

All eyes were on the water for Heat 16 of Round 3 as 1999 World Surfing Champion and sporting Icon Mark “Occy’ Occhilupo (AUS) paddled out at Arugam Bay for his first heat of the event. It was one of the first real looks surf fans got of Occy this week as the legend had been busy hanging with locals and enjoying what Arugam Bay has to offer. Once he did hit the water, Occhilupo was in competition mode, hunting waves up and down the point and ripping in with his trademark top to bottom backhand surfing. Occhilupo was unable to progress through the heat but was still able to show glimpses of his iconic and powerful backhand, much to the delight of both the fans and his fellow competitors. 
“I had so much fun out there,” Occhilupo said. “To pull on a competition jersey for the first time in a long time felt good. We were all having a lot of fun out there talking and laughing which was cool. It’s been such a great week and really busy – I’ve done so much, from visiting a safari park to visiting local villages and surfing with the locals. I even had a surf class with some Muslim women the other day, which was amazing. It’s been an incredible experience all round. I’m stoked I came to Sri Lanka, the waves are so fun and the people are so warm and welcoming it’s a beautiful country. I’m disappointed I didn’t make it through my heat but the waves today were tough. It was smaller and a bit bumpy on the face but it’s all good because I had so much fun.”
 Tune in tomorrow as we crown our event winner for 2019.