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Susan Rae Fox posted for St Francis Animal Rescue – HELP, please!
SFAR needs extra volunteers to help with crowd control at our Thursday afternoon outreaches. The busiest time is between 2.30 and 3.30 and we need adult men to assist in persuading dog and cat owners to queue for our services, and leave the field once their animals have been treated. We also need help with adult monitors to calm traffic speeding on Taragoona Road.
Please let us know if you are able to join us for an hour on Thursday afternoons.

Two more beloved pets knocked over on Taragonna Road today!
This little girl – Cocoa – was badly hurt by a speeding motorist whilst walking across the pedestrian crossing. Cocoa’s brother, Scrappy was also hurt and treated with 16 stitches by Dr Nerine Botha. We took Cocoa to Dr Annelise Barker but her injuries were too severe and she had to be put to sleep. Her owners are devastated. Why is it too much to ask people to drive slowly on Taragonna Road when there are dogs and children crossing the road in plain sight? This little girl didn’t deserve to die today!

The photos of the injured dogs were just too awful to publish. Something needs to be done to slow the traffic on Tarragona if not for the dogs then for the kids for iit is inevitable that a kid is going to be knocked over. Then what ? Will council finally do something because they are being sued by the child’s parents?


Posted by Nevil Hulett – What a wonderful opportunity to again own the “Homestead Manor” where my father Leighton Hulett settled when he started St Francis and where my sisters and I grew up. Thank you Mark ChristyDenise Christy and Tim Ashby. The wheel of life has indeed done a full circle and I am blessed to let my kids Crystal Hulett and Chad Hulett experience this wonderful location. No more looking at Windfinder to check the waves … just look out the window and see the swell lines marching across the bay!