Calamari Festival and JBay Makiti clash

There seems little doubt the Kouga municipality shows favouritism with regard St Francis and Jeffreys Bay when it comes to promoting events. They go all out to promote the JBay Winterfest and rightly so but now it seems they give boost to the JBay Makiti and virtually ignore the St Francis Calamari Festival. Fortunately although the dates clash, the programs differ quite considerably so are bound to attract a different audiences. But the point is that council should give equal support and promotion to both  event for both will benefit the region.

Both events run over the weekend of 20 September  with the Jbay event being held at the Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park and the St Francis event at several different venues from golf to bowls to running to cooking and wine tasting . The event will feature award-winning national acts, upcoming artists, a beer garden, food and craft stalls, kids’ entertainment, amusement rides, World Cup rugby on the big screen, a colour run, gospel show and more.

Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks said the stage programme would start at 2pm on the Friday with a selection of top upcoming artists, including Gabriel Plaatjies and Strings Capital from Hankey.

The main acts for the day are Fatman and Early B, who will be performing from 8pm to 10pm.

Saturday’s programme will open with a 3km colour run, starting and finishing at Dolphin Beach. Entry for the run is R50 per person and can be bought online at or at the starting point on the day.

“The colour run is a fun event for young and old. As an added incentive, the first 200 online entries will receive free admission to the JBM for the Saturday,” Hendricks said.     

Big names who will be performing on the Saturday include Brendan Peyper, Dewald Wasserfall, Tarryn Lamb and Adam. The World Cup rugby clash between the Springboks and All Blacks will also be streamed live on big screens at the festival terrain.  

Sunday’s programme will open with a gospel show, featuring minister Deon Els and the Imagine band.

“The gospel show will bring a powerful message of hope. To ensure that the message reaches as many people as is possible there will be free admission to the terrain from 7:30am to 8:30am for the first 1 000 people to arrive,” he said.

The day will end on a high note, with performances by three top South African artists, Corlea Botha, Elvis Blue and Demi-Lee Moore.

Weekend passes are available online for only R150 per person and allow the holder entrance to the terrain and shows for all three days. Day tickets are also available. To book your tickets go to

Lest you forget

It’s almost Calamari Time! (click to read)

It is almost that time of year when the golfers, the bowlers and even the runners celebrate all that as is calamari with different sport events and of course what has fast become a hugely popular annual event…

Not all men are created equal

A man is assaulted with machete in front of kids going to school in Sea Vista, a man dragged from his truck and beaten to death for being a foreigner as mobs burn and loot shops, even a car dealership in Johannesburg. Similar scenes played out in Pretoria last week and again yesterday. Cape Town student abducted, raped and beaten to death with a scale in a post office. A six-year old kidnapped from outside her school with a R2 million ransom on her head???

Two weeks ago we mourned the senseless murder of a gentleman who did nothing but good for our community and a shocking and unnecessary assault on his elderly defenseless wife. The mayhem cause by these savages goes on unrelenting with seemingly no way of stopping it.

Last year an elderly St Francis man was badly beaten by robbers in St Francis Bay. Recently his attacker walked free because his attorney was able turn the tables on the victim and set his client free. South African law dictates that everyone if considered not guilty until proved otherwise but surely that applies to people, to human beings not savages. These savages that murder and rape whether their victims are the aged, women or children, they show no mercy, no feelings or humanity so humanity should show them no mercy. No defense and life behind bars, better still life at the end of a rope.

It’s not because they are poor, or that they never had opportunity or lack of education and it’s not because of apartheid. It is because they are savages with no conscience or empathy, even for their own families who they will assault and rob and kill  as easily as they will a stranger.

 Incarceration does nothing to get them change their ways and it simply a waste of taxpayers’ money for you cannot rehabilitate a savage. Sadly our justice system seems intent passing lenient sentence that sees these savages back on the streets in next to no time to continue to terrorise and wreak havoc on their the communities. Why do we not pass sentences as they do in the United States, three strikes and you are out? Life in prison without possibility of parole!

Some people call these savages animals. Please don’t do that! Animals kill to protect or to eat, they don’t kill for fun or rape their own. Don’t besmirch our wildlife by comparing them to this scum of the earth.  

In an interview on Charl Leslie’s Sitdown Show on AlgoaFM last Sunday he asked his guest, South Africa’s first black woman to take command of an air force base (Port Elizabeth) and the first black woman air force helicopter pilot, his weekly question “if you were president for a day”? Her answer was “bring back the death penalty”! Plain and simple and without hesitation.

Now as those all human rightist choke on their post toasties saying it won’t stop the murder and rape. Well yes it will! Those perpetrators sentenced to death and hung by their necks will never murder, rape or molest a woman or child again. That is an absolute guarantee and the world will be better off with one less savage.