“Tin roofs in St Francis Bay? – Heavens forbid!”

Over the past seven years some 100 homeowners have lost their homes through fire. Almost without exception all these homes had thatched roofs. Certainly it is not thatch to blame for in each fire there was at least one of the following common denominator – wind – overgrown bush – human negligence or possible arson, intended or unintended.

 There is very little we can do about the wind for that is part of living in this region. The human negligence or arson aspect is probably impossible to avoid but it can be minimized to some extent.

But the third denominator can be controlled by clearing bush on undeveloped land both privately owned and municipal / state owned. The municipality has to invoke the bylaws relating to bush clearing stringently and fine owners or confiscate the and of those who refuse to comply.

Of course replacing thatch with alternative roofing certainly will also go a long way to reducing the damage in future fires and without doubt many owners with thatched homes will be looking seriously at alternatives. The aesthetics committee has stuck to, and so they must, the black or grey roofing that with the white walls is so very much part of St Francis Bay.

But to date home owners have had to choose from the expensive conversions to brick / concrete tile or shingles including the rather nice looking melthoid shingle that largely can follow the contours of thatch architecture that brick / concrete cannot. All of these are expensive and possibly out of the reach of some homeowners.

But now there is talk of allowing ‘tin’ roofs in St Francis Bay village and on the canals. Now by ‘tin’ we refer to rather sophisticated alloy materials and not that awful green corrugated roofing of the past. Studying the brochures of some of these new alloys it appears they too can be modelled maybe not to fit contours but certainly to add interest to roof lines. Home owners in Cape St Francis who obviously don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the aesthetics committee, have already fitted these ‘tin’  roofs and examples can be seen in Cape St Francis Resort where the thatch is slowly being replaced by ‘tin’. Another example is the big new home under construction that one sees shortly after crossing the first speed hump as you enter Cape St Francis.

That everything needs to be done to stop more homes being so tragically lost is a given. If it means relaxing rules to fit pockets, so be it.

Example of a ‘Klip Lok’ Roof



Rooves as a plural for of roof is dated, but not incorrect. The Oxford English Dictionary lists “rooves” as an alternate to roofs,

Epic Surfing from the World’s Best Longboard Surfers

Epic Surfing from the World’s Best Surfers on Day 2 of Longboard Classic Galicia

The inaugural Longboard Classic Galicia continued today in improved conditions for the world’s best longboarders with clean three-to-four foot surf and light winds at first. Competition resumed with the opening round of women’s action before completing men’s Round 3 and women’s Round 2 in the afternoon.

Athletes from all over the world got a chance to experience an excellent day of surfing in Galicia and displayed incredible performances with the traditional longboarding style rewarded by the judging panel with excellent scores.

Reigning WSL Longboard Champion Soleil Errico (USA) launched her campaign in Galicia with a solid 7.83 to take an easy win into Round 3. After a somewhat early exit in Noosa in equal 9th place, Errico chases a big result in Pantin to have a shot at defending her title.

Caption: Soleil Errico (USA) – Credit: © WSL / Masurel

“The practice sessions have been really busy so it was super nice to be out there with two other girls out,” Errico said. “I didn’t try to over do it on that good left and just surfed it simple, that inside section I actually didn’t think I’d make it but when I did I was stoked. I’m riding the same board I rode in Taiwan last year and it’s just the best board ever.”

Errico’s compatriot Avalon Gall (USA) went on to put together the highest combination of scores of the women’s event so far with a 14.16 in the following heat.

The current rankings leader and 2-time runner-up in the world Chloe Calmon (BRA) opened her Galician account with a good performance as well to defeat Sally Cohen (HAW) and Emily Currie (GBR) on her way to Round 3 where she’ll face form Reunion Island surfer Ophelie Ah-Kouen (FRA).

“It’s such a great opportunity for all of us to have a proper tour this year,” Calmon said. “It’s been a really exciting year for the whole longboarding community. It’s our first time here in Pantin and it’s an amazing place with great waves and incredible landscapes. Having more opportunities throughout the year and a chance to compete in very different conditions kind of takes the pressure off and I’m taking each event as a new chapter.”

Ah-Kouen and Zoe Grospiron (FRA) were responsible for the day’s biggest upset, as the pair eliminated 5-time European Champion Alice Lemoigne (FRA) in Round 2.

“It made me a little nervous to surf against my friends out there but I found a couple of waves and had fun,” Grospiron said. “Alice always pushes me to surf better and she usually beats me so I’m happy to get one over her this time.”

In the men’s event, the heavy-hitters entered the show in Round 3 with the likes of Tony Silvagni (USA), Edouard Delpero (FRA) and 3-time WSL Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen (USA) surfing their first heats. But instead of taking over discussions, it was yesterday’s standouts who continued to build momentum and take out heats.

Kaniela Stewart (HAW) was the first surfer to find the excellent range of scores on a right that peeled forever and allowed the Hawaiian to spend most of his time hanging 5 then 10 toes out the nose of his board all the way in for an 8.00 point ride.

“I just saw this right lining up really good and I just went for it,” Stewart stated. “It’s really fun out there with plenty of opportunities to get good scores and I was lucky enough to get one of those good waves.”

Rankings leader Justin Quintal (USA) racked up the event’s highest heat total with 14.86 points. The stylish regular foot stepped up his game again both on the nose and in his carves and even pull his signature hang-heels move on one of his two best scoring waves.

“This little left looked like it was going to work better as the tide came in and I managed to get a couple and link them up,” Quintal said. “Taylor is a great surfer and he’s been doing this for along time so it was a little nerve-wracking to surf against him. I remember as a grom in Florida going to see him and Kai Sallas and Joel Tudor, so to be here years later and competing against those guys is pretty cool.”

Pictured: Antoine Delpero (FRA) styles his way into Round 4.Credit  – : © WSL / Poullenot