The water crisis is not yet over!


​We had wonderful rains early last Saturday morning and more rain is expected today. Whilst enough to nourish lawns, plants and wilderness and no doubt open a few potholes, it was certainly not enough to have any effect on our dam levels. More seriously we have had precious little rain in the first half of our historic ‘rainy’ period and unless the second half of this season receives significant rainfall in the catchment area, our dams are going to drop further.

Already low as the graphic below illustrates these levels will fall further without rain and again we will again enter ‘critical’ status particularly as the holiday crowds arrive, not only in St Francis for the water supply serves Port Elizabeth and Jeffries Bay, also popular holiday destinations..

Before that happens, it essential that we all remember we are still under water rationing of 50 litres a day.  Those long leisurely showers are a no-no and only flush it down if its brown. Each and every one of us must make the effort.

Note both Kouga and Churchill dropped close to 1% in a week. Without rain this drop will become more significant.

Share your ideas on saving water in the comments below. Let’s follow Cape Town’s efforts and show that we too can take saving water seriously!