New twist on crime a concern 

Friday’s horrific attack on a household in St Francis Bay that resulted in the death of well-respected Duncan Lethbridge has left the entire community of St Francis in a state of shock, disbelief and concern. That a man who has done so much for the St Francis community, both as a generous philanthropist who supported the community at large and who employed so many locals in his yacht building business that he pioneered and that spawned entire industry that has placed St Francis firmly on the map with boat  lovers around the world.

Rest in Peace Duncan Lethbridge and to Mrs Lethbridge and the entire Lethbridge family and friends, our heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

When the police finally catch the perpetrators of this heartless crime, and they will be caught for they are without doubt serial offenders and it is certain they are either out on bail or on parole for such is our inept judicial and correctional services who seem incapable of keeping barbaric devils incarcerated after they have committed serious crime.

But let us put our confidence in the SAPS detective and forensic services and pray that no stone will be left unturned to find these heartless criminals and have them incarcerated for life.

This attack heralds a whole new modus operandi for normally house invasions are carried out late at night or in early hours of the morning. This attack took place in the afternoon with the sun still high in the sky. How can we possibly live our lives behind barred and locked doors and windows in our beautiful environment that welcome an outdoor life? Maybe the CCTV installation can play a bigger part but then we as a community are going to have to invest significantly more if we really want this potential surveillance to really be effective.

The local community has largely lost faith in our local SAPS for they seem not to be keeping us safe but in fairness these type of crime are beyond prevention other than by keeping criminals behind bars and by us, the community, ensuring that we take every precaution to make sure we are safe and secure in our homes. We must become more vigilant and where we see suspicious activity we mustn’t hesitate, we must immediately make the security services and SAPS aware. Rather safe than sorry!