Funeral Service for Duncan Lethbridge

A Funeral Service for the late Duncan Stuart Lethbridge will be held at the St Francis United Church on Saturday 24th August at 11 a.m.

There will be a reception for refreshments immediately after the service. All who knew Duncan or wish to pay their respects will be welcome at the service and reception.

The Lethbridge family wish to extend their gratitude and thanks for all the messages of sympathy and wonderful gestures of support they have received at this very sad time.

Man arrested in connection with Lethbridge murder and robbery

A 35 year-old man was arrested on Tuesday, just five days after horrendous attack that resulted in the death of St Francis businessman, Duncan Lethbridge. According to SAPS spokesperson Captain Gerda Swart the suspect is due to appear in Humansdorp Magistrate Court today (Wednesday 21st) on charges of house robbery and murder.

Holding the housekeeper at gunpoint two men forced their way into the Lethbridge home in St Francis Bay last Thursday afternoon and tied and gagged both Mr and Mrs Lethbridge and the housekeeper. Mr and Mrs Lethbridge were savagely assaulted before the intruders emptied the safe of cash and valuables before fleeing the scene. Some two hours after the intrusion the housekeeper was able to free herself of her bonds and raise the alarm.

All three occupants had apparently been gagged with cellotape to prevent them calling for help. The gagging is possibly what caused Mr Lethbridge’s death for the post mortem, according to reports, has put his death down to suffocation.

The SAPS detectives are to be congratulated for their diligence in bringing one of the perpetrators to book so quickly. They apparently have firm leads on the two of the men who participated in the attack. Let us hope these savages are brought to book before they are able to commit further mayhem. And let us pray the courts sentence them to very long prison terms so they may never again be free threaten decent society.